How To Reprint USPS Label? (All You Need To Know)

For an organization that was operational even before the US won the Revolutionary War, the United States Postal Service is decidedly modern today.

That includes its website,, offering customers several services they can perform and pay for in the comfort of their home, including printing labels.

But how do you reprint a USPS label if you lose or damage the original? I’ve got the information you seek just below!

How To Reprint USPS Label In [currentyear]?

The United States Postal Service’s website features the Click-N-Ship feature, allowing customers to print, pay for, and even reprint labels in [currentyear]. Customers have up until midnight, Central Standard Time, on the label’s ship date to reprint. The service is free of charge, as the postage has already been paid.

To learn more about reprinting USPS labels, including the “deadline,” reprinting labels using the third-party postage purveyor and whether labels can expire, read on for all you need to know!

Can You Reprint A USPS Shipping Label After 24 Hours?

If you are using the Click-N-Ship feature, where you can create, print, and pay for postage from your own home or office, you may have more than 24 hours to reprint.

That said, Click-N-Ship lets you reprint up to 12 AM CST (the time in Chicago) on the day that the shipping label is to be used.

Also, the furthest ahead you can create a label is by three days, so if you’re making one for two or three days out, you have one or two days to reprint if anything happens to the original.

Unfortunately, if you miss that 12 AM CST deadline, you won’t be able to reprint.

What you can do, however, is request a refund, which you have a generous 30 days (from the transaction date) to do.

But, you cannot do one thing when you reprint a USPS shipping label, which is to edit the label.

Moreover, the label cannot be changed after you have completed the purchase transaction. If there is an error, you will have to purchase and print a new one.

However, when you don’t use the initial label (that contains an error), you can request a refund for it.

Is Reprinting A USPS Label Free?

Yes, reprinting USPS shipping labels is free of charge.

In fact, USPS even allows you to save the label as a PDF so that you don’t even have to log back into Click-N-Ship to print or reprint.

However, like the reprint feature, the “Save as PDF” feature disappears at midnight CST on the ship-by date.

Can You Reprint A USPS Label On

Can You Reprint A USPS Label On is a very popular choice for many small businesses that ship often. And, of course, the possibility of human error makes label reprints essential.

Luckily, it’s straightforward to reprint USPS shipping labels if is your site of choice.

But, the one major difference between and USPS Click-N-Ship is that you only have 24 hours after the initial printing on the former.

So, if you’re within that time frame, here’s what you can do:

Under the tab that says “Orders,” press on “Shipped,” and select the order you want to reprint.

At the top, there’s a horizontal menu, and the first item should be “Reprint,” with a symbolic printer.

After that, when you press on that, a window opens to show the label and to confirm you want to reprint. Then, press the blue “Reprint” button, and the job will be sent to your printer.

Also, reprinting on is free, so a splash of coffee or a naughty dog won’t cost you anything if you need another shipping label.

Can You Use A USPS Label After The Ship Date?

You cannot use a USPS label on any date except the one you chose when you created the label.

That said, the United States Postal Service requires that packages be shipped on the date the label was purchased for. Also, while the label itself doesn’t have a date on it, the system knows.

Moreover, this is especially important for mail sent via Priority Mail Express since there is a money-back guarantee for late deliveries.

If you miss the ship date for any reason, you can get a refund for your Click-N-Ship purchase from the Postal Service or your third-party postage supplier.

Do USPS Shipping Labels Expire?

Technically, USPS shipping labels “expire” in the sense that they cannot be used on any day except the date chosen when they were created and purchased.

Are they going to disintegrate into dust or grow moldy?

No, but if you try to mail your parcel out with the “expired” label, USPS is just going to return it to you.

Can You Get A Refund For An Unused USPS Label?

Yes, you can absolutely get a refund for a USPS label that you didn’t end up using. With the Postal Service, assuming you used their Click-N-Ship tool, you can request a refund.

Basically, USPS just wants to double-check and make sure that you aren’t pulling a fast one on the company (getting a refund for an item you did ship or getting another refund).

If all looks good, USPS will happily reimburse you., one of the major third-party postage providers, also gives refunds for unused USPS labels., another popular third-party postage provider, not only gives refunds but issues them automatically after 30 days if the label isn’t used.

To know more, you can also read our posts on USPS stamp types, USPS Click-N-Ship, and USPS 228 labels.


If you were wondering how to reprint that USPS label, it’s a very simple process via Click-N-Ship, and it’s also totally free.

Provided you get your reprint in before time runs out – you have until midnight CST on the day you’re supposed to ship – you can have your package on its way without hassle.

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