IKEA Headquarters (Different Locations, Addresses, Can You Visit, Contact Info + More)

IKEA has millions of loyal customers around the world who love the convenience and affordability of the company’s furniture and housewares.

As a multinational company with stores in over 60 countries, IKEA’s international headquarters oversees its complex operations. If you want to find out more about IKEA headquarters in the US and worldwide, read on for all the helpful details!

Where Is IKEA’s Headquarters Located In [currentyear]?

IKEA’s world headquarters is located in the Netherlands in [currentyear]. The address is Bargelaan 20, Leiden, NL 2333CT, Netherlands, and the phone number is (31 71) 05 65 71 00. The IKEA headquarters in the US is located in Pennsylvania at 420 Allen Wood Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428. IKEA customer service can be contacted by phone, mail, and social media.

For more information on IKEA headquarters, and the company’s history and ownership, carry on reading. We looked it up and have lots of information for you!

Where Is IKEA’s World Headquarters?

IKEA’s world headquarters is located in Delft, Netherlands. In addition, the company has 23 office locations in 10 countries.

The address for the IKEA headquarters in the Netherlands is:

Bargelaan 20, Leiden, NL 2333CT, Netherlands

The phone number is: (31 71) 05 65 71 00.

The IKEA headquarters in the Netherlands is the center for the company’s worldwide operations.

Is IKEA’s Headquarters in Sweden?

IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad.

However, he moved his residence to Switzerland in the 1970s, and in 2001, the IKEA headquarters was moved to the Netherlands.

The IKEA headquarters was moved to for two reasons.

For one thing, laws in the Netherlands make it possible for the company to avoid a hostile takeover by majority shareholders.

Further, the legal structure of IKEA in the Netherlands allows it to pay lower taxes.

So, at present, IKEA is a company that originated in Sweden, and has its headquarters in the Netherlands.

Does IKEA Have a US Headquarters?

IKEA has 50 stores in the US, and needs a national office to oversee its functioning.The IKEA headquarters in the US is in Pennsylvania. The address is:

420 Allen Wood Road,

Conshohocken, PA 19428

The phone number is (610) 834-0180.

Where Is IKEA’s Headquarters Worldwide?

As of [currentyear], IKEA operates 454 stores in 60 countries, and has its national headquarters in these countries.

IKEA Headquarters UK

IKEA Limited

Witan Gate House

500-600 Witan Gate West

Milton Keynes

Buckinghamshire MK9 1SH

Phone: 0203 645 0000

IKEA Headquarters Germany

Am Wandersmann 2-4 Hofheim-Wallau,

D-65719 Germany

Phone: 49-1805-353-435

IKEA Headquarters Australia

1 Rider Bvd,

Rhodes, New South Wales 2138

IKEA Headquarters France

C.C Grand Plaisir

78370 Plaisir


Who Is the CEO of IKEA?

The CEO of IKEA since 2017 is Jesper Brodin. He can be contacted by email at jesper.brodin@ikea.com.

Who Founded IKEA?

IKEA was founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, whose parents were German-speaking immigrants.

Kamprad derived the name IKEA from the initials of his name, his family farm, Elmtaryd, and the nearby village Agunnaryd.

The first IKEA store outside Sweden opened in Norway, and the chain grew rapidly worldwide afterward.

Kamprad became one of the wealthiest businessmen in Europe, and moved back to Sweden in 2014. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 91.

Who Owns IKEA in [currentyear]?

IKEA has a complex structure created for tax and corporate reasons. IKEA Retail is owned by the The INGKA Group, and other holding companies.

IKEA Retail operates the 392 IKEA stores in 32 countries around the world. 

How Do I Contact IKEA?

IKEA is famous for its practical and attractive designs. It’s also well known for the difficulty that customers sometimes encounter in assembling their flat-box furniture.

Luckily, you don’t have to struggle to put together that couch or bookshelf on your own.

You can call IKEA for help and advice, and also for any other questions and problems you might have.

Customers can reach IKEA by phone, mail, and through social media. You can also find answers to many questions on the company website.


The main number for IKEA headquarters is: (610) 834-0180. The IKEA Customer Service number is: (888) 888-4532. You can call for help with issues like:

  • Store information
  • Purchases
  • Delivery
  • Expert help and advice on IKEA products
  • Purchasing a kitchen

Social Media

IKEA has a strong social media presence on many platforms.

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IKEA is popular around the world for its affordable furniture and housewares. Its global operations are managed from the international headquarters in Delft, in the Netherlands.

IKEA’s US headquarters is located in Pennsylvania. If you need to contact IKEA about your orders, purchases, or help with any items you purchases, you can contact customer service.  

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