Overnight Parking at McDonald’s (Cars, RVs + Towing)

McDonald’s is one of the most iconic fast-food chains in the world, but a lot of people wonder about overnight parking at McDonald’s and whether it’s allowed.

Whether you’re just tired and need some sleep or you’re traveling around in an RV, we’ll tell you if you can park overnight at McDonald’s and much more below!

Overnight Parking at McDonald’s In 2024

Generally speaking, overnight parking at McDonald’s is not allowed, even if you’re parked in an RV, and you may end up with the manager coming out to tell you to move. Additionally, McDonald’s also has the right to tow your vehicle or call the police if you’re caught parking overnight, and you won’t move out of their parking spaces.

We know you have more questions about overnight parking at McDonald’s, so keep reading to learn more details!

Is It Legal to Sleep in Your Car at McDonald’s Overnight?

It’s not legal to sleep in your cat at McDonald’s overnight, and you may find that the manager comes out to your car and tells you to move if you’re caught sleeping in the parking lot.

Additionally, if you’re asked to leave and refuse, McDonald’s may call the police to get you to move, even if the McDonald’s location is open 24 hours.

Does McDonald’s Allow RVs to Park Overnight?

Most locations do not allow an RV to park overnight, with there being a few exceptions to that rule, such as you’re homeless.

However, if you’re in a bad situation and need to park your RV overnight, it’s vital to talk to management first and see if they’ll allow it based on your circumstances.

Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Allow Overnight Parking

Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Allow Overnight Parking

There are several reasons why McDonald’s does not allow overnight parking, even for regular customers.

Security Issues

Security concerns are a major issue, and McDonald’s staff worry that something is wrong, such as you’re drunk or high or having medical issues if you’re in your car for too long.

In addition to that, McDonald’s crew regularly will check parking lots to look for people parked in their car or RV and will then ask you to leave since they don’t know what you’re up to.

It’s Part of the Closing Policy

McDonald’s has a closing policy which is that once the store is closed and the doors are locked, the parking lot should be empty, and everyone needs to leave, which means no overnight parking.

On top of that, McDonald’s doesn’t allow people to come in to use the bathroom or anything else since it’s a security concern for employees as they close the store and count the register.

There are Time Limits for Parking

McDonald’s often has a 45-minute time limit for parking, although, in some locations, it could be an hour, but after that, McDonald’s can have your car towed if you don’t leave.

Additionally, a woman in Minnesota had her car towed because she had left it unattended for a few minutes while she went to Subway first before heading back to McDonald’s to get additional food.

If you’re in the parking lot during lunch or dinner rush and leave to do something else, you’re taking up valuable parking spots for customers, and the store could lose business.

Further, if you’re in your car overnight at McDonald’s, this could hinder the morning breakfast rush.

Treating Everyone Equal

Whether you’re in an RV or a car sleeping overnight, McDonald’s believes that everyone should be treated equally, which means no one gets special privileges to park overnight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular at that location and come in every day or if you’re traveling the country; the policy is about maintaining consistency.

Certain unique situations can allow you to park overnight at McDonald’s, but it’s generally not going to be allowed because everyone gets equal treatment.

Will McDonald’s Tow My Car If I Leave It Overnight?

McDonald’s does have the authority to tow your car if you leave it overnight, even if you’re in the car.

Additionally, McDonald’s is notorious for towing vehicles if they occupy a parking space too long or will call the cops to handle the matter.

Further, cops also patrol a lot of McDonald’s locations looking for out-of-place vehicles and parked cars, so it’s best to avoid it altogether, or else you could be towed or worse!

Where Can You Go for Overnight Parking?

There are plenty of places you can go for overnight parking, whether you’re sleeping in your car or you need to park your RV, including:

  • Walmart
  • Truck Stops
  • Rest Stops
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Home Depot
  • Costco
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Lowe’s
  • Grocery Stores
  • RV Part Stores

You’ll find that most restaurants do not allow overnight parking, especially fast-food restaurants, since the whole point of fast food is to be fast and get in and out relatively quickly.

However, if you ask the manager at a fast-food restaurant, you might be able to stay the night if your reason is more of a life situation, such as you’re homeless or in a similar situation.

To find out more about overnight parking, you can also see our posts on overnight parking at Home Depot, if Target allows overnight parking, and overnight parking at Walmart.

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