How to Hide Your Address on Amazon Wishlist (Your Full Guide)

The only thing better than treating yourself to something off of your Amazon Wishlist is having someone else treat you, but the idea of others having your address is not always the best.

So, how can you protect yourself? If you’re wondering how to hide an address on Amazon Wishlist, I’ve got your back. Keep reading below for the info you need!

How to Hide Your Address on Amazon Wishlist In 2024

By default, Amazon takes the privacy of its customers very seriously and does not give out people’s addresses through its Wishlists as of 2024. Customers can limit who accesses their Wishlists, and at checkout, purchasers will only see the recipient’s city and state, as well as their name, which can be changed to anything.

Let’s dive deeper into how Amazon hides Wishlist addresses from the purchasers, how you can change the name attached to your Wishlist, and even how you can send or receive items from Amazon without a Wishlist. Read on!

How Does Hiding an Address on Amazon Wishlist Work?

Amazon might collect enough data to know you better than you know yourself, but that doesn’t mean the company is sharing your sensitive data with other customers.

Information as personal as your full address is never revealed to other customers.

What Purchasers See

If you have a Wishlist set up and made public, you almost never have to worry about someone purchasing from that list for you and seeing exactly where you live.

Here’s why: Amazon does have you set your destination address associated with the Wishlist, but at checkout, the purchaser will only see your name, city, and state.

That’s as specific as it gets, and you can actually choose what name your Wishlist viewers see/

Who Can Access Your Wishlist

You can also choose who has access to your Wishlist in a few different ways.

For starters, you can make the Wishlist private and only share it with certain people.

However, perhaps you want the list to be viewable by anyone with the link.

If you press on the “Invite” button at the top of your Wishlist, you’ll see two options: View only and View and Edit.

View and Edit should only be used with people you personally know, like a spouse, a roommate, or a family member; it’s essentially “sharing” the Wishlist.

For anyone else, you will only want to give out the link for View Only. Then people can see your list and add items to their cart for purchase but still never see your exact address.

The Third-Party Seller Loophole

There is one loophole, though, where a customer might see your full name and address.

That’s if they purchase through a third-party seller on Amazon.

The sellers, of course, see your full address, so that they know where to ship the item to.

However, the buyer might see it, too, if the seller includes it in the confirmation email.

If you want to avoid this, go into your Wishlist and press on the three dots in the upper-right corner (on the web version, it also says “More”).

Press on “Manage List.”

Here you have privacy settings and other features. Scroll down to where you’ll see a box and the words “Third-party shipping agreement.”

If you don’t want third-party sellers potentially giving buyers your personal info, make sure that box remains unchecked.

Does Amazon Wish List Show Your Name?

Does Amazon Wish List Show Your Name?

Amazon Wishlists does show your name, and if your name is set to your full one, that is what purchasers will see.

However, it’s super easy to change.

On the main Wishlist page, press the three dots in the upper-right corner (on a web browser, it will also say “More”).

Press “Manage list” and you will be taken to a screen where you can scroll down to information like who the list is for and the recipient.

Additionally, the recipient is where you can change your name to whatever you want the viewers to see.

Rest assured, nothing else is visible to people with the View Only link to your Wishlist.

And changing your name there won’t affect your actual contact information associated with the Amazon account. It’s just your “public face” for the Wishlist.

How Do You Remove Yourself From an Amazon Wish List?

If you were added to an Amazon Wishlist and you no longer want to be a part of it, you can easily remove yourself.

Locate the Wishlist that you no longer wish to be associated with and press on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

A menu will appear which gives you the option to “Remove list.” This actually removes you from the list.

If you are the list owner, however, you will have to delete the Wishlist in order to remove yourself. You can’t give someone else ownership of the list, unfortunately.

How Can You Send a Gift Without an Address?

Did you receive an item from someone, but it wasn’t on your Wishlist?

This is because of Amazon’s gift-sending feature, rolled out in Fall 2021.

At check-out, the person sending the gift presses the box “This is a gift.”

When they move to the next page, they still select their own shipping address, but then they use the Choose gift option features.

There they could include a message and say who the gift is from. This is where they also needed your email address.

They complete checkout then as usual, and you receive an email saying that so-and-so has gifted you something.

You are then prompted to enter your address, but not to worry – the sender never sees it.

Therefore, you get your gift, and your personal information remains secure and private.

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Amazon takes the privacy of its customers very seriously, and so even people who mean well by gifting items off someone’s Wishlist do not see their full address.

The only information senders will see is the name the Wishlist owner has provided themselves, plus their city and state. Wishlist owners don’t have to do anything on their end to protect their addresses.

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