Lost Walmart Gift Card (Can You Get a Replacement, Tracing + More)

Remember as a kid when you were opening presents, and gift cards just seemed like the biggest letdown?

Nowadays, I can’t think of any better gift, especially for a store like Walmart, where you can get pretty much anything you could want and you can shop online.

But what happens if you have lost your Walmart gift card? What is Walmart’s official word and how have some people found work-arounds with Walmart’s excellent customer service? Here is what you need to know.

Lost Walmart Gift Card

According to Walmart’s website, Walmart is not responsible for lost or stolen Walmart gift cards. Any activity that occurs on Walmart gift cards while lost or stolen remains the sole responsibility of the original recipient. However, quick action on the original recipient’s part can sometimes offset the damages.

To find out how you can get a replacement for your lost or stolen Walmart gift card, whether or not Walmart gift cards can be traced and how to retrieve an eGift card from Walmart that you received via email, keep going!

Can You Get A Replacement For Your Lost Walmart Gift Card?

Occasionally, you can get a replacement for your lost Walmart gift card.

The worst luck – you received a Walmart gift card as a present, and you dropped it or you think someone stole it. Your first impulse might be to consider it a done deal, lost to you forever, but actually, you can try and get it replaced.

Time is of the essence; as soon as you notice that you no longer possess this gift card, call Walmart customer service at 1-800-411-7942.

If you can get to an actual live representative, explain what has happened and ask if they can cancel the gift card.

However: This only works if you have the original receipt used to purchase the gift card (but luckily, some people include this when they gift, so the recipient knows how much the card is for).

This might also be possible if you have the gift card number and security code for some reason.

Despite this, Walmart is legally under no obligation to replace your gift card for any reason, so it bears mentioning that you should be polite and friendly toward the customer service rep, and not make any demands.

Does Walmart Gift Card Replacement Expire?

Does Walmart Gift Card Replacement Expire?

Walmart gift cards do not expire, so assuming you have everything you need for a replacement – the receipt or the gift card number – it stands to reason that Walmart’s replacement does not expire either.

The thing about Walmart’s customer service is that they are incredibly accommodating, so asking them anything is worth a shot at least.

Can Walmart Gift Cards Be Traced?

Walmart gift cards can be traced – to a point, and the conditions are unfavorable to someone who lost their card or had it stolen.

Because there is a number associated with it, which has to be given for the gift card to be used, Walmart associates can give you a “history of use” for your gift card – but the policy was recently updated to state that you must have the actual card with you to receive this info.

(I do wonder, though, if individual cases might differ, based on who is in charge and how you interact with them. Again, it’s worth a shot to explain at least what happened and ask if they could look kindly on your situation.)

Regardless, the history includes where the card was used and for how much during each transaction.

Finding out what exactly was purchased is, ostensibly, possible.

But it would likely require a lot of research on the part of someone in charge in the store – the store where the purchase was made, even – and you might not want to push your luck if they’re going out on a limb for you already by showing you the history.

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Losing a Walmart gift card or having one stolen is unfortunate, but all hope is not lost. You could attempt to get it replaced or even traced with some quick acting.

Though Walmart’s store policy absolves them of responsibility for lost/stolen gift cards, the company’s top-notch customer service can ultimately work in your favor.

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