Is Anker Apple Certified? (All You Need to Know)

If you have been looking at Anker chargers because of the good reviews or prices, perhaps you’re wondering: is Anker certified by Apple?

If so, continue reading below because I have been researching whether Anker is Apple certified and will tell you all you need to know before you buy!

Is Anker Apple Certified in 2024?

Anker chargers are Apple certified since Anker has several cables available for consumers to purchase that are MFi-certified in 2024. MFi-certified means that a product has received certification from Apple to be peripheral. For example, connected devices or cables can become MFi-certified for Apple so that it doesn’t void a warranty.

Do you have more questions about Anker, like if Anker chargers are good for Apple? Well, keep reading because I have that answer plus so much more below!

Is Anker Good for iPhones?

Anker is a good brand to use if you want to purchase a cord or other accessory for your iPhone. In fact, the Anker PowerPort PD2 is one of the best iPhone chargers on the market.

For example, the PowerPort can charge your iPhone quickly and it’s incredibly durable, lasting for several years.

Also, products like the Anker PowerPort PD2 have both a 12W USB-A port and an 18W USB-C port, so it’s perfect for a quick charge for your iPhone, regardless of where you are.

Are Anker Chargers Good for Apple Products?

Anker chargers are good for Apple products since they have the Apple MFi certification, which means the product is compatible with all Apple devices.

Furthermore, with the Apple MFi certification, an Anker product will not void your warranty with Apple nor will it brick your device.

As well, using an Anker charger is going to work just like an Apple charging cord, but be significantly cheaper, and might also charge your device quicker than the standard Apple cord.

Are Anker Chargers Certified?

Anker chargers are certified by Apple through the Apple MFi certification program, which means they have been given approval by Apple and are compatible with Apple devices.

For example, Anker chargers with the MFi certification have met the standards and requirements set by Apple.

This way, you know you’re not getting a counterfeit product that could ruin your device.

Additionally, if you purchase an Anker charger or other product, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so if it breaks, you can get a replacement from Anker for free.

Is Anker Better Than Apple?

Is Anker Better Than Apple?

Anker in many ways is better than Apple, since Anker offers chargers, power banks, cables, and other products that are MFi certified by Apple but are significantly cheaper.

Also, a lot of the Anker cables and chargers will work better than Apple products, such as the chargers being able to charge your device much quicker than the Apple cable.

In addition, Anker cables and chargers seem to be significantly more durable than Apple products, so they’ll last you years before you have to replace them. 

Further, Anker offers a lifetime warranty for their products so that if anything happens, you can get a new one for free without issue, which is better than Apple.

Are Anker Cables Safe for iPhones?

Anker cables are perfectly safe for the iPhone since the cables have been Apple MFi certified. In other words, they meet Apple’s standards and guidelines and won’t harm your device.

Therefore, you can purchase an Anker cable for your iPhone and know you’re getting a quality product cheaper than through Apple, but feel safe using it to charge your $1,200 phone.

Does Apple Sell Anker?

If you go into the Apple Store, you will now see Anker chargers and cables because Apple has begun selling Anker products, which started around 2019.

However, Apple Stores don’t sell all the available Anker products, so you’ll need to head to Anker’s website or the Anker Amazon store to see the full selection of Apple-related items.

Is Anker Safe for Macbook Computers?

Anker is safe for Macbook because products are MFi certified by Apple to be compatible with Apple products.

Is Anker a Trusted Brand?

Anker is one of the most trusted brands in the tech world for Apple and Android products, with Anker receiving MFi certification from Apple to be compatible and be made of high-quality parts.

Also, Anker is trusted because the company constantly ranks within the top five spots of brands to buy, whether you’re looking for a charger, cable, or other product for your device.

Are Anker Adapters Good?

Anker adapters are good, whether you’re using them for your iPhone or iPad.

One of the best Anker chargers is the PowerPort III Nano because it will charge your iPhone within a short period of time.

For example, with this charger, a drained battery can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes!

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Anker is Apple certified, and can be used to charge most Apple products. Anker products with MFi (Apple) certification will not brick your device or harm it, and it won’t void the Apple warranty.

Also, Anker products come with a lifetime warranty so that if something happens, you can get a new one free of charge, although Anker is thought to be an incredibly durable brand.

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