Is Dairy Queen Halal? (All You Need to Know)

Halal foods are becoming more accessible worldwide as restaurants and companies gain halal certification. Information on particular companies, however, may be challenging to find.

When stopping at Dairy Queen, you’ll want to know whether the products there are halal or haram. This article contains all the information I found regarding halal food items at Dairy Queen!

Is Dairy Queen Halal In 2024?

Since Dairy Queen’s meat products are sourced from many different farms and companies worldwide, there is no official halal certification at Dairy Queen as of 2024. There are many vegetarian options at Dairy Queen, but when it comes to halal meat, individual stores may be able to confirm the source and condition of the products.

Keep reading for information on specific Dairy Queen products and whether they are halal! 

Is Dairy Queen Ice Cream Halal?

Dairy Queen’s soft serve is halal since it is vegetarian and not made with alcohol.

However, some interpretations of Islamic law may affect which dairy products you consume.

With that, milk products at Dairy Queen are sourced from numerous locations, meaning there’s no guarantee regarding how the dairy is farmed and obtained.

Is Dairy Queen Cake Halal?

DQ cakes are primarily made with soft serve and added toppings like cookie crunch layers and fudge. Also, all of the ingredients in Dairy Queen cakes are vegetarian and alcohol-free.

According to some, some beliefs about dairy and other animal products may affect whether DQ cakes are truly halal since ingredients are sourced from various places worldwide.

Is Dairy Queen Poutine Halal?

Poutine at Dairy Queen is vegetarian and alcohol-free, so it is halal, according to many.

Still, keep in mind that it includes cheese curds, the origin of which may not be up to halal standards, according to some.

Further, dairy cow diets and treatments are difficult to trace since Dairy Queen franchises source ingredients from all over.

Is Dairy Queen Gravy Halal?

Dairy Queen gravy does not contain any meat products, so it is halal and a good option for vegetarians.

Does Dairy Queen Have Veggie Burgers?

Does Dairy Queen Have Veggie Burgers?

Some Dairy Queen locations may offer veggie burger patties as a substitute for beef, although they are not on the official menu and not a standard item.

Also, menu items vary at each franchise location since most of them are individually owned and operated. Therefore, franchisees decide which items to serve at their Dairy Queen restaurant.

Are Dairy Queen Burgers Halal?

Dairy Queen franchise locations source beef from varying places, depending on the region and franchise owner.

As a whole, Dairy Queen has given no certification or guarantees regarding its meat products being halal.

So, asking the staff at an individual Dairy Queen location may get you more information on where the store sources its beef.

Then, once you know which farm or company they purchase beef from, you may be able to contact the company or do some research to find out whether they use halal slaughter methods.

Moreover, some examples of American halal manufacturers include the following:

  • Tyson Foods
  • Green Valley Meat Distributors
  • Creekstone Farms
  • Crave Foods
  • Crescent Foods
  • Tex Med Beef Company
  • Whole Earth Meats
  • Tallgrass Beef
  • Greater Omaha

However, keep in mind these are only some of the many halal food manufacturers in the United States.

Is Dairy Queen Chicken Halal?

Chicken at Dairy Queen is sourced from many different farms, depending on the location, so there is no official halal certification for Dairy Queen’s chicken.

However, your local DQ store may be able to tell you whether the meat it uses is sourced from farms that slaughter their chickens using halal methods.

Are Dairy Queen Fries Halal?

Dairy Queen fries are actually vegan, so they are likely the safest choice for those looking for halal food options at Dairy Queen.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Dairy Queen has smoothies, if Dairy Queen has coffee, and does Dairy Queen have breakfast.


Dairy Queen does not have a certified halal menu. Instead, it sources its meat products from all over and cannot be guaranteed halal.

For example, many DQ locations carry pork products like bacon, which are not halal.

Also, chicken and beef from Dairy Queen may be sourced from halal manufacturers, depending on the location.

Moreover, there are many vegetarian and alcohol-free food options at Dairy Queen, such as soft serve, Blizzards, sundaes, salads, fries, pretzel sticks, and cheese curds.

Remember, participation will vary at each location for offering these menu items, as Dairy Queen restaurants are franchises.

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