OTC Card Eligible Items At Walmart (All You Need To Know)

Some seniors and disabled persons may not know how helpful their OTC (over-the-counter) card can be for saving money on healthcare products and medications at Walmart.

So, if you have an OTC card, you may be wondering what products you can buy at Walmart and which items aren’t eligible. I’ve researched the issue, and here’s what I’ve found out!

OTC Card Eligible Items At Walmart

Seniors and disabled persons enrolled in Medicare Advantage programs receive an OTC Card that they can use at Walmart to purchase healthcare products and medication. Depending on your plan, you can buy things like post-operative supports, braces, and incontinence underwear with your OTC card. Also, some cards even have a weekly allowance for healthy groceries.

Follow along as I tell you what else I found out about using OTC cards at Walmart!

What Is A Walmart Over-The-Counter (OTC) Card?

An Over-The-Counter (OTC) Card is a prepaid credit card issued by insurance companies as part of the senior citizen Medicare Advantage program.

That said, you can use OTC cards to purchase certain healthcare products and medications.

Once funds are added to the card by your insurance carrier, you can use the prepaid card just like a credit card.

Also, OTC cards are accepted at all Walmart stores nationwide, and cardholders don’t need a credit check to be eligible for a Walmart OTC card.

If you’re unfamiliar with these types of cards, check out this informative video about the OTC Network.

What Can You Buy From Walmart With An OTC Card? 

From looking at the website or going into the store, you can see Walmart offers a variety of health products. 

However, not all these products are OTC eligible, as each plan has its list of products available for purchase with OTC cards at Walmart.

Although accepted products vary from carrier to carrier, generally, seniors and disabled persons can purchase the following items at Walmart:

  • Denture-related products
  • Digestive medications
  • First-aid materials
  • Orthopedic support
  • Pain relievers
  • Sleep aids
  • Wart removal products
  • Cold and cough medications
  • Flu medication
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Band-Aids

What Insurance Carriers Offer OTC Cards For Use At Walmart?

What Insurance Carriers Offer OTC Cards For Use At Walmart?

Although there are many available Medicare Advantage plans for seniors, they may not offer OTC cards that Walmart accepts.

However, there’s a complete list of current programs that provide this benefit on the Walmart website.

Moreover, some of the plans that have an OTC card you can use at Walmart include:

  • Anthem BCBS
  • Anthem HealthKeepers
  • Amerigroup
  • Priority Health Medicare
  • Anthem BC
  • Clover Health
  • Empire BCBS
  • A. Care
  • AD Standard
  • Blue KC MA
  • Anthem Maine Health
  • UCare
  • Allwell
  • Wellcare Assistive Devices
  • Florida Blue Medicare

Due to the many available Medicare Advantage plans, I recommend you check with your insurance carrier to see if they have a card that you can also use at Walmart.

How To Use OTC At Walmart

There are several ways you can use your OTC benefits at Walmart: in stores, online at Walmart.com or using their mobile app, and even by phone.

Let’s examine how you would use your OTC card for each.


This is the easiest way to use your OTC card, as you simply present it at check-out and use it as your form of payment.

However, Walmart’s customer support website points out that some OTC programs do not allow in-store purchases.

Instead, you will have to use your card information online.

Walmart.com & Walmart App

You can also use your OTC card on Walmart’s website and their mobile app (available in select states). 

Before you do this, though, you will need a Walmart.com account, which is free and easy to sign up for (sign up via this link).

Then, simply place the items you wish to purchase in your digital shopping cart and navigate to checkout.

Instead of entering a credit card number or even entering the OTC number where you would enter the credit card information, you enter it in the Gift Card field.

Again, to check out using your OTC benefits, enter your OTC number in the Gift Card field.

Shopping online can be nice for many seniors with mobility issues, as you can elect for store pick-up or even same-day delivery if you have Walmart+.

By Phone

To place your order by phone, you can call the number on the back of your card, and a representative will assist you.

In fact, you can use that number if you have any questions at all about your card.

Not sure about the balance? Not sure what items are eligible? Want a history of your purchases? 

Call the number on the back of your card, and someone can answer your questions.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Walmart Over-The-Counter Card?

As you can see, OTC cards offer a lot of benefits in various forms. With that, some of the benefits of having an OTC card at Walmart also include:

  • You get discounts when you buy certain medications and healthcare items from Walmart.
  • You can use your card to shop online and still get the same deals as if you were shopping at the store.
  • Many cards have up to $50 a week benefits for groceries that can be used to purchase discounted dairy products, beans, meat/seafood, bread, fruits, and vegetables.
  • You don’t need to worry about carrying cash
  • Your account is protected by a PIN, Touch ID, and Face ID.

How Do I Find OTC Eligible Products At Walmart?

It can be hard to find the information you want about OTC-eligible products if you don’t know where to look, which is where the Walmart over-the-counter list comes in handy.

Whenever you are ready to purchase items, you will find all OTC-eligible healthcare products you can buy at Walmart.

That said, Walmart’s website organizes these items neatly into categories, so it should be easy to find what you need.

As a reminder, each Medicare Advantage plan has its list of OTC-eligible products. So, be sure to click on your plan’s link at the top of the page when looking for items.

Can You Use Your Walmart OTC Card Online?

Primarily, OTC cards are used by seniors who make visits to Walmart stores.

Rather than carrying around cash, they can simply swipe their card to purchase the many OTC-eligible items.

However, for the convenience of seniors who may not be able to shop in Walmart stores physically, they can purchase Medicare OTC items via the Walmart website (available in select states).

Then, you can have the items shipped, delivered, or pick them up at Walmart locations.

Additionally, your benefits card information can be entered into your Walmart account and saved in the online wallet for your convenience, preventing entering the information each time you order, saving you time.

To learn more about Walmart, you can also see our posts on whether or not Walmart accepts GoodRx, Walmart’s senior discount policy, and if Walmart accepts Tricare.


Walmart provides certain eligible healthcare items and medications for purchase by customers with a Medicare Advantage OTC Card.

That said, these prepaid cards operate like debit or credit cards and give seniors discounts on healthcare items, medications, and groceries.

Also, seniors can find lists of eligible OTC items for their Medicare Advantage plan by visiting Walmart, which can be purchased in-store with cards or online.

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