Kroger Bereavement Policy (All You Need To Know) 

Many companies today have bereavement policies that allow employees to cope when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Since Kroger employs around half a million people from all over the U.S., you may be wondering – does Kroger have a bereavement policy? Here is everything I’ve discovered about it through my research!

Kroger Bereavement Policy

Kroger employees can take a 3-day paid bereavement leave when they lose a close family member (parents, children, sibling, spouse) or a household member, including extra PTO. Temporary employees, those employed less than six months ago, and those who have days off scheduled may not get paid.

If you want to learn more about whether Kroger employees get paid during bereavement leave, what relations Kroger’s bereavement policy covers, and much more, keep on reading!

Does Kroger Pay Employees During Bereavement Leave?

Kroger pays workers who have suffered the loss of a loved one for up to three days, or for any shifts/days, they’ve been already scheduled to work as long as it does not exceed three days. 

Temporary employees and workers who have been in the company for less than six months may not be entitled to this benefit. However, they can still apply for up to 3 days off in the case of bereavement.  

Does Kroger Provide Bereavement Leave To Employees For Any Family Member Or Friend?

Kroger only extends the bereavement leave benefit to employees who have lost close or immediate family members.

This includes your partner/spouse, siblings, children, parents (including step-parents), grandparents, and grandchildren. 

If the deceased person was a friend or distant relative but lived with the employee, Kroger may allow the employee to obtain a bereavement leave.

Note that Kroger’s bereavement policy does not cover aunties, uncles, friends, church members, cousins, fiancees, and others.

However, at the discretion of the store manager or supervisor, employees may be able to take some days off when they lose people other than close family members.   

How Many Days of Bereavement Leave Does Kroger Offer?

How Many Days Bereavement Leave Does Kroger Offer? 

As a Kroger employee who’s bereaved of a close family or household member, you’re entitled to a 3-day paid bereavement leave.

You can request additional paid time off if you need more time to attend the funeral or travel to see your family, but keep in mind that the three days apply only to days you were originally scheduled to work.  

For instance, if you already have days off scheduled within the three days of bereavement leave you requested, you most likely will not get paid for those days. 

Does Kroger Allow Bereavement Leave Longer Than Three Days?

If an employee wishes to take more time off than the standard 3-day bereavement leave, they can request instead for a Personal Leave of Absence.

However, unlike the standard three days off, a PLA will not be paid as standard so to avoid missing out on pay, it’s advisable to use up any paid time off (if eligible).

Does The Law Require Kroger To Provide Bereavement Leave To Employees?

There’s no federal legislation in the United States that mandates employers to offer paid bereavement leaves to workers. So, in this case, Kroger’s bereavement leave is way more generous than the law. 

It’s important to note that the same applies in most states, i.e. employees will have to look to their employers to know their entitlement in this regard.  

The only exception to this trend is Oregon, which is the first and only state that has a law permitting employees to take up to 12 weeks of bereavement leave per year.  

However, just like a Personal Leave of Absence, this kind of bereavement leave is unpaid.

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Kroger allows workers to take some time off work to mourn and bury their deceased. As a standard, Kroger employees can take a 3-day paid bereavement leave when they lose a close family member (parents, children, sibling, spouse) or a household member. Temporary employees or those less than six months on the job can still take up to 3 days off but will forfeit their pay for the days they’re off work. 

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