Is Instacart Nationwide? (States, Coverage + More)

When Instacart began operations in 2012 its coverage area was limited to San Francisco, the city where it was founded.

Since then, it seems like the company has become a ubiquitous presence in North America, with advertising everywhere and loads of press.

But is Instacart nationwide? Does it actually have the North American domination it appears to? I’ve got the answer you’re going to want to know.

Is Instacart Nationwide In [currentyear]?

Instacart has expanded to all 50 states in the U.S., with more than 700 different partner retailers, 65,000 different participating stores and a presence in 5,500 cities across North America. The only other country Instacart currently operates in is Canada. The Instacart app is transcontinental by state and country.

To learn more about Instacart’s presence in all 50 states, whether you can shop or purchase in different states or cities, how to use Instacart while traveling and how to use the app in a different country, read on!

Is Instacart Available In All 50 States?

Instacart is indeed available in all 50 states of the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska.

If you are looking for a specific city, the best way to check is this page, where you can enter the local ZIP code for a definite answer.

It’s true that Instacart’s service area is quite good, but it doesn’t cover every square inch of the country, so it’s always best to double-check.

Can You Do Instacart In Different States?

You can do Instacart in different states, both shopping and ordering.

Regarding shopping, I personally know people who will cross into a different nearby state to get more batches.

When it comes to ordering, all you have to do is change your location to the one you are currently in (or will be in, if you’re shopping ahead).

To do that in the app, simply press on the current location that shows. This will bring up a screen that allows you to choose an address or enter a new address.

Enter the new one for the location where you will be, make sure it’s selected and go back to the main Instacart “page.”

It will update with all the retailers that are available, and the items will update prices if they are different.

Also a possibility: it might show that the location you are heading to, or are in currently, does not have any Instacart participants around you.

I really appreciate how easy Instacart makes it to shop or order from different locations other than your home.

The app lets you add addresses and doesn’t make you delete any unless you want to, so if you travel frequently to the same city, you can keep both your home address and the other.

You simply switch based on where you are; but don’t forget to make the location switch! You don’t want to order groceries for yourself and send them to the wrong place.

Can You Do Instacart In Another City?

Can You Do Instacart In Another City?

You can do Instacart in another city, within the same state or a different one, whether you’re a shopper or a customer.

Shoppers may change their ZIP to nearby locations often in order to find more batches.

Customers can change their address in the app easily as well. See the section above for how to do that.

Can You Do Instacart While Traveling?

Instacart is fully available to customers, even when they are traveling.

As long as you have an address that is recognized by Instacart, and you’re moving through areas where Instacart is operational, you can place orders.

This is especially helpful for vacationers staying in places with kitchens.

Just like Instacart saves time in our busy everyday lives, it can save that even more precious time for people who want to maximize their relaxation.

Shoppers can also do Instacart while traveling.

In fact, the flexible nature of gig work means that if someone is living out their cross country road trip dreams, they can take Instacart batches and earn money wherever they go.

Do You Have To Get A New Instacart Account If You Move?

You do not have to get a new Instacart account if you move, even if you move across the country.

The ease of the “Add address” feature means that all you have to do is enter your new address and delete your old one.

In fact, I highly recommend deleting the old one as soon as you move into your new home.

After a move across town, my partner definitely sent our groceries to the old address accidentally, because the location was set for our old home.

Is Instacart International?

Instacart is international, as it has been operating in Canada since 2017.

It began on a limited basis, with its main partner, Loblaws, but since that trial run, Instacart has expanded all over the country.

Currently, Instacart’s reach has access to 90 percent of Canadian citizens.

What Countries Have Instacart?

Currently, the only two countries with Instacart are the U.S. and Canada.

I haven’t found any indication yet that the company will be pushing beyond North America (or heading into Mexico), but it does feel rather certain at some point.

I think Instacart would do especially well in European countries, too.

Perhaps they will get some insight into that possibility, since Amazon is expected expand their Instacart-like delivery services across the European continent.

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Instacart is available nationwide in the U.S., with shoppers and stores in all 50 states. It was estimated in 2020 that 85 percent of Americans has access to Instacart.

More impressively, Instacart has established a foothold in Canada in even less time, with 90 percent of Canadians having access to the grocery delivery service.

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