Is DHL a Union? (All You Need to Know)

Although over 70% of Americans approve of labor unions, only about 12% of U.S. workers employed full or part-time are a member of one. 

Given this discrepancy, it’s normal to wonder which companies have unionized workers. This article will look at a large company, DHL, to see if its employees are part of a union, so keep reading! 

Is DHL a Union in [currentyear]?

DHL doesn’t have a comprehensive, company-wide union in [currentyear]. However, employees at certain DHL locations are union members. In the United States and Canada, DHL employees are represented by the Teamsters Union. In the United Kingdom, the Communication Workers Union supports DHL employees. These unions have helped employees gain access to higher pay, better job security, and more affordable healthcare. 

To find out more about the relationship between unions and DHL workers, make sure to check out this guide!

Can DHL Workers Join a Union? 

Any worker is entitled to join and be represented by a trade union, regardless of whether their employer chooses to formally recognize the union.

In the case of DHL, the company’s social responsibility policy recognizes their employees’ right to join a union and pledges to allow it. 

Does DHL Have a Unionized Workforce? 

As an organization, DHL does not have a unionized workforce. 

Because of this, employees looking to discuss wages, healthcare coverage, and job protections must go through management. 

However, it must be mentioned that employees at certain DHL locations are represented by a union. 

In the United States, most DHL employees are represented by the Teamsters Union

With help from the union, DHL Teamsters have secured fair wages, affordable health care coverage, and job protections. 

Which Union Is DHL Part Of?

Which Union Is DHL Part Of? 

DHL employees that have elected to join a union in the United States and Canada are represented by the Teamsters Union. 

This union represents a diverse group of blue-collar and professional workers in the public and private sectors. 

It represents approximately 300,000 American workers in the package-sort-delivery industry.  

In the United Kingdom, DHL employees are represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), a trade union for those working in the telephone, cable, and postal delivery industries.  

Does DHL UK Have a Union?

DHL workers in the United Kingdom are represented by the Communication Workers Union (CWU). 

CWU is the main trade union in the United Kingdom for people working for telephone, cable, digital subscriber lines, and postal services. 

Why Are DHL Employees in a Union? 

Naturally, each employee who joins a union has their own reasons for doing so. However, there are some common themes that emerge. 

For example, many members joined a union because they wanted to be part of a larger community that puts their interests first. 

In addition, many want to secure safe and transparent working conditions for themselves and their colleagues. 

This includes things like:

  • Wage increases
  • Affordable health insurance coverage
  • Deciding on clear work rules in writing 
  • Having a fair procedure to handle workplace disputes
  • Retirement security

What Do Unions Do for DHL Employees? 

As mentioned in the previous section, unions help DHL employees make more money, gain affordable healthcare coverage, and have better working conditions. 

But what does this look like specifically? Let’s see the table below to observe the differences between unionized and non-unionized DHL workers:

Benefit  Unionized DHL Worker Non-Unionized DHL Worker
Top Pay $35.49 per hour  $25 per hour 
Health Care Costs $0  Up to $800 per month
DHL Pension Contribution  $15.94 per hour  $0
Vacation Bidding Procedure  By seniority  First come, first served 
Length to Top Pay 2 years  Management’s discretion 
Turnover Rate 0% for 7 years running  Over 50% annually 
Discipline  DHL must follow just cause  At-will 
Safety and Equipment  Right of refusal to operate unsafe machinery  Unclear 
Overtime  Time and a half after 8 hours; Double pay after 12 hours  Paid after 40 hours 

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Although DHL doesn’t have a formally-sanctioned union, hundreds of thousands of DHL workers in various countries have elected to unionize. 

While their individual reasons may be unique, the motivation behind unionizing seems to be a desire for more respect and security in the workplace. This includes things like better job protections, higher pay, and more affordable healthcare. 

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