How To Pay Your Tractor Supply Bill (All You Need To Know)

The Tractor Supply Personal Credit Card offers many benefits for customers, including discounts, special offers, and financing. However, to continue receiving these benefits and maintaining a good credit score, it’s important to pay your credit card bills on time.

Some new cardholders may be wondering how to pay their Tractor Supply bill. We looked it up, and have all the answers for you!

How To Pay Your Tractor Supply Bill In [currentyear]

You can pay your Tractor Supply Credit Card bill by phone, mail, online, or via the app in [currentyear]. For payments online and via the app, you can pay with Apple Pay, debit card, bank account, or credit card. Furthermore, Tractor Supply partners with Citi Retail Services, which issues the Tractor Supply Personal and Business Credit Cards.

To find out more about how to pay your Tractor Supply credit card bill, carry on reading. You’ll find all you need to know here!

How Do I Pay My Tractor Supply Credit Card Bill?

Tractor Supply Personal Credit Cardholders can pay their bills in a number of ways, including by mail, phone, online, and via the App.

1. Online

When paying your Tractor Supply credit card bill online, you can log in to your account and make the payment via Apple Pay.

2. Phone

You can call Tractor Supply at the numbers given below to make your payment. Furthermore, you will find it helpful to have your credit card handy in case you are required to enter the card number when prompted.

3. By Mail

You can use the addresses given below to send in your payments. For your convenience, there is a separate address for express services.

4. Mobile App

The Tractor Supply mobile app accepts credit card payments via Apple Pay, debit card, bank account, or credit card.

What Is The Tractor Supply Credit Card Phone Number?

What Is The Tractor Supply Credit Card Phone Number?

Tractor Supply has different phone numbers to call for personal and business credit cards.

TSC Personal Credit Card: 1-800-263-0691

Tractor Supply Business Credit Card: 1-800-559-8232

Its hours are:

Monday to Saturday: 7 am to 9 pm CST,

Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm CST

However, it is closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Customers can also contact Tractor Supply credit card services by mail at the following addresses:

Personal Credit Card:

Tractor Supply credit card payments

PO Box 9001006

Louisville, KY 40290-1006

Business Credit Cards:

Tractor Supply Credit Plan Payments

PO Box 78004

Phoenix, AZ 85062-8004

Overnight Delivery/Express Payments:

Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.

6716 Grade Lane

Building 9, Suite 910

Louisville, KY 40213

What Bank Does Tractor Supply Credit Card Use?

Tractor Supply partners with Citi Retail Services, which is one of the largest North American retail credit providers.

Additionally, Citi Retail Services issues the TSC Personal Credit Card and also the Tractor Supply Business card.

What Is the Interest Rate on Tractor Supply Credit Cards?

Cardholders pay no interest if the amount is paid in full during the promotional period, which is:

  • 6 months for purchases of $199 or more
  • 12 months for purchases of $399 or more

After the promotional period is over, interest rates are variable at 26.24% APR as of 2022.

Furthermore, Tractor Supply credit cardholders can also get financing for purchases of $1,599 at 3.99% APR for 36 payments or until the amount is paid off in full. 

Does Tractor Supply Take Payments?

Tractor Supply Credit Cardholders can get financing for big-ticket purchases, which lets them pay in installments over time.

However, shoppers who don’t have a Tractor Supply Credit Card can also break up their payments in installments by using Zip to pay for their purchases.

What Credit Report Does Tractor Supply Use?

To qualify for a Tractor Supply Credit Card, you must have a credit score of at least 640.

Tractor Supply can use any one of the three major credit bureaus, namely TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian, to check on your score for approval.

Therefore, if your account goes delinquent at any stage, Tractor Supply may report to any one of these bureaus.

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Having a Tractor Supply Credit Card is a major convenience for customers, with benefits like discounts and financing on big-ticket items.

However, to keep your Tractor Supply Credit Card in good standing, you must make timely payments. Additionally, to make it easier to stay on schedule, the company offers several different ways to pay your Tractor Supply bill.

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