IKEA Stock: Can You Buy IKEA Shares & Will They Go Public?

IKEA is a hugely popular chain of retails stores that specialize in providing high-quality home goods and furnishings for affordable and attractive prices. IKEA has stores all across the globe, and is valued currently at well over $58.7 billion!

However, you may be wondering whether IKEA currently trades on the stock market and whether they have any plans to go public. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

Is IKEA On The Stock Market?

IKEA is a privately held company, so the company is not currently traded on any stock exchange as of 2024. IKEA is instead owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, which was founded by IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. Additionally, IKEA has no plans of going public or offering an IPO anytime in the future.

Read on to find out more about IKEA’s relation to the stock market, and the INGKA foundation!

Has IKEA Ever Been On The Stock Market Before?

Has IKEA Ever Been On The Stock Market Before?

IKEA has never been traded publicly on the stock market. This is due to the fact that the INGKA Foundation holds all stocks in the company, and has done since the very beginning.

IKEA and the INGKA Foundation are currently held by the Kamprad family, meaning that the business has been handed down for generations, and likely will for many years to come, thus it is unlikely that IKEA will ever enter the stock market.

What Is INGKA, And How Is Its Corporate Structure Made Up?

INGKA was founded in 1982 by Ingvar Kamprad, who originally founded the IKEA company back in 1943. The INGKA foundation largely exists to keep the IKEA company tightly held within the hands of the company.

Additionally, a large amount of the INGKA supervisory board is made up of the family of Ingvar Kamprad.

The INGKA group also implements a highly important and useful anti-takeover protection scheme, which protects the company from being taken over by a larger company, either forcibly or willingly.

Will IKEA Ever Go Public On The Stock Market?

At this point, it is very unlikely. IKEA is an entirely private company, with all shares and stocks held entirely by the INGKA Foundation, which is made up of family and other representatives of the foundation.

IKEA is also incredibly unwilling to have the company be taken over by larger corporations or other larger overseers. Hence INGVAR Foundation has implemented an anti-takeover protection scheme, to prevent such a situation from happening.

Can You Buy IKEA Shares?

Getting involved with the stock market and purchasing shares has become far easier in the past few years, through apps such as eToro, Robinhood, and Acorns, which allow absolutely anybody to enter the market.

However, due to IKEA’s corporate structure, it is impossible to buy any amount of shares in the IKEA company, due to it being held exclusively by the INGKA Foundation, which prevents the company from being sold, or shares being put out to market.

Are There Any Competitors To IKEA That Are On The Stock Market?

Are There Any Competitors To IKEA That Are On The Stock Market?

Due to IKEA not publicly trading on the stock market, many stock market investors look to their closest competitors to find worthwhile investments.

A few of IKEA’s closest competitors that do trade on the stock market include:

  • This is one of the most valued companies on the stock market. Amazon specializes in selling just about everything you could imagine, and do so at incredibly valuable prices, making them an incredibly profitable company. Amazon shares can be purchased, but they may cost quite a considerable amount.
  • Much like Amazon, Walmart sells a massive variety of goods, both in-store and online, including furniture, which is IKEA’s entire market base. Also, much like IKEA, Walmart sells its products at highly valuable prices, making them easily affordable, and thus profitable.
  • Wayfair is an online shop that specializes in home furnishing and decorations. Wayfair sources its products from thousands of suppliers across the world, making them a great place to buy all kinds of furniture. Wayfair trades publicly on the stock market, so it may be a strong investment in place of IKEA!

To learn more, you can also see my guides on IKEA statistics and trends, as well as IKEA’s competitive advantages. Additionally, you can also see whether or not you can buy Aldi stock.


Ever since the company was first founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has never once been a publicly traded company on the stock market. This is because the company is tightly held by the INGKA Foundation, which was established by IKEA Founder Ingvar Kamprad in 1982.

The INGKA Foundation prevents hostile takeovers of the company, and means that the company will, for the foreseeable future, be owned entirely by the Foundation.

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