Is McDonald’s Halal?

McDonald’s does not serve certified Halal meat in the United States, UK, Russia, or Canada. However, McDonald’s does have some Halal-certified restaurants in other countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, and Pakistan. Additionally, McDonald’s offers Halal chicken and cheese in Australia.

We’ve got all the details on which countries McDonald’s serves Halal products, so read on to learn more.

Is McDonald’s Halal in the USA?

McDonald’s is no longer Halal in the USA, although it had Halal products for 12 years until 2013.

McDonald’s offered chicken nuggets and sandwiches that were Halal before the abrupt removal in 2013.

A lawsuit brought by Ahmed Ahmed in Michigan challenged that the chicken products were authentically Halal.

However, McDonald’s never admitted wrongdoing when it settled the lawsuit for more than $700,000, with Ahmed getting $25,000 and his legal fees covered for $250,000.

As part of the settlement, McDonald’s donated $150,000 to the Arab American National Museum in Michigan and gave $275,000 to the Huda Clinic Muslim healthcare center.

McDonald’s never discussed whether or not this lawsuit had anything to do with the complete removal of Halal products in the United States, but the timing was indeed interesting.

At this point, it’s unlikely that Halal will make a comeback in the United States, but no official word has been given one way or the other by McDonald’s on plans.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Canada?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s is not Halal in Canada, and none of the menu items are Halal.

For the McDonald’s locations in Canada, it would be too difficult to separate the Halal products from the regular chicken and beef products, which is why Halal isn’t served.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Germany?

Unfortunately, according to locals, McDonald’s beef and chicken are not Halal in Germany. While some online reports say this is the case, these have been debunked.

Is McDonald’s Halal in the UK?

None of the McDonald’s locations in the United Kingdom serve Halal products, and there are no plans to bring Halal food to UK McDonald’s restaurants.

However, the company did try Halal products in the past in the UK during a trial run, but the number of people who requested Halal didn’t make it worth continuing long-term.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Turkey?

Is McDonald’s Halal in Turkey?

Every McDonald’s in Turkey is 100% Halal certified, and it’s one of the best places to go if you’re looking for authentic Halal products within the country.

In Turkey, McDonald’s serves Halal cheese, beef, and chicken, so you’re guaranteed to find a menu item you’d like to enjoy while living your Halal lifestyle.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Pakistan?

All meat products are certified as Halal in all McDonald’s locations within Pakistan.

Further, you’ll find that all beef and chicken menu items are Halal, so there will be plenty of options for you at McDonald’s, and even the cheese is Halal!

Is McDonald’s Halal in India?

Every McDonald’s restaurant in India is Halal certified, which caused a significant backlash when the company made this announcement in 2019.

Further, since 80% of the population is Hindu, there were questions about why all McDonald’s locations would serve Halal in the first place, and some considered it to be a betrayal.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Australia?

McDonald’s is Halal in Australia, with the chicken and cheese being Halal certified, although not all McDonald’s locations have the Halal certification.

Since not all locations have the Halal certification, it’s best to stick with those certified if you’re more concerned that the food is Halal.

Is McDonald’s Halal in Morocco?

McDonald’s serves Halal-certified meat in Morocco, and it’s quickly becoming a popular restaurant choice for those looking for authentic Halal products. 

Additionally, you’ll find that the beef and chicken at McDonald’s locations are all Halal, so don’t worry if you’re craving some chicken nuggets!

Is McDonald’s Halal in Saudi Arabia?

McDonald’s serves Halal-certified meat in Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, in Saudi Arabia, you can get Halal chicken, cheese, and beef, so you’ll have several menu options and don’t have to worry about getting non-Halal meat products!

Is McDonald’s Halal in Russia?

McDonald’s does not currently serve Halal in Russia, which has angered the Muslim population within that country.

It’s currently unknown if Halal will be coming to Russia anytime in the future as the company hasn’t given an official statement on Halal products becoming available in Russia.

Is McDonald’s Halal in China?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s is not Halal in China and does not cater to the specific food preparations required for Halal, given the almost non-existent Mulsim population.

It’s doubtful that Halal will ever be in China, so those practicing must find other restaurants catering to it.

What Are the Most Common McDonald’s Halal Meats & Products?

McDonald’s throughout the world in select countries serves Halal products, including:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Cheese

The chicken is usually either in the form of chicken nuggets or sandwiches, and the cheese is found in various products, including burgers and chicken sandwiches.

Additionally, since McDonald’s offers multiple food items containing beef, there is more variety in the Halal products, including the Halal Big Mac and Quarter-Pounder.

Further, when the McDonald’s location has Halal certification, it means that those certified products have been inspected to be Halal, so you can order chicken nuggets or sandwiches since the chicken itself is Halal.

If McDonald’s serves Halal beef and cheese, you can order sandwiches or other menu items featuring these ingredients and know you’re getting an authentic Halal meal.

Should You Only Go to Halal-certified McDonald’s Locations?

It’s the best practice to only go to a McDonald’s location if they have Halal certification. This would mean the food is authentically Halal and has been raised, slaughtered, and prepared accordingly.

However, some Muslims do go to McDonald’s locations that claim to be Halal and don’t have the certification since not every Halal McDonald’s has the certification.

Furthermore, practicing Muslims tend to stick with restaurants that do have the Halal certification to adhere to their dietary guidelines and not end up with imposter food.

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