How To Switch To Verizon From T-Mobile? (Step-By-Step + Other FAQs)

Do you currently have T-Mobile and are thinking of switching to Verizon, but don’t know the steps to take? Are you trying to save money on your bill or simply want better coverage?

If so, keep reading below because I’m going to tell you all you need to know and give you detailed instructions on how to switch to Verizon from T-Mobile with ease!

How To Switch To Verizon From T-Mobile In 2024?

You can easily switch to Verizon from T-Mobile by first checking device eligibility if you’re bringing your phone, and then you’ll need to choose a plan from Verizon. Verizon offers several Switch to Verizon deals to get money for making the switch and will send you a SIM card for free if you don’t have an eSIM.

Do you want to know more about switching to Verizon from T-Mobile, including whether or not you can keep your number? Well, keep reading below to find out those answers and more!

1. Look at the Verizon Coverage Map to Ensure You’re Covered

The first step you need to take if you want to switch to Verizon from T-Mobile is to check the Verizon Coverage Map to make sure that you live within an area where Verizon has coverage.

However, Verizon has coverage all across the United States and covers over 2.5 million square miles, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Look at Verizon Plans

Before you make the switch, you’ll want to look at the Verizon Plans and find the plan that fits your needs, whether you want 1 line or several, and whether you want Unlimited or another plan.

3. Make Sure Your Device is Unlocked

You’ll want to check the T-Mobile Device Unlock page to ensure that your device can be used with a different carrier.

Furthermore, you can check to see if your device is unlocked or can be unlocked by logging into your My T-Mobile account, going to “Accounts” and then choosing the line you want to unlock.

You can select “Check device unlock status” which will tell you whether it’s locked or unlocked, and if it’s locked, look under the device image to see if the device can be unlocked.

However, the process for unlocking the device will vary by manufacturer, so it’s important to use the T-Mobile Device Unlock Page for specific instructions for the device you have. 

4. Check Your Device Compatibility

If you want to bring your own device to Verizon, then one of the main things you’ll need to do is check to see if your device is compatible with the Verizon network.

Furthermore, all you have to do is select which device you want to bring to Verizon and use the IMEI Compatibility Tool to make sure the device will work properly.

5. Check Eligibility To Transfer Your Phone Number

You can choose to keep your phone number when you switch to Verizon from T-Mobile, but you’ll need to check your eligibility to transfer your phone number first.

However, it’s important to note that you should not cancel your T-Mobile service when you begin your transfer.

If you cancel the T-Mobile service too early, you could lose your number, so keep your T-Mobile account active during the phone number switch process.

Also, it usually takes only 24 hours or less to complete the transfer phone number process.

6. Look at Current Switch to Verizon Deals

Verizon offers a ton of Switch to Verizon deals, which could earn you $500 in Verizon eGift Card money if you switch, so look at the deals to find the best offer to begin the process of switching.

7. Pick Your Plan & Complete the Order

7. Pick Your Plan & Complete the Order Verizon

Once you’ve found the current Verizon deal to switch you want, then just go back and choose the plan you want, which you looked at earlier, and complete the checkout process.

Additionally, you can either activate your device instantly if it has an eSIM, or you can get a free SIM card for your device through Verizon to use it on the Verizon network.

Do I Need to Cancel T-Mobile If I Switch to Verizon?

You do not need to cancel T-Mobile once the switch to Verizon is official since this should automatically be done, especially if you’re bringing your device and keeping your number.

However, be aware that if you were in a contract with T-Mobile, you may have Early Termination Fees, so contact T-Mobile to see if you’ll have fees and if so, what the fees will be on your bill.

Is It Worth Switching From T-Mobile to Verizon?

The answer on whether it’s worth it to switch to Verizon from T-Mobile depends on what your circumstances are and what you want in your service and plan.

For example, if you live in a rural area, it’s worth switching to Verizon because Verizon offers better coverage in rural areas compared to T-Mobile.

In contrast, T-Mobile offers cheaper Unlimited plans, so if you’re more on a budget and want Unlimited text, talk, and data, then it wouldn’t be worth it to switch to Verizon.

Verizon is more expensive but offers somewhat better perks, but you can look at the comparison of Verizon and T-Mobile to learn more details about those specifics.

Does Verizon Charge Fees for Transferring Service?

Verizon will not charge you any fees if your coming from another carrier, but your other carrier might charge you an Early Termination Fee if you were under a contract.

Additionally, there are no fees associated with porting your number to Verizon or bringing your own device, and Verizon routinely offers you money to transfer your service to them!

When Is the Best Time to Switch to Verizon From T-Mobile?

You should plan on switching to Verizon from T-Mobile about four days before the end of your T-Mobile billing cycle because if you switch too early, you’ll still have to pay for that month.

For example, if your billing cycle ends on the 20th, you should switch to Verizon around the 15th or 16th of the month, so that way you’re not charged another month with T-Mobile.

Since it only takes up to 24 hours to port your number and switch, it gives you enough time to make the switch and avoid another T-Mobile bill.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Verizon pays you to switch, how to switch from Sprint to Verizon, and how to switch from Cricket to Verizon.


Switching to Verizon is simple since all you’ll need to do is check device compatibility using the IMEI number, pick a plan that fits your needs, and either activate an eSIM or have a SIM mailed.

Furthermore, it’s easy to find a Switch to Verizon deal where you can earn money by switching, and porting your number to Verizon takes less than 24 hours if it’s eligible to port.

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