How to Use Similac Coupons on Amazon? (All You Need to Know)

For new parents, one of the most important supplies for a baby is formula, but it’s often expensive.

Similac coupons provide an easy way to get baby formula while saving money and they’re also accepted on Amazon. Here’s how to use them!

How to Use Similac Coupons on Amazon In [currentyear]

You can use Similac coupons on Amazon in [currentyear]. You will have to sign up for the coupons and have them replace regular Similac checks before you can use them on Amazon. To do this, you should visit the Similac website and change the option from checks to coupons and they’ll show up in your email.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using Similac coupons on Amazon, including more on how to get them, what you can get with them, and more!

How Do I Get Similac Coupons on Amazon?

You can get Similac coupons by signing up for Similac Rewards via the company website.

Similac Rewards was previously called StrongMoms and some results you might have found on the subject still use this name.

Visit the Similac website and navigate to the Rewards section where you’ll find all the information you need.

You will have to provide the following data to sign up for Similac coupons:

  1. Your first and last names
  2. Your email address
  3. Your address
  4. Your baby’s birthday or due date
  5. Name of the hospital where the baby was born (optional)
  6. Whether or not the baby is adopted (optional)
  7. Whether you want our information to be shared with Pampers for extra rewards (optional)

When you fill in all this information, Similac will start sending coupons to the email address you provided, and you can use them on Amazon.

Aside from the actual coupons, signing up for Similac Rewards also grants you access to the following:

  1. Baby formula samples
  2. Savings via the Schedule & Save program on the Similac website
  3. Nutrition guide for your baby and you
  4. A free photo book from Shutterfly

There’s a section on Amazon dedicated to Similac coupons, but it was empty when we recently checked.

You can also get Similac coupons via most coupon and deal websites, but make sure they’re trustworthy, as some of them charge for fake coupons.

Coupons are supposed to be given out for free so you shouldn’t pay for any. We recommend going straight through Amazon or Similac if you’re able.

What Can I Buy with Similac Coupons on Amazon?

What Can I Buy with Similac Coupons on Amazon?

You can buy baby formula using Similac coupons on Amazon.

Similac manufactures a lot of products for babies but its most popular one is formula, and that’s what the company pushes with its coupons.

How Much Do I Save with Similac Coupons on Amazon?

As is the case with most coupons, how much you save isn’t always a constant figure and it changes on a case by case basis.

However, Similac says you are able to save as much as $400 when you sign up for the rewards program.

We’ve actually found one parent that was able to successfully get $400 worth of free baby formula from Similac using these savings methods fairly recently.

Why Is Similac Out of Stock on Amazon?

Similac is likely out of stock following a recall that forced the company to take it off the website as well as the shelves of physical stores.

Between late February and mid March 2022, the FDA issued recalls on Similac products after incidents tied to them were reported.

This recall also affected formulas from other companies, meaning that it was likely an issue with the raw materials or ingredients.

Before and likely after this issue, though, Similac’s constant out of stock status is likely a result of supply chain issues that have been affecting production for the past couple of years.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer that has to deal with this, as giants like Walmart and CVS have also had Similac shelves stay empty for a very long time.

Similac’s competitors like Nestle and Gerber are also facing similar issues with disruptions to their supply chains.

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You can use Similac coupons on Amazon just like any other coupon at checkout. To get Similac coupons on Amazon, you can sign up for Similac Rewards, formerly called the StrongMoms program, and have them sent to your email along with some other perks.

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