McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee (Is It Good, Calories, Price + More)

McDonald’s is known for its burgers and fries. However, it also crafts various other items, which it regularly releases and tests. Over the years, McDonald’s has sold plenty beyond burgers and fries.

McDonald’s’ iced coffee falls into this category. The company isn’t known for it but has sold it for years. There are even several flavors available, like caramel. For more information on this coffee flavor, keep reading!

McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee In [currentyear]

McDonald’s’ caramel iced coffee is made with ice, coffee, and cream as of [currentyear]. This flavor includes caramel syrup, which gives the drink its caramel flavor. The coffee is available at most McDonald’s locations and is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. It may not be prevalent, but it does have a cult following.

For nutritional and pricing information on the iced caramel coffee at McDonald’s, take a look at the frequently asked questions below!

Does McDonald’s Make Caramel Iced Coffee?

Yes, McDonald’s makes caramel iced coffee at most of its locations. As you’d expect, this coffee is made from the same brewed coffee the restaurant uses for all its coffee creations.

Also, the coffee includes cream and caramel syrup, which is why it is caramel-flavored.

Further, this syrup contains sugar, and there is no sugar-free option like with other coffee flavors at McDonald’s.

Is McDonald’s’ Caramel Iced Coffee Good?

Sadly, many McDonald’s caramel iced coffee reviews are less than stellar. Essentially, when this coffee flavor is pitted against others on the menu, it usually doesn’t win.

Based on this information, this coffee is typically not as popular as others. However, quite a few people out there love it, so don’t let this put you off.

Due to the use of sugary syrup, the drink is rather sweet. So, you either love or hate the coffee flavor, depending on your preferences.

Based on my research, some report it as buttery and light, while others claim it tastes burnt.

How Many Calories Are In A McDonald’s Large Iced Caramel Coffee?

A large, 32-ounce caramel iced coffee from McDonald’s contains 270 calories.

For the most part, this is similar to all large coffees that McDonald’s sells, except for sugar-free options, which have fewer calories.

With that, you cannot purchase McDonald’s caramel coffee without sugar, as it is contained in the syrup. Also, the company does not have a sugar-free caramel syrup available.

Therefore, the only way to lower the calorie content of this coffee is to order a smaller size. Alternatively, you could choose a flavor that offers a sugar-free option, like vanilla.

How Much Is A Caramel Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

How Much Is A Caramel Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

While prices vary a bit from location to location, the cost of a coffee is pretty even across McDonald’s stores.

For example, a small coffee only costs $2.39, while a large coffee is $3.39. A medium cup costs about in the middle at $2.89.

Of course, the only way to know how much coffee costs in your area is to check the McDonald’s app, call, or go to your local store.

Is McDonald’s’ Caramel Coffee Sweet?

For the most part, this drink is described as sweet. While not everyone likes it, even those that didn’t enjoy it describe it as sweet.

In fact, some may describe it as a bit too sweet, depending on who you ask.

While no sugar is directly added to this coffee, it contains a sugary syrup, which includes a lot of sugar and is where the drink gets its sweetness.

Also, because this syrup contains all of the caramel flavor, you cannot get this coffee sugar-free or lower the amount of sugar in it. If you tried to, it would cease to be a caramel coffee.

Is The McDonald’s Iced Coffee Real Coffee?

All McDonald’s coffee is made using real coffee. That said, the stores brew coffee using special beans. Then, McDonald’s uses this coffee to craft its drinks.

So, while this coffee may not be as fancy as you’d find elsewhere, it is absolutely real coffee.

In fact, the only ingredients in an iced coffee are coffee, creamer, and ice. Flavored coffees like caramel also include syrup, where they get their flavor.

In this way, McDonald’s coffees aren’t all that different from coffee at other fast-food restaurants.

How Much Sugar Is In A McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee?

There is technically no added sugar in a McDonald’s caramel iced coffee. However, the company does use flavored syrup in its caramel-flavored drinks.

As you’d expect, this syrup is quite sugary, which is where the coffee gets its sugar from.

Also, the amount of sugar does depend on the size of the drink you get. Of course, larger sizes will contain more sugar.

However, in 21 fluid ounces, there are about 27 grams of sugar. As you’d expect, all of these are sugars.

Once again, the sugar comes from the syrup. Therefore, you cannot ask for lower amounts of sugar.

If you asked for less syrup (or no syrup), the caramel flavor would be much more diminished. Without any syrup, you’re getting a regular iced coffee instead.

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McDonald’s’ caramel iced coffee doesn’t hold many surprises. That said, it is made using the brand’s traditional, roasted coffee, which the restaurant uses to make all its coffee drinks.

Beyond that, it contains cream, syrup, and ice. Also, this drink contains a bit of sugar thanks to the syrup, though it doesn’t contain any added sugar.

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