McDonald’s Vs. Five Guys (Price, Quality + Who’s Better)

McDonald’s and Five Guys are both fast-food burger restaurants, but do you know which is better between McDonald’s and Five Guys?

Well, look no further! I’m going to tell you which has the least calories, better prices, more locations, and plenty of other relevant information, so keep reading to learn more about McDonald’s vs. Five Guys!

McDonald’s vs. Five Guys

Five Guys wins without a doubt in terms of the freshness, quality, and taste of burgers. The prices at Five Guys are higher, and there’s less menu selection, but it has one of the best milkshakes! However, McDonald’s has better fries, although Five Guys’ isn’t too far behind the iconic golden arches.

Do you want to know even more about McDonald’s vs. Five Guys? Which has better service and food? Read below to find out all of the details!

What Has More Calories – Five Guys Or McDonald’s?

Five Guys food has more calories on average than McDonald’s, but it’s because Five Guys serves enormous portions compared to McDonald’s.

Furthermore, when you compare a McDonald’s large fry to a Five Guys large fry, you will get about four times the fries at Five Guys, so it’s more challenging to compare the menu items.

Which Is Cheaper – McDonald’s Or Five Guys Cheaper?

McDonald’s is cheaper compared to Five Guys’ menu prices, and part of the reason is that Five Guys uses 100% beef with no preservatives or filler.

On top of that, Five Guys offers generous portions with huge fries and burgers, so you’re not getting the same type of meal compared to McDonald’s.

Also, McDonald’s burgers are pretty small, whereas, at Five Guys, you’re getting a decent-sized burger that costs you $8 or $9 because of the portion size.

Additionally, McDonald’s offers a value menu where you can get items for $1, $2, and $3, so your options for cheaper menu items are better at McDonald’s!

Which Is Bigger – McDonald’s Or Five Guys?

Which Is Bigger; McDonald's Or Five Guys?

McDonald’s is more prominent both in the United States and internationally, and it’s not a close competition when it comes to the number of locations.

Furthermore, throughout the world, McDonald’s has over 39,000 locations as of 2021, with more than 14,000 locations in the United States.

On the other hand, Five Guys has about 1,700 locations worldwide, including Canada, the Middle East, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Also, around 1,400 of those locations are in the United States.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Five Guys scored higher than McDonald’s in terms of customer service.

Additionally, Five Guys scored a 78, which was the first time Five Guys appeared on the satisfaction index survey!

Meanwhile, McDonald’s scored a 70 and has been constantly at the bottom of the customer service ranking for years.

Further, Five Guys has more courteous and helpful staff, better order accuracy, mobile app reliability, quicker service, and good-looking quality burgers!

Does McDonald’s Or Five Guys Have Better Burgers?

There’s no question that Five Guys beats McDonald’s hands-down when it comes to burgers.

For example, not only does Five Guys use 100% beef patties with no preservatives or fillers, but the meat is fresher, and you’re going to get a more consistent quality compared to McDonald’s.

On top of that, a burger at Five Guys is juicy, charred with great flavor, comes with thick-cut toppings, has a good toppings-to-meat ratio, and is packed with flavor and quality.

If you look at McDonald’s burgers, they’re flat, salty, and not too flavorful, and the toppings on McDonald’s burgers look weak and lack options.

In addition to that, you can get unlimited free toppings at Five Guys, so you have a variety of toppings you can put on your burger, which McDonald’s doesn’t offer at all!

Does McDonald’s Or Five Guys Have Better Fries?

McDonald’s fries simply cannot be beaten, but Five Guys have fries that can come pretty close to McDonald’s.

Furthermore, there are differences between the restaurants regarding fries. For instance, Five Guys uses peanut oil, whereas McDonald’s uses a canola-blend oil with natural beef flavoring.

Also, Five Guys gives you a larger portion of fries, so Five Guys would be a better option if you like fries. However, the Five Guys fries are greasier than McDonald’s fries.

However, McDonald’s fries are saltier than Five Guys fries, so each restaurant has both positive and negative qualities, but the iconic golden crispy fries at McDonald’s still are number one!

Which Has the Better Shake – Five Guys Or McDonald’s?

Five Guys wins without a doubt when it comes to quality shakes, considered milkshakes, whereas McDonald’s shakes aren’t always considered real milkshakes.

Additionally, when you think of a burger and shake shop, Five Guys offers that authentic thick milkshake to go with your juicy burger, and McDonald’s uses shakes more like a dessert.

Also, Five Guys milkshakes are hand-spun and considered the best around because of the additional toppings you can get, such as bacon, bananas, peanut butter, and more!

Who Has a Bigger Menu – McDonald’s Or Five Guys?

McDonald’s has a much more extensive menu compared to Five Guys.

Furthermore, Five Guys is considered a burger joint, so the menu is more limited to burgers, fries, and milkshakes, whereas McDonald’s has chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and salads.

So, the more limited menu at Five Guys isn’t a bad thing, though, because it allows Five Guys to be exceptional at specific foods instead of just mediocre at a lot of foods!

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