McDonald’s Syrup (Can You Buy It, Flavors, Ingredients + More)

McDonald’s syrup comes in a few different forms, including the one used on their hotcakes and the kind that’s used in various drinks, but do you know much about these syrups?

We’re going to tell you all you need to know about McDonald’s syrup, including the types they have and whether you can purchase them in the store, so read below to learn more!

McDonald’s Syrup

McDonald’s offers Hotcake syrup for the pancakes, which is a special maple syrup blend made specifically for McDonald’s that you cannot buy in the store. There are also flavored syrup options for drinks, including French Vanilla, Sugar-Free French Vanilla, and Caramel. These syrups are all high in sugar and contain preservatives to keep them fresh.

If you’ve ever wondered about McDonald’s syrup and just what varieties the restaurant uses or if you can purchase any of them in a store, keep reading!

Can You Buy McDonald’s Syrup?

You cannot buy McDonald’s syrup in any form, whether you’re looking for hotcake syrup or flavored syrup for drinks.

You could ask for more hotcake syrup packets when you’re at McDonald’s, and you might be able to get a handful for free.

Additionally, you could always ask to purchase more hotcake syrup while you’re getting your food, although you may not be able to get more than 10 of them, and the cost is unknown.

Since the flavored syrups come in a container, there is no way to ask for additional since it’s just pumped out of the bottle and not in packet form.

However, there are similar options that you can buy in the store for your coffee, including Torani Vanilla Syrup, which is close to McDonald’s French Vanilla Syrup.

There are also caramel syrup options in the store you can buy and sugar-free options as well, including Torani brand, which is the best-flavored syrup brand in the store.

Does McDonald’s Charge for Syrup?

McDonald’s often will charge you if you want additional Hotcake Syrup, although you may be able to get a few for free just by asking the person taking your order.

However, if you are getting flavored syrup, it’s usually included in the price of the drink, so it’s free, although additional pumps might cost you depending on the store and how many you want.

A lot of the time, it depends on who is working behind the counter and how busy they are, so you might luck out and get syrup for free both for hotcakes and for additional flavor pumps.

What Brand of Pancake Syrup Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s uses a unique blend of Maple Syrup, and it’s not a brand that you’ll find in stores since it was made just for McDonald’s.

What is McDonald’s Hotcake Syrup?

What is McDonald’s Hotcake Syrup?

There are a few ingredients in the McDonald’s Hotcake Syrup, including sugar, water, natural flavors, corn syrup, caramel color, and potassium sorbate.

Furthermore, there are 33 grams of sugar in 1 packet of Hotcake Syrup, containing 190 calories.

What Flavored Syrup Does McDonald’s Carry?

McDonald’s offers Caramel Syrup, Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup, and French Vanilla Syrup.

Can You Order McDonald’s Syrup on Anything?

McDonald’s is willing to add flavored syrup to anything you order, although it might cost you a few cents if it’s not part of the ingredients list.

Additionally, you can always ask for Hotcake Syrup if you’d like to use it to dip another item into it.

What are the Ingredients in McDonald’s Caramel Syrup?

The Caramel Syrup contains water, sugar, sweetened condensed skim milk, corn syrup, natural flavors, sea salt, disodium phosphate, brown sugar, potassium sorbate, and propylene glycol.

What are the Ingredients in McDonald’s French Vanilla Syrup?

French Vanilla Syrup at McDonald’s contains citric acid, potassium sorbate, sugar, water, natural flavor, and caramel color.

What are the Ingredients in McDonald’s Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup?

Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup contains water, natural flavor, erythritol, salt, cellulose gum, potassium sorbate, malic acid, sucralose, caramel color, and acesulfame potassium.

Further, if you’re diabetic, you may opt for the Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup, but sucralose can raise your blood sugar too, so you should be careful if you choose the sugar-free option.

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