Is LG Android? (All You Need To Know) 

If you use LG electronics you may have noticed that some of them, such as your phone or tablet, have an Android Operating System. 

Therefore, you may be wondering: is LG Android? Keep reading to find out what I uncovered! 

Is LG Android In [currentyear]? 

LG and Android are not the same company in [currentyear]. However, LG does use Android as its operating system for its mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, therefore, LG phones are considered Android. However, LG has recently decided to stop manufacturing LG smartphones and tablets, so Android will no longer be needed as LG’s mobile device Operating System. 

If you are interested in learning more about LG and Android companies, if LG is leaving Android, and more, then keep reading! 

Are LG and Android the Same? 

LG is an electronics manufacturing company, and Android is an operating system. 

Moreover, LG is known as an electronics brand, and it creates home electronics, such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, etc., as well as mobile phones and tablets. 

Furthermore, Android is known as an operating system, or platform, used for powering phones, tablets, watches, TVs, and cars. 

Additionally, both LG and Android are big, popular companies; however, LG and Android are not the same. 

So, LG and Android are two separate companies and brands with different genres of products. 

What Operating System does LG use? 

LG uses different operating systems for different appliances. For example, LG uses LG WebOs to power its LG Smart TVs and Android OS to power its mobile devices. 

Are LG Phones Considered Android 

Are LG Phones Considered Android 

LG phones are considered Android because LG uses Android as the operating system for its mobile phones and tablets. 

Moreover, Samsung and Google Pixel devices are also considered Android because they also use the Android operating system for their mobile devices. 

However, each electronics brand is a separate company from Android, similar to LG. 

Is LG Leaving Android? 

Fortunately, LG is not leaving Android in the sense of firing Android as their operating system. 

However, LG is “exiting” the mobile phone business. 

Therefore, because LG will no longer be producing mobile phones and tablets, it will no longer need Android as an operating system for its mobile devices. 

Luckily, though, LG has promised current LG phone users 3 years of operating system updates from the year of purchase of their mobile device. 

Therefore, LG will not be “leaving” Android for a couple of years. 

Additionally, in the future, LG may come out with a new product that uses Android’s operating system again. 

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Unfortunately, for Android fans, LG and Android are not the same company because they both produce different products. However, LG mobile devices are still considered Android. Moreover, this is because LG uses Android as the operating system for its mobile devices. 

Unfortunately, LG will no longer be using Android’s operating system because LG is no longer manufacturing mobile devices. 

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