Is USPS Regular Mail? (All You Need To Know)

Imagine you’re housesitting for some friends or family, and they have a small list of things they’d like to do around the house while they’re gone. One item: Bring in the regular mail and other packages. Regular mail? What does that mean?

Is USPS regular mail? Does that only apply to a particular mail class? It’s actually a straightforward answer, and I have it for you below!

Is USPS Regular Mail In [currentyear]?

The United States Postal Service First-Class mail is what many people think of as “regular mail” in [currentyear]. That is the mail delivered into your mailbox every day (except Sunday), comprised mostly of envelopes or flats. First-Class or regular mail is among the slowest and cheapest mail classes USPS offers.

To learn more about the Postal Service and its mail service, the types of mail, how long the Postal Service can often take, and much more, read on for all you need to know!

What Type Of Mail Is USPS?

The United States Postal Service’s mission is to provide mail delivery to every address in the country.

That said, the US Constitution takes it a step further in Article I, Section 8, Clause 7, where it guarantees citizens the right to mail delivery, no matter their location in the country.

So, while the Postal Service is a government agency, it is considered “independent” because it accepts no taxpayer funding and is not under the ultimate direction of the President.

Also, while the machinery, both literal and figurative, which keeps the Postal Service churning is quite impressive, I think calling it “regular mail” is entirely appropriate.

Essentially, Americans should think of the Postal Service mail delivery as regular – everyday, reliable, and established.

Moreover, it’s about as regular as you can get, especially compared to private company delivery services like UPS and FedEx (though USPS often hitches a ride with both!).

Is USPS Regular Postal Service?

Yes, USPS is what most people think of when they think of “regular Postal Service.”

In fact, to be even more specific, they are thinking of First-Class mail service, which is affordable (it’s currently just 58 cents to send a regular envelope) but slower.

However, despite First-Class mail being among the slowest mail classes USPS offers, I find the letter service surprisingly quick at times, especially from city to city.

Is USPS Mail Or Package?

Is USPS Mail Or Package?

Customers can use the United States Postal Service to send letters and packages at varying price points and speeds.

For example, First-Class mail, or what we think of as “regular” mail, is for letters and small envelopes, while First-Class Package is for small, light parcels.

With that, letters arrive in one to five business days, while First-Class Package has a window of two to five days.

Priority Mail, which is faster than First-Class, delivering in one to three days, offers envelopes and boxes.

Further, this mail class even has Flat Rate envelopes and boxes, which can save customers money if they are shipping something far and need it within three days.

Typically, the Postal Service has a package weight limit of 70 pounds.

Therefore, if you need to ship something that weighs more than 70 pounds, you would be better off choosing one of the other companies, UPS or FedEx.

Moreover, these shipping companies specialize in delivering more oversized, heavier packages.

How Long Does Regular Mail Take To Arrive In The Same State?

Regular mail, or letters sent via the First-Class mail service from the Postal Service, can take anywhere from one to five days to reach its destination.

Within the same state, that depends on the size of the state.

For example, California is 770 miles long, so a letter from one end of the state to the other could take the full five days.

But in a smaller state, like Ohio, one city to another might only take two days.

Can Regular Mail Take A Week?

Regular mail, or First-Class mail via the Postal Service, can take a week, depending on a few factors.

First of all, First-Class has a delivery window of two to five days business days.

That said, USPS counts six days out of the week as business days, exempting Sunday, so if you mail something on a Friday or Saturday, you have that pesky Sunday slowing things down.

Secondly, because the window for delivery is longer, it’s less likely your First-Class letter will fly at any point.

With that, mail that travels mostly by truck is susceptible to road hazards, like bad weather conditions or pile-ups.

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When people refer to “regular mail,” they are referring to the USPS and its First-Class mail.

That said, the most affordable (but slowest) service, First-Class, is steady, reliable, and delivered to your mailbox every day but Sunday.

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