Is There CVS In Canada? (All You Need To Know)

CVS has almost 10,000 stores across the US, making it the largest pharmacy chain by the number of locations in the US.

With its pharmacy and other convenience, services offered in-store, CVS is a go-to retailer for many in the US, and I wondered whether CVS operated in Canada too. I did some research, and here’s what I found out!

Is There CVS In Canada?

There are no CVS stores in Canada. Although CVS has locations across the U.S., it does not operate outside American territories. CVS has stores in all fifty states of America, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.), but no stores exist outside these territories.

Now you know that CVS does not have stores in Canada, read on to find out if CVS delivers to Canada, which stores in Canada are similar to CVS, and whether CVS operates anywhere else in the world!

Does CVS Deliver To Canada?

According to the shipping information page, CVS does not ship to Canada.

However, CVS offers to ship non-prescription products to all forty-eight contiguous states of America and ships orders containing non-hazardous items to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

CVS ships all non-prescription orders to P.O. boxes with some exceptions. The retailers also ship non-hazardous items to P.O. boxes and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

Which Stores Are Similar To CVS In Canada?

Which Stores Are Similar To CVS In Canada?

With CVS being a convenient catch-all store for US residents, you may be wondering where to shop in Canada to get a similar experience and product range.

Take a look at the list below to find retailers similar to CVS operating in Canada.

Shoppers Drug Mart is the largest pharmacy chain in Canada. It operates across all of Canada and has an extensive product range.

Though their products are not as wide-ranging as CVS, Shoppers Drug Mart offers beauty products, electronics, food, and drink.

Walmart operates around 400 stores across Canada. The retailer offers a vast product catalog, including pharmacy services.

Pharmasave is an independent pharmacy service operating over 800 stores across Canada. The chain is solely for pharmacy services and does not offer the same convenience range as CVS does.

Pharmachoice is the fastest-growing pharmacy chain in Canada. They offer their customers a range of pharmacy services and other products such as health and beauty products, a food selection, and household products. They operate around 800 stores across Canada.

Costco operates across Canada and offers pharmacy services at many locations. In addition, Costco offers a variety of products in-store, including its pharmacy services. Membership is required to shop in stores.

Does CVS Operate Outside Of The US?

While CVS does not operate outside of the US under the CVS name, the company previously owned a pharmacy chain in Brazil called Drogaria Onofre before it was sold in 2019.

Besides this brief acquisition, CVS does not operate anywhere outside the US.

Is CVS An American Company?

Yes. CVS is an American retailer owned by CVS Health. Its headquarters are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The Melville Corporation previously held CVS until CVS Corporation became a standalone company after restructuring at the parent corporation.

CVS Health owns many subsidiaries in the US, including Aetna, a health insurance provider; Longs Drugs, a pharmacy retail chain that operates in Hawaii, and Navarro Discount Pharmacy, which operates in South Florida and caters to the Hispanic community with bilingual healthcare.

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There are no CVS stores in Canada or anywhere else in the world. CVS does not operate anywhere outside of the US, though CVS Health previously operated in Brazil under another pharmacy chain.

CVS does not deliver to Canada, nor anywhere else in the world apart from the US and other American overseas territories.

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