Is Costco Meat Halal? (All You Need to Know)

Shoppers purchase different grocery items depending on their preferences and dietary restrictions.

For Muslims, accessing Halal-certified products is essential; therefore, they must examine every product to ensure it meets the standards. So, is Costco meat Halal? Here’s all you need to know!

Is Costco Meat Halal In 2024?

Costco does stock certified Halal chicken, beef, and lamb products as of 2024. Customers can purchase these products either in-store or online via However, some meat products such as chicken mince and beef mince are handled in the same place as pork and are not Halal-certified. Fortunately, Costco labels all the products so the customers can see them.

Read on for more information about which Costco meat is Halal and which is not, along with other related and useful facts!

What Halal Products Can You Find at Costco?

Customers can find different Halal products at Costco, including chicken breasts, lean ground beef, chicken wings, chicken leg quarters, and beef chuck rolls.

You can get Halal meat from brands such as Crescent Foods in the U.S. Costco warehouse stores.

On the other hand, other countries have their own brands. For instance, Canada stocks Halal meat from Sargent Farms and AAA Canada.

How Much Does Halal Meat Cost at Costco?

Prices at Costco differ depending on the specific products you need. For instance, Halal ground beef goes for about $20-$25.

On the other hand, a Halal hand-cut poultry locker from Crescent Foods goes for $169.99. Therefore, if you want to buy Halal meat, the prices will vary based on the product.

Is Costco Chicken Halal?

Costco sells different chicken products from skinless chicken, whole chicken, drumsticks, wings, breast pieces, mince, chicken tenders, nuggets, and rotisserie chicken.

Fortunately, Costco stocks Halal chicken products from various brands out of all these items. In fact, Costco says that its pre-packed meat is Halal.

Is Costco Beef Halal?

Just like chicken, Costco also sells various Halal beef products. You can get lean ground meat, cubes, chops, steaks, and strip loin to mince.

However, while most beef products are Halal, Costco says that its minced beef is not Halal because it’s processed in the meat department, where pork products are handled.

In addition, the lamb cutlets are also processed in the meat department, so they are not Halal.

Therefore, when purchasing beef products, ensure that you check the labeling on the packaging. You can also confirm with the staff whether the beef products are Halal.

Is Costco Turkey Halal?

Is Costco Turkey Halal?

Costco stocks turkey products, which are in high demand during holidays such as Thanksgiving.

You can get Halal turkey at Costco thanks to the company getting Halal hand-cut products from its suppliers, such as Crescent Foods.

Nevertheless, as you shop at Costco, ensure that you check the packaging labels and seek clarification from the staff about the products in order to receive the correct food.

Does Costco Sell Halal Meat in Other Countries?

Apart from the U.S., Costco has warehouse stores in other countries, including the UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Spain, some of which sell halal meat.

In fact, some customers in Canada say that Costco business centers stock Halal meat, though these vary depending on the demographics.

However, you can confirm with the staff first or the managers in your nearest location whether they currently have Halal meat in stock.

How Can You Know If the Meat Products Are Halal at Costco?

When shopping at Costco, you can know if the meat products are Halal by checking whether they have the certification label.

Fortunately, most products will be labeled to make identification much easier.

Also, if you are shopping online, you can search for Halal items before checkout to ensure that your order is correct.

On the other hand, you can get clarification from the Costco staff if you are shopping in-store about the Halal products and those that are not.

What’s the Return Policy for Halal Meat at Costco?

If you purchase meat that’s not Halal from Costco and need to return it, you can do so to get a refund or exchange.

Fortunately, Costco accepts returns from its customers. If you don’t have the receipt, staff members can get a copy using your membership number to process the return.

What Other Stores Sell Halal Meat?

Besides Costco, you can also get Halal meat in the following stores:


If you need Halal meat, you can check the Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets for the products.

You can also get meat products shopping online. Like Costco, Walmart also stocks products from Halal companies like Crescent Foods.

At Walmart, whole Halal chickens go for $17 to $25, while the chicken breasts cost about $10. If you need ground minced beef or burgers, the price is approximately $10-$13.


Albertsons retail stores also stock Halal meat, such as chicken strips, beef steak, ground beef, roasts, ground lamb, chops, and boneless meat.

What Is Halal Meat?

Halal is Arabic for permissible or lawful; therefore, Halal meat refers to meat products prepared in an allowable manner according to Islamic laws.

This meat should undergo slaughter and preparation according to laws in the Qur’an.

According to these guidelines, the animals must have lived a healthy life before slaughter, and all the blood should be drained. Muslims can’t consume meat cut from the hindquarters or pork.

Therefore, to indicate whether your products are permissible for Islamic followers, it’s advisable to get Halal certification.

This certification guarantees that haram procedures and products were not used during processing.

Generally, Halal certification is included at the back of the packaging next to the dietary requirements and ingredients.

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Costco does stock certified Halal chicken, beef, and lamb products. Customers can purchase these products either in-store or online via However, meat products such as chicken mince and beef mince, are handled in the same place as pork and aren’t Halal-certified.

Fortunately, though, Costco labels all the products so the customers can see them. Therefore, if you are shopping in-store, you can confirm with the Costco staff if the meat products are Halal or not.

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