Is FedEx Tracking Accurate? (All You Need To Know)

Online shopping can be amazing. Whether it’s the excitement of finding just the right pair of shoes or the perfect headphones for work and play, buying things online is entertaining and easy. But there’s one downside—waiting for your order to arrive.

Luckily, most shipping companies offer fast shipping and accurate tracking, so you always know where your package is. So, just how accurate is FedEx’s tracking? Read this article to find out!

Is FedEx Tracking Accurate In 2024?

FedEx tracking is generally considered accurate as of 2024. FedEx Express services offer the most accurate tracking information due to the money-back guarantee. Tracking information for other FedEx services should be viewed as an estimate rather than a guarantee. Occasionally, FedEx may fail to update tracking information due to a network or driver error.

There’s a whole lot more to know about FedEx’s tracking information, so I hope you’ll read this guide!

How Accurate Is FedEx Tracking?

People’s experiences with the accuracy of FedEx tracking vary widely.

On the inaccurate side of things, one person saw that her package was supposed to arrive that day, even though it was 500 miles away.

Also, another noted that when FedEx goes past its estimated delivery date, the tracking information changes to “Pending” with a notation stating “No delivery date possible.”

Still, several people note that, in general, FedEx’s tracking information is reliable and accurate.

Additionally, tracking for FedEx Express services (including First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2Day AM, 2Day, and Express Saver) is incredibly accurate.

Moreover, these services come with a money-back guarantee, so it’s in FedEx’s best interest to give customers a clear idea of when their package will arrive.

When it comes to the accuracy of FedEx Ground, delivery times should be thought of as estimates. Sometimes they’re accurate; sometimes, they’re not.

Similarly, tracking information for international orders is never guaranteed because some packages can get held up in customs, something that FedEx can’t control.

What Makes FedEx’s Tracking Accurate?

What Makes FedEx’s Tracking Accurate?

Although it’s not perfect, FedEx’s tracking is usually fairly accurate by both consumers and industry insiders.

Given this fact, you may be wondering how FedEx ensures that its tracking information is accurate. With that, it turns out there are several reasons for the shipping company’s success.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of these reasons.

1. Careful Labeling

FedEx uses a labeling system that’s easily scannable. What’s more, this system tells the driver exactly where they need to go and which route to take.

In addition, labels are very adhesive and sturdy so that they can withstand rough-and-tumble delivery conditions and poor weather.

2. Experienced Drivers

FedEx drivers are some of the best and most experienced in the business.

For example, their experience lets them know which parts of town have more traffic at different times. That way, they can then plan an alternative route to stay on schedule.

Similarly, they probably have experience driving in bad weather and know how to drive confidently and safely regardless of road conditions.

Also, experienced drivers are essential for on-time deliveries because they know how to load trucks to maximize route efficiency.

By placing packages in the order of delivery, drivers save a lot of time digging through the truck to find the correct boxes.

3. Truck Maintenance

FedEx regularly inspects and repairs its trucks to ensure on-time deliveries and accurate tracking information.

Also, FedEx even has spare vehicles in case a truck has to undergo a lengthy repair.

Put together, all of these features mean fewer delays, and fewer delays mean more accurate tracking.

How Accurate Is FedEx’s Scheduled Delivery Time?

Aside from telling customers where their package is at any given moment, FedEx’s tracking information also provides information about when a package is scheduled to arrive (Scheduled Delivery Time).

Depending on the service selected, the Scheduled Delivery Time should be viewed as an estimation more than a guarantee.

Except for guaranteed services like FedEx Express, FedEx can’t always honor its service commitments, which could be due to weather delays, traffic conditions, or general business.

That said, FedEx has an 84.8% on-time delivery rate, so you can be fairly confident in its estimations.

Does FedEx Tracking Update Instantly?

Beyond wanting to know which day their package will arrive, some FedEx customers are interested in tracking their package through the shipping process.

This desire leads to the question, “does FedEx tracking update instantly?”

Indeed, it seems as though FedEx’s tracking is updated in near-real-time. Put another way, you should see updates about your package’s location within 20 minutes of scanning the item.

In many cases, the tracking information will update even more quickly than that (usually in five minutes or less).

Stil, updates may be delayed due to factors like network traffic and website maintenance.

Does FedEx Fail To Update Tracking?

Although FedEx’s tracking information is usually quite accurate, there are times when tracking doesn’t update for one reason or another.

For example, a driver may be busy and might skip scanning packages to save time. If this happens, your package may be moving, but the tracking information won’t reflect that.

Also, your package may go 24 hours or more without a tracking update (especially during long-distance travel).

Again, it may appear that your package isn’t moving, but rest assured that it is.

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In general, FedEx’s tracking information is very reliable and accurate.

If everything goes well, customers can follow their package every step of the way and receive real-time updates about the location of their item.

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