In Transit Meaning FedEx (What It Means + Other Common FAQs)

As one of the United States’ top logistics companies, FedEx has one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world. Indeed, customers can get up-to-the-minute information about their package’s whereabouts just by entering a tracking number into the FedEx website.

After doing so, a customer might notice their package has “arrived at a FedEx location” or is “out for delivery.” Still, the most common update customers receive is “in transit.” This article will explain what “in transit” means and how long it takes.

In Transit Meaning FedEx In 2024

In transit means your package is on its way to its final destination as of 2024. It’s essential to recognize that this doesn’t mean your package is in a moving vehicle. Rather, this status indicates that the item is somewhere between its point of origin and its destination. If items appear stuck in transit, contact FedEx Customer Support.

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What Does In Transit Mean FedEx?

In transit is an update FedEx customers regularly see when checking their tracking information.

When you see this, your package is somewhere between its point of origin (i.e., where the seller gave it to FedEx) and its destination (i.e., your home or business).

While the name suggests otherwise, it’s important to recognize that “in transit” doesn’t necessarily mean that your package is in a moving vehicle like a plane or a truck.

In fact, there is a good chance it’s at a FedEx facility.

Essentially, in transit is a rather vague update that tells customers that their delivery is on schedule.

How Long Is FedEx In Transit?

It’s difficult to say how long your tracking information will show the “in transit” update.

In some cases, this update may change after a couple of hours.

In others, it could take days before you see your package move to another location.

Also, it’s pretty common to see the “in transit” update several times at the same facility throughout a couple of days.

Similarly, it’s worth noting that it’s not unusual for a package to go for more than 24 hours without a scan while in transit.

Therefore, it’s best to keep an eye on your tracking information to ensure your package is moving but not getting too absorbed in it.

If you do, you’ll likely find yourself frustrated by the lack of updates.

Why Is My FedEx Package Still In Transit?

Why Is My FedEx Package Still In Transit?

It’s normal to feel frustrated after seeing the “in transit” update at the same facility for several days on end. After all, doesn’t “in transit” mean your package should be moving?

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, in transit is a rather vague update that means a package is somewhere between point A and point B.

Still, there are some possible explanations for why your package appears to be stuck in transit:

  • It’s stuck in customs clearance: If you or the shipper fail to provide the necessary documentation (e.g., item description, value), your package will likely get held up until these questions can be answered.
  • An incorrect or incomplete address: This is the most common explanation behind stuck packages. If you realize an address error, contact FedEx to have an employee resolve the problem.
  • There are poor weather conditions or heavy traffic: Outside factors can slow down even the best logistics company, so have a little patience if you know about anything that might cause a delay.
  • Improper packaging: If your package gets beat up during the shipping process, it may be delayed while FedEx repairs it.

Can I Do Anything About A FedEx Package Stuck In Transit?

Before you panic about your package being “stuck” in transit, the best thing to do is practice a bit of patience and wait a couple of days.

Then, if you still don’t have any updates at that point, you can try contacting FedEx support or the shipper to get more information; just be aware that they may not be able to help you.

As a last resort, FedEx may have you file a missing package claim if the package remains immobile after a week or more. 

Can I Reroute A FedEx Package In Transit?

If your package is already on the way to its intended destination, you still have the opportunity to request that it be rerouted to another delivery address.

Moreover, rerouting includes a change from:

  • One street address to another in the same city or state
  • Hold at FedEx Location instructions to a request for a delivery
  • Delivery instructions to a request for Hold at FedEx Location
  • One Hold at FedEx Location to another in the same city/state

To re-route a shipment, call FedEx Customer Service at 1 (800) 463-3339.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide the tracking number, the new destination address, and a contact phone number for the recipient.

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When it comes to the “in transit” tracking update, the best advice is not to get too hung up on it.

In most cases, it simply means that your item is moving along as intended and that it will get to you as scheduled.

However, if it’s been more than a few days and your tracking information still hasn’t changed, feel free to contact FedEx or the shipper for help resolving the issue.

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