McDonald’s Iced Coffee (What Is It + Other Common FAQs)

McDonald’s is primarily known for its lunch and dinner menu, including quarter-pounders and salty fries. However, it also has a breakfast menu that has expanded over the last few decades.

As you’d guess, on this breakfast menu is iced coffee. In fact, you can get iced coffee throughout the whole day. To learn more about this popular drink, keep reading!

What Is McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s iced coffee is made with the restaurant’s regular brewed coffee, ice, cream, and liquid sugar in [currentyear]. It can come plain without the sugar, but you must specify this when ordering. Also, it comes in a variety of flavors like caramel and vanilla. Occasionally, special coffee flavors are released in certain locations.

For pricing information and reviews about the iced coffee at McDonald’s, take a look at the rest of this article!

Is McDonald’s’ Iced Coffee $1?

Occasionally, you can find deals for McDonald’s iced coffee that prices it as low as $1. However, this is not the coffee’s base price.

Without coupons, you will be paying a bit more for most of the coffees at McDonald’s.

That said, regular McDonald’s coffee costs $1 for a small size. But, the small iced coffee is typically a bit more – for one reason or another.

However, some locations may have cheaper coffee, as the price varies depending on the location.

Of course, large coffees are always more than $1 unless you have a coupon or there’s a special promotion.

What Kind Of Iced Coffees Are At McDonald’s?

McDonald’s does have a few flavored coffee options. However, these change regularly and are often dependent on the location.

Therefore, you’ll typically need to call your local store or check the menu online.

Of course, a few regular flavors are almost always available (unless supplies run out).

Usually, these flavors consist of caramel, hazelnut, and French vanilla; you can often get the French vanilla sugar-free.

If you download the McDonald’s app, you should be able to see what flavors your local store carries.

Is McDonald’s’ Iced Coffee Actually Coffee?

Yes, the first ingredient in McDonald’s’ iced coffee is brewed coffee, and it is the same coffee that it sells warm. That said, McDonald’s simply puts ice in it to create the iced coffee.

Therefore, McDonald’s’ iced coffee does have quite a bit of caffeine in it. For instance, the 11.5-ounce cup contains 133 milligrams of caffeine.

How Much Sugar Is In A McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

Naturally, the amount of sugar in a McDonald’s ice coffee depends on the size you order.

For example, the small iced coffee contains 22 grams of sugar, according to the McDonald’s website.

However, the large size contains almost twice that at 42 grams of sugar. As you’d guess, the medium size is somewhere in the middle at 28 grams of sugar.

Therefore, this coffee is not exactly the healthiest option on the market. It is high in sugar but not necessarily more than your average fast-food cup of coffee.

Fortunately, you can purchase a sugar-free French vanilla iced coffee containing sugar-free flavoring. However, the coffee will still have liquid sugar, a common ingredient in all coffees.

How Much Is A Medium Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

How Much Is A Medium Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

While the price can vary somewhat, a medium iced coffee is usually $1.99 at most McDonald’s locations. Of course, your location may have slightly different pricing.

Usually, though, the medium is about twice as expensive as the small coffee. If you’re particularly concerned about the price, you can contact your local store and ask.

How Much Is A Vanilla Iced Coffee At McDonald’s?

Usually, vanilla iced coffee is slightly more expensive than other coffees at McDonald’s. You can typically add a $1 to the smaller sizes when adding flavoring.

However, the cost addition actually goes down as you go up in size. For instance, a regular medium-sized iced coffee costs $2.

But, you can get a medium vanilla iced coffee for only $2.30. Therefore, you aren’t paying much extra for the flavoring if you get the bigger sizes.

Is McDonald’s’ Caramel Iced Coffee Good?

According to reviews, McDonald’s’ caramel iced coffee is not the best. While it has a caramel flavor, several people agree that it tastes like burnt popcorn.

Also, it seems to be more bitter than most expect, despite having 26 grams of sugar in it.

However, this drink is inexpensive, so it is a good deal if you’re particularly worried about the price.

Can You Get A McDonald’s Iced Coffee Without Cream?

You can ask for McDonald’s iced coffee without sugar or cream (or both). To do so, simply ask for these items to be left out when you order, as they come in the coffee by default.

Without these ingredients, the iced coffee will simply be coffee and ice. Therefore, it will be much lower in sugar than other options.

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McDonald’s’ iced coffee is one of the restaurant’s more popular drinks, especially during the warmer summer months. It is made using real brewed coffee and ice.

Also, it comes with light cream and sugar by default, though you can ask for these ingredients to be omitted.

With that, this coffee also comes in a variety of optional flavors. While default flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel are typical everywhere, special flavors are sometimes released.

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