Pet Spending Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

If you own a pet, then you know how easy it is to spend a lot of money without realizing it, and you might be looking for some interesting pet spending statistics as a result.

If so, continue reading below because I’ll tell you the 23 best pet spending statistics I have found while researching this topic!

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Pet Spending Statistics In 2024

  • In 2020, pet food sales increased by 18%
  • 70% of American households own a pet 
  • $123.6 billion was spent on pets in America in 2021 
  • The pet market is worth $261 billion worldwide 
  • The pet–sitting market was valued at $2.6 billion in 2019 
  • 42% of pet owners purchase their pet food online
  • $44.1 billion was spent in 2021 on pet food and treats by Americans
  • Natural pet food value hit $22.8 billion globally
  • The average cost for a grooming session is between $70 and $80
  • Pet supplement sales grew 116% from 2019 to 2020

Are you looking for the complete list of pet spending statistics, or have other questions you want answered? Well, keep reading, and I’ll tell you even more below!

1. Pet Food Sales Increased 18% In 2020

A study showed that pet food sales increased 18% in 2020, which is an interesting pet spending statistic and could have been due to people trying to stock up on pet products during early 2020.

2. 70% Of American Households Own A Pet

An interesting statistic is that 70% of households in America own a pet, with 69 million owning a dog and 45.3 million owning a cat.

3. In 2021, Americans Spent $123.6 Billion On Their Pets

In 2021, Americans spent about $123.6 billion on their pets, which increased from the 2020 number of $103.6 billion.

Furthermore, pet spending has continued to rise over the last several years, with Americans only spending $90.5 billion on their pets in 2018.

4. Globally The Pet Market Is Worth Over $261 Billion

Globally, the pet market is worth more than $261 billion, which is an amazing number and shows just how popular and beloved pets are all over the world!

5. In 2019, The Pet Sitting Market Was $2.6 Billion

The pet-sitting market is getting bigger as time moves on, and it’s expected to grow significantly in years to come from the 2019 value of $2.6 billion.

6. 42% Of Owners Buy Pet Food Online

One interesting pet spending statistic is that more people are purchasing their pet food online, with 42% of owners now buying the pet food from an online resource.

Additionally, this number is expected to climb over the next few years as store shelves continue to be bare and online resources have a plentiful supply.

7. $44.1 Billion Spent By Americans On Pet Food & Treats In 2021

We love to give our pets treats, and between treats and pet food, Americans spent $44.1 billion on these two products combined in 2021.

8. Natural Pet Food Market Value Is $22.8 Billion Globally

Natural pet food is becoming more commonplace, with it having a global market value of $22.8 billion, which is expected to continue to grow as more people switch to healthier pet foods.

9. Grooming On Average Costs $70 To $80

Grooming is a booming business, and the average cost of one grooming session is between $70 and $80.

Also, people take their animals to the groomers at least once every couple of months!

10. From 2019 to 2020, Pet Supplement Sales Grew 116%

10. From 2019 to 2020, Pet Supplement Sales Grew 116%

Pet supplements are becoming a trend, and more people are spending money on pet supplements, as evidenced by the fact that between 2019 and 2020, sales grew 116%!

11. Raw Dog Food Has Increased 147% In Sales Over 5 Years

Over the last five years, raw dog food sales have increased 147%, which shows just how popular raw dog food is becoming, and this is likely to continue.

12. Pet Clothing Market Had A Worth Of $5.1 Billion In 2020

Pet clothing is very common, especially for smaller dogs, and in 2020, the pet clothing market had a value of $5.1 billion, which will likely climb over the next few years.

13. Pet Tech Will Grow 22% By 2027

While we all love technology and utilize it all of the time for ourselves, more people are getting into pet technology, and it’s projected this sector will grow by 22% through 2027.

14. More Than $490 Million Spent On Halloween Costumes For Pets

It’s not only kids that dress up for Halloween, as people also like to dress up their animals, and this industry is getting bigger with more than $490 million spent on pet Halloween costumes!

