What Is Verizon Data Boost? (How It Works, Cost + More)

If you have Verizon as your wireless provider, unless you’re on an Unlimited plan, you’re subject to data usage caps and limitations. However, did you know Verizon offers a service called data boost?

Therefore, you may be wondering: what is Verizon Data Boost and how does it work? If so, continue reading to learn all of the details I’ve discovered about Verizon Data Boost!

What Is Verizon Data Boost In 2024?

Verizon data boost is extra high-speed data that any Verizon account owner or manager can add to their account in 2024. This boost prevents slower network speeds after users go through their data limit for the month. It’s voluntary to purchase and doesn’t require any additional setup, but can significantly improve your experience if you’ve gone into safety mode.

Do you want to know more details about Verizon Data Boost, such as how it works and what the cost is for this service?

If so, keep reading because I’ll tell you all about that and more below!

What Happens When You Run Out of Hotspot Data with Verizon?

When you run out of data on your Hotspot, you will go into Safety Mode if you’ve chosen to opt into that service through your Verizon account.

Further, Safety Mode allows you to continue using your device and data without being charged overage fees, but it’ll drastically slow down your connection, even for basic daily tasks.

If you turn Safety Mode off or choose not to enable it, you’re going to be charged additional fees for each GB of data that you go over on your monthly plan.

Therefore, this is where Verizon Data Boost comes into play, as it can help you out until your monthly Verizon bill cycle resets.

How Does Verizon Data Boost Work?

Verizon Data Boost allows your speed to get back to your normal 4G LTE data connection when you’re in Safety Mode, or if you’ve run out of data and your speed has been drastically lowered.

Additionally, it’s simple to add the Data Boost to your account, as long as you’re the account manager or owner.

In order to add Data Boost, you can do so through the My Verizon app or website.

If you’re on a standard Verizon plan, go into Manage Plan > Get More Data, and you can choose whether you want 1GB or 5GB.

Similarly, if you have a prepaid plan, you can go into the “Add Data” section of My Verizon and opt to purchase Data Boost.

Why Would You Use Verizon Data Boost?

Why Would You Use Verizon Data Boost?

There are some situations you might run into with your Verizon plan where you may want to purchase Verizon Data Boost, including the following:

  • On Certain Prepaid Plans- A lot of prepaid plans only come with a specific amount of data, and once you go over, your speed is reduced to 128Kbps. Therefore, Verizon Data Boost can get you back up to your normal high-speed connection until your bill resets.
  • Shared Data Plans- If you have a shared data plan and have reached your monthly limit on data, your speed is throttled to 128Kbps until your bill resets, which includes basic tasks such as email. With Data Boost, your shared plan will go back to the normal 4G LTE speeds, and you can use your Mobile Hotspot when you need it.
  • Unlimited Plans with Unlimited Hotspot Data- If you go over your premium Mobile Hotspot data on an Unlimited Plan, your speeds go down to 600Kbps until your bill cycle resets. However, using Data Boost will get your speed back up to normal.

It’s important that you know if the network is congested at the time, as you will be put into the back of the line and possibly throttled while other customers are given priority.

How Much Does Verizon Data Boost Cost?

Verizon Data Boost will cost you $15 for each 1GB on eligible plans, and you also can purchase a 5GB Data Boost for $35.

Therefore, Verizon Data Boost is a more expensive option than allowing your Verizon phone to go into Safety Mode and deal with the slower connection, and it can get very expensive.

What Verizon Plans are Eligible for Data Boost?

Not all Verizon customers can purchase Data Boost, and you’ll need to have one of the following eligible plans to add it to your account:

  • The Verizon Plan Unlimited
  • The old Verizon Unlimited Plans (Get More Unlimited, Above Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, or Beyond Unlimited)
  • New Verizon Unlimited Plan (5G Do More, 5G Get More, 5G Play More
  • Shared Data Plan
  • The New Verizon Plan
  • Connected Devices Unlimited or Unlimited Plus
  • Mobile Hotspot Plan (Pro, Essential, and Premium)
  • Monthly Prepaid Plan (excluding Data-Only and Unlimited Prepaid)

Unfortunately, if you’re not on one of the listed plans above, you won’t be able to purchase the Verizon Data Boost at this time.

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Verizon Data Boost is an add-on that you can purchase to get your mobile device back to normal 4G LTE speeds when your device has entered Safety Mode.

However, not all Verizon plans are eligible to purchase Data Boost, and it can get expensive quickly, with the cost being $15 for 1GB or $35 for 5GB of additional data.

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