Is McDonald’s’ Water Free? (All You Need To Know)

Typically, water at restaurants is free. While the restaurant has to pay for this water, the price is so low that they don’t have to charge anything to make up the costs.

Fast-food companies often provide water for free, as well. However, keep reading to find out if McDonald’s is on this list!

Is McDonald’s’ Water Free In 2024?

McDonald’s often provides water for free in 2024. Historically, all locations did, and that is currently the company’s usual policy. However, some stores have begun charging for water, especially if you order a large drink. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the price, we recommend asking your local store what its policy is.

Keep reading for information on pricing and why some McDonald’s stores have changed the water policy!

How Much Is Water At McDonald’s?

Once upon a time, McDonald’s’ water was free everywhere. However, recently some stores have begun to charge for water.

That said, some of these stores only charge if you order a large drink. Still, some will charge for smaller waters, too.

Remember, McDonald’s is a franchise. Therefore, owners have a lot of freedom in running their stores. For this reason, you’ll find differing prices depending on where you are.

Fortunately, many stores still offer all sizes of water for free. But, other stores only offer specific sizes for free.

So far, the company has not announced why some water prices have increased.

Nevertheless, speculation states that some stores experienced people ordering a large water and filling the cup with something else.

With that, McDonald’s had to change something about the price of water to earn some money back.

Is Water From Fast-Food Restaurants Free?

Is Water From Fast-Food Restaurants Free? McDonald's

Generally, it depends on the store. For example, many McDonald’s locations offer water for free, though some others will charge a small amount for it.

Often, a large water is around $0.25 at these locations. For other fast food stores, it can vary substantially. At some stores, it is policy to supply water upon request to any paying customers.

Still, a few will offer water even if you aren’t a paying customer. Of course, your best bet is to ask whatever store you’re in. At worst, they’ll inform you that water costs a low amount.

On top of asking for it at stores, there are several other ways to get free water.

That said, if you’re seriously hurting for water, you can drink tap water or go to a location with a water fountain. Also, carrying around a reusable water bottle makes it easier to get refills.

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McDonald’s once offered free water at all locations. However, some franchise owners have begun charging for waters of larger sizes.

While this change of policy hasn’t been explained yet, some report that certain locations saw people purchasing water and then filling their cups with soft drinks.

For this reason, some stores have begun to charge for these waters.

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