Sam’s Club Instacart (How It Works, Do You Need a Membership, Charges + More)

Sam’s Club is one of the most popular warehouse-style retailers in the country, and with Scan & Go and Pickup options, shopping is more convenient than ever.

Sam’s Club could benefit from home delivery, though – so does Instacart have Sam’s Club? If you would like to find out, keep reading to learn more!

Does Instacart Have Sam’s Club In 2024?

Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, Inc., has partnered with Instacart since 2018. Customers can shop via the Instacart app, no membership needed, and receive their orders in as little as one hour in 2024. Prices are comparable to those in warehouse for Sam’s Club members, with non-members paying more.

If you’d like to know more about how Sam’s Club Instacart works and how you can get it, how you can shop without a membership to the club, what the mark-ups are like on prices, and so much more, then keep reading!

How Does Sam’s Club Instacart Work?

In February 2018, Sam’s Club officially began offering its wares on the Instacart marketplace, entirely separate from parent company Walmart (who is on Instacart in rare locations).

Sam’s Club’s Instacart storefront offers all the groceries customers have come to count on, as well as many, if not all, of its other merchandise.

Customers on Instacart can shop for the following items:

  • Office and crafting supplies
  • Home Improvement and Hardware (I’m surprised to find laminate flooring for sale on Instacart!)
  • Smaller electronics (no huge TVs, but vacuum cleaners, security systems, etc.)
  • Home & Garden (lots of kitchen supplies!)
  • Auto accessories
  • Flowers
  • Health and personal hygiene
  • Smaller kitchen appliances

Sam’s Club really has gone out of its way to bring customers much of the inventory in its stores, to be delivered right to customers’ front doors.

Obviously lacking are the much larger items, like pieces of furniture, kayaks, etc. This is because not every shopper is going to have a vehicle that can fit such items.

You don’t have to be a member of Sam’s Club to purchase from the company on Instacart, but it does have its perks (which I will outline further down).

Generally speaking, existing Sam’s Club members will pay less than non-members shopping on Instacart.

Where there is no difference between members and non is the delivery and service fees.

According to Sam’s Club’s website, a regular order of $35 or more carries an $8.99 delivery fee.

This is bumped up to $10.99 if you want Priority delivery.

Additionally, all orders on Instacart are subject to a service fee of five percent of the total order amount.

How Do You Get Sam’s Club on Instacart?

Starting an order with Sam’s Club on Instacart is very easy, whether you have a membership or not.

You’ll need an Instacart account, which is free to sign up for.

If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can enter that information a few different ways.

First, on the website, when you navigate to the Sam’s Club’s storefront, you’ll receive a pop-up at the bottom that asks for your membership card number.

You can also press/click on “Save with Sam’s Club Membership,” right under the retailer’s logo on the main storefront page.

Finally, you can also press/click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner, which drops down the account menu.

Press on “Your account settings,” and then scroll down to where it says “Loyalty cards.”

From there, you can scroll to find the Sam’s Club logo, press on it, and you will be prompted to enter your card number.

Whether you are a member or not, you can add items to your cart, open the card, and then proceed to Checkout.

At Checkout, pick your delivery time (you can schedule up to five days in advance), payment method ,and enter any delivery instructions.

Click continue, and you will be prompted to enter the shopper’s tip. Once you have tipped generously (you can always go back and change it after), submit your order.

Do You Need a Membership for Sam’s Club on Instacart?

Do You Need a Membership for Sam’s Club on Instacart?

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club membership, you are still eligible to shop there through Instacart.

However, if you shop Sam’s Club Instacart once, and find you really like it and would shop there again, it might be worth springing for the membership.

A Club membership is just $45/year, while a Plus membership costs $100.

What that gets you when it comes to Instacart is lower prices.

To help offset the cost of non-members’ shopping at the warehouse, Sam’s Club upcharges them to a higher degree than members.

Do Instacart Shoppers Need Sam’s Club Membership?

Instacart shoppers don’t need to have their own membership to gain entry to Sam’s Club stores.

Rather, they can either get in using their customers’ information if they are members, or they show their Instacart ID and other pertinent info to get in.

In fact, the higher non-member pricing policy that Sam’s Club has helps offset operation costs, such as the addition in-store of non-members and their Instacart shoppers.

Does Instacart Markup Sam’s Club?

In fact, Sam’s Club sets its prices on Instacart, and performs price mark ups for both members and non-members.

However, non-members see a higher upcharge, while members on Instacart enjoy prices closer to what they’re used to seeing in-store.

There are other ways to save when shopping with Sam’s Club Instacart, though.

The Sam’s Club’s delivery fee is a whopping $8.99 (there is a much higher chance that the orders are going to be bigger and bulkier, because of the nature of the store).

However, for $10/month or $99/year, you can get Instacart Express, which gives customers unlimited free delivery, plus reduced service fees.

Can You Pick up Sam’s Club Orders on Instacart?

Sam’s Club offers its own pick-up service via its website and app; therefore, the company’s Instacart operations are for home delivery only, and don’t offer the pickup option.

This is not specific to Sam’s Club, though, as  its parent company, Walmart, only offers limited delivery locations and doesn’t offer pick-up on Instacart orders.

When Is Sam’s Club Instacart Delivery Available?

Sam’s Club is available for Instacart delivery Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. through to 6 p.m.

Obviously, Sam’s Club delivery through Instacart does not go very far into the night, so if you need to place an order, the earlier the better.

Does Instacart Deliver Sam’s Club Prescriptions?

While Sam’s Club has a robust and popular pharmacy, Instacart is not authorized to deliver prescriptions to customers.

Instead, Sam’s Club has partnered with DoorDash to deliver prescriptions to its customers.

Instacart is only authorized for prescription delivery with Sam’s Club rival Costco, as well as drugstore chain Rite Aid and Mid-Atlantic grocery chain Wegmans.

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Sam’s Club has been on Instacart since 2018, making those warehouse-style bulk purchases a lot more convenient for the customer, who can wait at home for delivery.

While all customers are encouraged and able to shop Sam’s Club, existing members have access to special lower prices that are more in sync with in-store pricing.

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