15. Dog Ownership Yearly Costs Between $1,500 & $9,000

Owning a dog can be expensive, and one interesting pet spending statistic is that you’ll spend between $1,500 and $9,000 per year if you choose to own a dog.

16. People Spend Just $162 Per Year On Cats

Cats are very low maintenance compared to dogs, so when you look at pet spending, it’s easy to see why people love cats since, on average, you’ll spend about $162 a year on a cat.

17. Delaware Pet Owners Spend $311.90 Monthly On Their Pets

Did you know that people in Delaware spend the most money on their pets out of every other state, with an average of $311.90 spent on their pets each month?

18. Americans Annually Spend $2.14 Billion On Valentine’s Day Presents For Their Pets

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people, and more Americans are choosing to spend money on their pets during this special holiday.

For example, Americans spend about $2.14 billion on their pets for Valentine’s Day, such as buying them special presents every year.

19. 21% Of All Pet Owners Increased Pet Spending During COVID

An interesting fact about pet spending is that during the COVID pandemic, 21% of pet owners increased their spending on their pets.

Furthermore, this was likely due to people being stuck inside at home and realizing their pets needed certain times.

Also, people wanted to get more toys to engage in play with their pets.

20. Dog Owners Have Spent More Money On Items Like Beds, Harnesses, Toys, & More

Dog owners are spending more money on items including toys, beds, harnesses, treats, leashes, shampoo, crates, and beds.

However, experts don’t know why the spending on these particular items has increased, and it’s unknown whether this trend will continue.

21. American Pet Spending Doubled In 10 Years

One trend in pet spending is that people in America have doubled their spending on their pets within the past ten years.

However, some of this comes from the costs associated with pet ownership increasing through the years, such as increased costs for pet food and treats.

22. Only 2.1% Of Pets In America Are Insured

Pet insurance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on veterinary care if your pet gets sick, but people aren’t spending money on purchasing pet insurance for their pets.

To illustrate, only 2.1% of pets within America have insurance, which means that people spend more money on veterinary care than they could otherwise.

23. 1 In 10 Americans Put Off Kids Due To Pet Costs

One interesting pet spending statistic is that people are spending so much money on their pets that it’s caused them to delay having kids or having more kids.

For example, one in ten Americans are putting off having kids because of the expenses related to pet ownership.

How Much Do People Spend On Pets 2021?

People spent about $123.6 billion on pets in 2021, which is an increase from previous years, and it’s going to continue to grow over the next several years.

What Do Pet Owners Spend The Most Money On?

Pet owners spend the most money on pet food and treats, which increased by about $2 billion from 2020 to $44 billion! 

Additionally, veterinary care and related products increased by around $2 billion to $32.3 billion in 2021, making it one of the top categories people spend money.

How Much Money Is Spent On The Pet Industry?

The pet industry is a vast market, and expenditures in 2021 reached $126 billion, which is expected to climb even more.

How Much Do Millennials Spend On Pets?

Millennials spend the most money out of all age groups on their pets, with an average of $173.67 per month spent on their pets for various pet care items and products.

In contrast, people aged 25 to 34 spend about $141.50 on their pets per month, and baby boomers are last with only $80.43 spent per month on their pets!

Is The Pet Industry Growing Or Shrinking?

The pet industry is growing, and you can see this by looking at 2019, where spending was only $97.5 billion, and in 2020 it grew to $99 billion, with 2021 numbers reaching $123.6 billion.


There are several exciting pet spending statistics, such as pet spending has increased to more than $123.6 billion in 2021, up from $97.5 billion in 2019.

Additionally, pet spending in America has doubled over the last ten years, with millennials spending the most money per month on their pets, averaging $173.67 per month.

Furthermore, Americans love spending money on Halloween costumes for their pets, with the market worth $490 million!

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