How To Cancel Verizon Internet? (All You Need To Know)

Do you have Verizon internet but are unhappy with the service or no longer need it and now you’re looking at how to cancel Verizon internet?

If so, keep reading below because I’m going to tell you all you need to know about the process to cancel Verizon internet and if any fees will be incurred because of cancellation!

How to Cancel Verizon Internet In [currrentyear]?

You can cancel your Verizon Internet by calling Verizon Fios Retention Department at 1-844-837-2262. Make sure you have your account information ready, such as your account number. To make the cancellation easier, you need to have a good and firm reason why you’re going to cancel your service to avoid them hassling you to stay.

Do you want to know more about canceling Verizon internet and whether you’ll need to return any equipment? Well, read below to find out all of the details and much more.

Can You Cancel Verizon Internet Anytime?

You are a paying customer so you can cancel your Verizon Internet anytime you want, but if you’ve signed a contract, then you may have an Early Termination Fee.

Furthermore, the Early Termination Fee starts at $350 but then decreases each month by $15, so the longer you stay in your contract the less you’ll have to pay.

For example. If you have decided to cancel with only six months left on your contract, then you’ll pay $90 for terminating the service as opposed to $350 if you cancel in the first two months.

Can You Cancel Verizon Internet Online?

Verizon Fios does not give you an option to cancel your Internet services online, so the only way to cancel is by calling the Retention Department.

Do I Own My Verizon Router?

You own your router if it’s a router you paid for and had connected to your Verizon Fios Internet service, but if you pay a monthly fee on the router then you’re renting and it’s not your property.

Will I Need to Return Verizon Internet Equipment?

Most people rent Internet equipment from Verizon Fios, which means any of the equipment you’re renting from Verizon will need to be returned after you’ve canceled your service.

What Equipment Do I Need To Return to Verizon Fios?

If you rented your router from Verizon, that is going to be one of the major pieces of equipment that you’ll need to return after you’ve canceled Verizon Internet, along with any power cords.

However, the equipment you’ll need to return will depend on what Internet services and accessories you’ve selected from Verizon and have accumulated.

How Long Do I Have to Return Verizon Internet Equipment?

How Long Do I Have to Return Verizon Internet Equipment?

Verizon gives you 30 days to return all rented equipment that went with your Internet services before you’re charged an unreturned equipment fee.

Additionally, it’s best to contact Verizon Fios Customer Service to ensure you’re returning every item that needs to be returned because the unreturned equipment fees are expensive!

How Do I Return My Verizon Fios Internet?

‘There are a few ways you can return your Verizon Fios Internet, which includes returning the equipment through the mail, specific Verizon Retail Stores, or returning it at a UPS Store.

However, returning the equipment by dropping it off at a UPS Store near you is the easiest option since you don’t need to box up any of the equipment.

UPS will scan the barcodes and then the items are returned to Verizon, but make sure you get a receipt for your returned items so that you aren’t billed in case something happens.

Also, if you’d like to return the items through the mail and don’t have your original box or a prepaid label, you can contact Verizon and they will send out the box and label for you to use.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll want to call Verizon a few days later to ensure that they received the equipment and that it’s in the system you’ve returned all of it.

When Does Verizon Fios Send The Final Bill?

You’ll get your final bill for your Verizon Internet services on your regularly scheduled billing date, which is when you’ll see any Early Termination Fees that you owe for canceling.

Will I Get My Credit Back If I Cancel Verizon Internet?

If you have built up credit with Verizon on your Internet services, it could take up to 60 days to receive that money back, which should be processed and returned the same way you paid it.

For example, if you paid your Verizon bill with your credit card, then any remaining credit on your account would be refunded back to your card.

However, if you were charged an Early Termination Fee or other fees associated with canceling your service, that credit would be used by Verizon to pay those fees.

The balance that you had in your account may not be enough to cover those fees, so you could still end up with a bill for Early Termination that you’ll have to pay.

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To cancel Verizon Internet you’re going to need to call the Retention Department of Verizon Fios Customer Service, have your account information handy, and be ready to be firm in your request.

Additionally, there could be an Early Termination Fee of up to $350 if you were under contract, with the fee decreasing each month you stayed in your contract.

You also want to make sure that you return all of the equipment within 30 days, such as a rented router, or else you’ll be charged unreturned equipment fees, which are expensive!

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