Is Kroger Gas Top Tier? (Quality, Who Makes It, Ethanol + More)

Many grocery stores such as Costco and Safeway have their own gas stations. While some grocery gas stations carry top-tier gas, there are many whose gas isn’t very high quality.

Kroger is among these grocery stores that have their own affiliated gas station. If you’re a Kroger customer, you may be wondering if their gas is top tier? If so, read on to see what I learned!

Is Kroger Gas Top Tier In 2022?

While Kroger gas is considered good quality, Kroger gas is not top tier certified as they receive their gas from multiple suppliers as of 2022. Additionally, many reports have stated that Kroger buys their gas from Shell, BP, and Exxon, which are top tier suppliers.

If you’d like to learn more about Kroger’s gas quality, who supplies Kroger gas, if their gas is ethanol-free, and more, continue reading!

Is Kroger Gas Good Quality?

The quality of gas from Kroger stations will vary per store location as Kroger gas stations source their fuel from different companies, which affects their fuel quality overall.

However, Kroger will select gas suppliers by carefully examining the company against its own checklist. For example, they choose suppliers based on prices, quality of service, and other relevant factors.

Additionally, Kroger will generally work with major oil companies for gasoline supply. Therefore, many Kroger gas stations carry very high-quality gasoline.

Is Kroger Gas Good For Your Car?

Kroger gas is generally a safe choice for fueling a vehicle. Some gasoline may cause damage to a car’s engine depending on its quality. However, Kroger is known for sourcing its gasoline from reputable companies.

Customers who are concerned about the gas quality at Kroger can phone customer service and ask for their local Kroger gas stations supplier list.

After obtaining the names, customers can search the companies and their gas quality, which will help them determine whether their local Kroger gas is good for their car.

Who Supplies Kroger Gas?

Who Supplies Kroger Gas?

From our research, we found that many Kroger gas stations will receive their fuel supply from Shell, BP, and Exxon, which are considered top-tier gasoline companies.

It’s important to note that while a Kroger gas station may receive Shell gasoline currently, they regularly change out their suppliers.

In addition to Shell, Kroger sources its fuel from major oil companies. While these company names are not available for customers online, they can be found out by contacting customer service.

Is Kroger Gas the Same as Shell?

Kroger will often source their gasoline from Shell. Therefore, these select gas stations will carry gas that is of the same quality that customers can receive at Shell.

However, Kroger and Shell are separate entities and do not share operations beyond sourcing their fuel from the same supplier.

Is Kroger Gas Ethanol Free?

When Kroger sources their gas supply from Shell stations, their fuel is often Ethanol-free according to varied sources.

However, previous Kroger customers have stated that Kroger gasoline contains 10% of ethanol, which is provided on state-mandated stickers on the fill-up station.

Therefore, the amount of ethanol in Kroger gas will vary per station, depending on the fuel supplier they source their gasoline from.

Customers who live in a state where ethanol content must be stated can look to those stickers for information.

Otherwise, customers can ask at the gas station or phone customer service if they would like more information on Kroger gas ethanol content.

Is Kroger Gas Open 24/7?

Kroger gas station hours will vary per store location. For pumps that are not open 24/7, they usually open at 6 am and close around 10 pm.

However, there are some Kroger gas stations that allow customers to pay at the pump 24/7.

If customers would like more information on Kroger gas station hours, they can check with their local Kroger gas station.

Is Kroger Gas Expensive?

Kroger gas is comparatively inexpensive when put up against other gas station companies. In addition to their cheaper prices, Kroger Card members also qualify for a discount.

While gas prices frequently shift, Kroger’s current price range is as follows (these prices are based on Kroger gas stations in Arizona, USA):

  • Regular- $2.73
  • Midgrade- $3.03
  • Premium- $3.49
  • Diesel- $3.05

Along with cheaper prices, customers who hold a Kroger Card qualify for the $1 per gallon deal when they earn $1,000 fuel points.

Customers can earn these points by swiping their Kroger Card every time they make an in-store purchase. Points can be redeemed for up to 35 gallons.

Where Can I Find Kroger Gas Stations?

Kroger stores have a fuel center in every store division. Customers who wish to use a Kroger gas station to fill up their vehicle can find stations in the following areas:

  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • California
  • Texas
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana

If customers who live in or are traveling through the above states would like to find out specific locations of Kroger stations, they can do so by phoning Kroger customer service.

If you want to know more about Kroger, you can also read our related articles on whether or not Kroger fuel points expire, when Kroger restocks, and if Kroger does cashback.


Kroger gas is not considered a top tier gas licensee, as they frequently change fuel suppliers.

However, many Kroger stations source their fuel from Shell, which is considered a top tier gas company. Therefore, their gas is generally high-quality.

Kroger gas stations are comparatively cheaper than other gas stations, and Kroger Card members qualify for the $1 per gallon discount if they’ve saved $1,000 points.

Customers can redeem up to 35 gallons of gasoline with the Kroger Card discount per fuel-up.

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