Is American Airlines Safe? (All You Need To Know)

Flight safety is no joking matter. Before you embark on a flight with American Airlines, you’ll want to know if your flight is safe.

Buckle in for turbulence because I will cover all you need to know about safety on American Airlines and more!

Is American Airlines Safe In 2024?

American Airlines boasts some of the highest safety ratings among major US air carriers as of 2024. However, there are elements of human error, weather, and other external factors that cannot be controlled. Despite this, American Airlines continues to be one of the safest air carriers to fly with. American Airlines’ last crash was in 2001.

Want to know how American Airlines stacks up against other major US air carriers regarding safety? Maybe you’re curious about how safe a specific aircraft is? If so, keep reading!

Are American Airlines’ Planes Safe?

Many factors shape the level of safety of American Airlines planes.

First, there is the human element. For example, the training of the staff on board, the pilot’s margin of error, and standard operating procedures all come into play.

Next, it’s essential to consider the technical side of things. That said, the aircraft itself includes various systems, standards, and procedures that need to be met.

Also, American Airlines has a modern fleet, so passengers can breathe easily knowing their safety is taken care of.

Further, there are miscellaneous safety factors that come in the form of air traffic, wildlife, and weather.

Fortunately, American Airlines employs a skilled workforce and has the latest in-flight technology to ensure all passengers and crew are safe.

Is American Airlines Safe To Fly?

American Airlines is one of the pioneers when it comes to major airlines and has an excellent track record as a safe and reliable air carrier.

Also, given the vast amount of flights American has completed, the airline has had very few incidents. Therefore, American Airlines is one of the safest airlines to fly with.

Is American Airlines’ Boeing 737 Safe?

The Boeing 737 MAX has now been returned to service (the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had previously retired the aircraft).

That said, American Airlines has since put processes in place to maximize safety.

Is American Airlines Safer Than Southwest?

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have similar safety ratings.

With that, both airlines are rated 7/7 in the “safety category on In addition, Southwest has no reported fatalities in its entire operating history.

In fact, Southwest Airlines has a 0.0000203% chance of having an incident and ranks second on ABC’s safest airline list.

Moreover, the factors when grading an airline are as follows:

  • The airline is deducted three points if there was a fatal crash in the last ten years.
  • If the airline suffered serious pilot-related incidents, zero to one point is awarded. If the airline is clean, two points are awarded.
  • If the airline has passed all major audits, one point is awarded; if the airline has failed, then one point is deducted.

Is American Airlines Safer Than United?

Is American Airlines Safer Than United?

United Airlines is one of the safest airlines in history, which is due to its diligent flight protocols. On the scale, United Airlines has a safety rating of 7/7.

Remember, American Airlines has a rating of 7/7, making it an equal option in terms of safety.

Further, United Airlines has a 0.0000407% chance of an incident per flight, and it is sixth on ABC’s safest airlines list.

Is American Airlines Safer Than Delta?

Delta Airlines has a fatality rate of 0.17 per million miles and is ranked fifth on ABC’s safety list.

Further, Delta Airlines is slightly higher when it comes to safety than American Airlines, according to

Is American Airlines’ Wi-Fi Safe?

American Airlines Wi-Fi is just about as safe as any other public network. That said, networks on airplanes aren’t necessarily more private than other public networks.

For example, customers can still have their data stolen. However, the thief must be on the same flight as the victim.

Has American Airlines Ever Had A Plane Crash?

Yes, American Airlines has had a handful of crashes, the last one being in 2001.

How Many American Airlines Flights Have Crashed?

Since 1970, there have been ten crashes on American Airlines.

When Did American Airlines Last Crash?

American Airlines’ last crash was on November 12, 2001.

When Did American Airlines Flight 587 Crash?

Flight 587 in Queens, New York, crashed right after takeoff, and there were 260 people on the flight.

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Customers can enjoy a high level of safety when flying with American Airlines, as the airline has one of the highest standards for safety protocol on its aircraft.

Further, the staff is trained to be competent, the modern fleet is equipped with safety gear, and miscellaneous external factors are controlled.

Also, American Airlines has a comparable safety rating compared to its counterparts in the airspace.

Lastly, the air carrier has had no major crashes in over two decades, making it one of the safest airlines ranked by many air safety authorities.

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