McDonald’s Vs. Starbucks (Quality, Service, Price + More)

McDonald’s and Starbucks are both known for having great coffee and breakfast items, but do you know which restaurant is better overall?

I’m going to give you a complete rundown of which restaurant is better in the McDonald’s vs. Starbucks debate, so read on to learn all about which has better prices and much more!

McDonald’s Vs. Starbucks

Starbucks edges out McDonald’s in overall quality of coffee and iced coffee drinks. Also, Starbucks offers more add-on items for coffee products and gives you more caffeine on average. But McDonald’s is significantly cheaper than Starbucks and is still good quality coffee for the price!

Do you want to know whether McDonald’s or Starbucks has more locations or better breakfast items? Keep reading below to find out the answers to all those important questions!

Is Starbucks Better Than McDonald’s?

Starbucks is better than McDonald’s when it comes to the quality of coffee and reliability because it often uses darker roasts that give you a more intense coffee flavor.

If you’re not too much of a coffee fan, then the lighter roasts that McDonald’s uses might be better since it has a somewhat sweeter and nuttier flavor.

On top of that, Starbucks’ lines can be excruciatingly long in the mornings, so if you’re on the go or in a hurry, going to McDonald’s for a coffee is going to be the better choice.

Does Starbucks Make More Money Than McDonald’s?

Starbucks does make more money than McDonald’s overall. However, both chains are very close in revenue, and there’s fierce competition between McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Furthermore, when you look at the numbers for 2020, Starbucks made $23.518 billion, and McDonald’s made .21 billion in revenue.

Are McDonald’s And Starbucks Competitors?

Yes, McDonald’s and Starbucks are competitors in the coffee market, with McDonald’s having McCafe, which aligns in direct competition with Starbucks.

In addition to that, both McDonald’s and Starbucks offer coffee products to consumers in-store so that you can buy both brands at your local grocery store.

Which Has More Caffeine – Starbucks Or McDonald’s Coffee?

Starbucks has more caffeine content than McDonald’s most of the time, although it can vary depending on what you’re ordering.

For example, if you look at a cup of 16-ounce coffee at both stores, Starbucks has nearly 360 mg of caffeine, and McDonald’s has almost 150 mg of caffeine.

So, you’ll be getting twice the caffeine at Starbucks than McDonald’s on average, but it also depends on which flavor of coffee you get and if you add in any espresso shots.

Is McDonald’s Coffee Better Than Starbucks?

Is McDonald's Coffee Better Than Starbucks?

McDonald’s coffee is not better than Starbucks. That said, one of the main reasons is the inconsistency at McDonald’s when it comes to ordering coffee and other drinks.

Furthermore, when you go to Starbucks, you’re getting a high-quality drink every time, and the baristas know how to recommend other ingredients to make the drink even better.

McDonald’s coffee, including McCafe items, can vary depending on location and sometimes tastes watered down or too bitter.

Also, it’s just not as consistent from one McDonald’s location to the next.

However, McDonald’s coffee is comparable to Starbucks, and it’s significantly cheaper, so if you’re on a budget, McDonald’s coffee is well worth it!

Additionally, comparing McDonald’s and Starbucks depends on which coffee item you purchase, as Starbucks wins in regular coffee, frappuccinos, and other iced coffee drinks.

Are There More Starbucks Or McDonald’s Stores Worldwide?

McDonald’s has more locations than Starbucks worldwide, and it’s available in almost twice as many countries as Starbucks.

Furthermore, recent data shows that McDonald’s has 39,000 locations worldwide, with 14,000 in the United States, and is available in 121 countries worldwide.

On the other hand, Starbucks has more than 32,000 locations across 79 countries worldwide, with more than 15,000 in the United States.

Is Starbucks More Expensive Than McDonald’s?

Prices at Starbucks are much higher than at McDonald’s, but the cost of the coffee is only one way to measure expense.

Additionally, you should be looking at the amount of caffeine for each dollar you spend on the drink, and if you look at this, you’ll see Starbucks offers a better value for the money.

Breaking down the numbers, you get about 125 mg of caffeine for each dollar you spend at Starbucks, and with McDonald’s, you get 121.8 mg of caffeine per dollar.

Does Starbucks Or McDonald’s Have Better Service?

Starbucks has much better service than McDonald’s, especially regarding ordering accuracy and ease of ordering through the website and mobile app.

Furthermore, The American Customer Service Index shows that Starbucks scored a 78, which is high on the scale and considered decent customer service.

On the other hand, McDonald’s scored a 70 on the American Customer Service Index, which means it has horrible customer service and has not moved higher in over a year.

On top of that, in almost every survey or poll, McDonald’s is often at the bottom or dead last in customer service compared to other businesses.

Is the McDonald’s Or Starbucks Breakfast Better?

McDonald’s breakfast is much better than Starbucks, and McDonald’s has many more breakfast menu items than Starbucks.

Additionally, McDonald’s is known for having some of the best breakfast sandwiches ever, whereas Starbucks is known for coffee and pastry items, not breakfast sandwiches.

Also, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are dry and much smaller than McDonald’s, and the eggs have a frozen taste, so it’s not as fresh.

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