How to Order a Payoneer Card? (All You Need to Know)

Payoneer is a global payment service that helps business owners and freelancers to send and receive payments, even across different countries. 

As customers start to gain significant amounts of money in their account balances, they have the option to use Payoneer to make purchases if they have a Payoneer debit card. This article will explain how you can order one!

How Do I Order a Payoneer Card?

To order a Payoneer debit card, sign in to your Payoneer account. Find the “Banks & Cards” tab to start the process. You will need to select “Payoneer cards” and then “Order a card.” This will allow you to choose between a virtual card and a physical card. Then, choose the currency you use, and you can go on from there. 

A Payoneer debit card is a useful tool for business owners who want to use their account balance for spending needs, but it’s not without its caveats, so be sure to read this article, so you’re all caught up!

How Do I Request a Payoneer Card?

To request a Payoneer card, you will first need to create a Payoneer account. Then, you can sign in online to start the process. Select “Banks & cards” > “Payoneer cards” in your account. 

Next, click “Order a card”. Then you will have the option to choose between a virtual or physical Payoneer card. 

Select the currency you’d like your card to use. You can choose between USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD. Once you’ve completed these steps, you will receive additional instructions on how to complete the ordering process. 

Is Getting a Payoneer Card Free?

There is no cost to order and ship your Payoneer debit card if you select standard shipping. However, there is an annual card fee of $29.95 for all Payoneer cards. 

There is also a withdrawal fee if you use your card to withdraw cash from your Payoneer balance at an ATM. 

Why Can’t I Order a Payoneer Card?

If you don’t see the option to order a card on your Payoneer account, this is likely due to your account income history. 

The policy for cardholders states that your business account is only eligible for a card if you received at least $100 in payments in the last six months. This excludes any payments from e-wallets such as PayPal. 

In addition, Payoneer cards can no longer be issued to customers with a Russian billing or shipping address. 

Can I Get a Virtual Payoneer Card?

Can I Get a Virtual Payoneer Card?

Yes, Payoneer does offer a digital version of the Payoneer Mastercard. The virtual card is ready right away after you apply for it, so you can start spending immediately.

The Payoneer virtual card allows you to pay using your goods and services online or using your smartphone at businesses that accept virtual contactless payments. 

You can apply for a virtual card the same way you apply for a normal Payoneer card, through your account under the “Banks & cards” tab. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Payoneer Card?

If you order a physical Payoneer debit card, it should take about 4-15 business days to arrive via mail. 

Otherwise, you can select express shipping when you order the card, and it should arrive in 4-5 business days in the US and 4-7 business days outside of the US. 

Is the Payoneer Card a Credit Card?

The Payoneer commercial Mastercard is a debit card, not a credit card. The card allows you to pay with funds taken directly from your Payoneer business account balance. 

Payoneer does not offer a credit card, but there are other virtual wallet companies that do offer credit cards, including Venmo and PayPal. 

What is a Payoneer Card?

Payoneer’s commercial Mastercard is a debit card issued by the Payoneer company to customers who are eligible. Eligibility depends on the number of payments you have received to your account in the last six months. 

The card comes in both physical and virtual form, and you can use it to pay at businesses and stores that accept Mastercard. You can also use it to pay for goods and services online. 

The card uses your stored Payoneer account balance to pay for what you purchase. 

What Can I Use the Payoneer Card For?

You can use the Payoneer debit card to pay for goods and services anywhere that accepts Mastercard. You can also use it to purchase things online. The Payoneer card also works at ATMs. 

Can I Withdraw Cash Using the Payoneer Card?

Withdrawing cash from your Payoneer account balance is possible if you have a Payoneer debit card. You can go to any ATM and withdraw cash from your account, although there is a flat-rate fee for doing so. 

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You can easily order a Payoneer card by signing in to your Payoneer account and going to the Banks & cards tab. There you will find instructions on how to order one, and you will find out whether you are eligible. 

Choose between a physical card and a virtual card. If you choose a physical card, it will be mailed to you within 4-15 business days. You can use the card to pay at all businesses that accept Mastercard. 

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