Is TJ Maxx a Thrift Store? (Not What You Think)

TJ Maxx stores and thrift stores have a lot in common – the range of merchandise, the unexpected finds, the low prices on quality labels.

So, if you’ve wondered whether TJ Maxx is a thrift store, keep reading to see what I learned!

Is TJ Maxx a Thrift Store In [currentyear]?

TJ Maxx is not a thrift store, as it carries new merchandise, while thrift stores sell second hand items. TJ Maxx is able to sell designer labels and quality merchandise at low prices because its buyers use a number of strategies to buy inventory at low prices from designers, manufacturers, department stores, and other vendors in [currentyear].

If you want to find out more about what TJ Maxx stores have in common with thrift stores and how they’re different, carry on reading for more facts!

The TJ Maxx shopping experience is described as adventure shopping, as you can discover all kinds of unexpected finds and bargains in every store location, such as brand name merchandise at throwaway prices.

Further, the range of items you will find in TJ Maxx stores and thrift stores is also similar. You can buy clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, toys and household items at both places.

However, TJ Maxx is not a thrift store, because its inventory consists of new items, while thirst stores sell second hand and used items.

What Exactly Is a Thrift Store?

A thrift store sells second hand and used goods that may be donated, purchased by the owner, or on consignment.

Many of the best known thrift stores are affiliated with charities, like Goodwill, the Salvation Army Family Store, and St. Vincent de Paul.

Many smaller charities, including animal rescue and shelter organizations, also operate thrift stores to provide them with a regular source of income. Charity thrift stores typically rely on donations from the community for their merchandise.

Many shoppers, especially millennials, prefer thrift stores because they’re a more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for shopping.

What Kind of Store Is TJ Maxx?

What Kind of Store Is TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx stores belong in a category known as off-price retail, relying on a number of buying strategies and vendors for name brand labels at low prices.

The company acquires brand name merchandise at low prices and with a no-frills sales environment, passing on the savings to customers.

TJ Maxx sells brand name clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and household goods, and decor at prices that are 20-80% lower than the prices at large department stores for similar items.

Consumers sometimes think that TJ Maxx is a discount store like Dollar General or a closeout store like Big Lots, but the difference between TJ Maxx and discount/closeout stores is that the merchandise at TJ Maxx is from leading brands.

Another reason why TJ Maxx has such low prices is that it doesn’t have a huge advertising budget.

Does TJ Maxx Sell Fake Stuff?

TJ Maxx has such low prices for designer labels that shoppers sometimes wonder if the stock is genuine or fake. However, for a number of reasons, shoppers and retail analysts have concluded that the merchandise sold at TJ Maxx is genuine.

Overall, a large and reputable store like TJ Maxx wouldn’t risk the lawsuits and negative publicity if it was sued by big name designers for license infringement.

Where Does TJ Maxx Get Its Inventory?

TJ Maxx buyers buy inventory from designers, manufacturers, department stores, and other vendors.

The merchandise is not defective, out of season or overstock. Rather, it may be inventory that is not selling as well as expected, or late season items that designers and department stores want to offload.

TJ Maxx is also able to buy inventory from manufacturers at very low prices, as the company doesn’t have a “buy back” clause, which requires manufacturers to buy back unsold inventory.

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TJ Maxx is not a thrift store, even though it’s known for bargain shopping. Thrift stores sell second hand and used clothing, while the merchandise at TJ Maxx is new and unused.

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