Porch Pirates Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

Have you heard of the term porch pirates before but want to know more about them, such as the average age of a porch pirate?

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Porch Pirates Statistics In 2024

  • Urban Dictionary included “porch pirate” in 2010 
  • Only 54% of people got refunds for stolen products
  • 64% of Americans have experienced package thefts between 2020 & 2021
  • In 2021, 210 million packages were stolen 
  • Package theft is highest in Denver, Colorado 
  • $160 is the average package theft value
  • Over 50% of people purchased cameras to prevent package theft 
  • 57% of packages stolen came from Amazon
  • 64% of people have had more than one package theft

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1. “Porch Pirate” Entered Urban Dictionary In 2010

One interesting statistic about porch pirates is that the term first entered Urban Dictionary in 2010, which is quite a long time ago, considering the phrase is just now regularly used.

2. 54% Of People Got Refunds For Package Theft

Only 54% of package theft victims received a refund, which is unfortunate considering how common porch pirates have become!

3. 64% Of Americans Experienced Package Thefts During 2020-2021

From 2020 to 2021, over 64% of Americans say that they were victims of porch pirates, which is shocking but not surprising due to the higher amount of online orders and deliveries.

4. In 2021, 210 Million Packages Were Stolen

One interesting porch pirate statistic is that in 2021, more than 210 million packages were stolen!

Furthermore, as more people continue to shop online, this number will only continue to go higher, although people hope it’s not a trend in the future.

5. Denver, Colorado, Sees The Most Package Theft

Package thefts were most likely to occur in Denver, Colorado, although package thefts are rising throughout the United States, so no city or state is safe from porch pirates.

6. $160 Is The Average Value Of Package Theft

The average value of package theft is $160; although this number does vary depending on the location, it’s a shocking reminder of how many people purchase high-dollar items online.

7. 50% Of Americans Purchased Cameras To Help Prevent Package Theft

Since porch pirates are becoming more common, it has led to over 50% of Americans purchasing surveillance cameras or video doorbells to prevent package thefts.

Additionally, having the porch pirate on camera is one of the few ways that you can find out who stole your package, so it’s a valuable way to help police find the suspect.

8. 57% Of Packages Stolen Were From Amazon

Amazon has seen a huge increase in business over the last few years, so it’s not surprising that about 57% of all package thefts were from Amazon deliveries.

9. 64% Have Had More Than Incident Of Package Theft

Package theft seems to hit people more than once, with 64% of people saying that they were victims of porch pirates more than once.

Also, certain cities and neighborhoods are more likely to see package thefts, so it’s not shocking that it can happen more than once to people.

10. 52% Worry About Package Theft During The Holidays

10. 52% Worry About Package Theft During The Holidays

The holidays are the biggest and most popular time of the year for package deliveries, and 52% of Americans worry about package theft during the holiday season.

11. About 80% Of Americans Shop Online

Porch pirates are becoming more common because more people shop online and have orders delivered, with over 80% of people saying that they shop online.

12. Packages Most Likely To Be Stolen On Monday

An interesting porch pirate trend is that package theft is most likely to occur on Monday.

However, it’s not known why this is the case, except that many people get paid on Friday, so they are more likely to purchase items between Friday and Saturday with a Monday delivery.

Also, since Monday is the beginning of the workweek, people are less likely to be home to receive their deliveries.

13. Grocery Deliveries Account For 14% Of Thefts

More Americans are choosing to have groceries delivered, so it’s not surprising that about 14% of porch pirates are taking groceries.

14. Men Are More Likely To Report Package Theft

An interesting trend in package thefts is that men are more likely to report package thefts coming in at 17% compared to just 11% of women!

15. 49% Of Package Theft Victims Were Millennials

Millennials do a lot of online shopping and are some of the most tech-savvy out there, so it’s not surprising that 49% of package theft victims were from the millennial generation.

16. Value Of Package Thefts Higher For Men

Not only are men more likely to report package thefts, but the value of the thefts is higher for men than women, with men averaging a package value of $190.47.

In contrast, the value of the package for women was $111.72, so there is a slight difference in what men and women are purchasing online.

17. Only 12% Of People Making Under $60,000 Experienced Package Theft

Porch pirates know what targets and neighborhoods to hit since only 12% of people earning less than $60,000 have experienced package theft.

Additionally, those earning $100,000 a year were the most likely victims of package theft, which makes sense because porch pirates want high-dollar items, so they hit wealthier neighborhoods.

18. Stolen Package Values Totaled Over $5.4 Billion From 2019 to 2020

From 2019 to 2020, the total value of package theft exceeded $5.4 billion, and it’s safe to assume the value will continue to go up as more people become porch pirates.

Additionally, more people are getting deliveries and making purchases online, so it stands to reason that the value of package thefts will increase in the coming years.

19. 3% Of Americans Admit To Stealing A Package

One interesting fact is that 3% of Americans admit to being porch pirates, which is a sad fact about where the country stands.

20. Porch Pirates Are More Likely To Be Men

Men are more likely to be porch pirates than women, with 5.29% of men saying they were porch pirates compared to only .85% of women.

Therefore, men are over 522% more likely to be porch pirates when compared to women.

21. Gen X Most Likely To Steal Packages

Did you know that Gen X is the most likely group to be porch pirates, with over 4.57% of Gen X admitting to being a porch pirate?

However, millennials aren’t too far behind, with 4.3% admitting to being porch pirates!

22. Most Porch Pirates Go Unpunished

Stealing mail is a federal crime only if the mail was delivered via USPS, so packages delivered by Amazon or other stores and left in front of your house aren’t a federal offense.

Therefore, since the value of items is on average $160 and it’s not federal, most porch pirates go unpunished, and unless you have a camera, it’s unlikely you’ll find the perpetrator.

23. The Majority Of People Stay Home For Deliveries When Possible

While people are installing security cameras to help prevent or catch porch pirates, most people believe staying home for deliveries when they can is the best preventative measure.

What Percentage Of Porch Pirates Are Caught?

Since porch pirates evade detection unless a camera is running and the value of the thefts are misdemeanor level, it means only 11% of porch pirates are caught.

How Many Delivery Packages Are Stolen Each Year?

It’s estimated that about 210 million packages were stolen between 2020 and 2021, but this number varies and will likely climb higher in the next couple of years.

What Do I Do If My Package Is Stolen From My Porch?

You should do several things if your package was stolen from your porch, including the following:

  • Contact the seller you purchased the item from to see if you can get a replacement
  • Report to the delivery company used, such as USPS, UPS, Amazon, or FedEx
  • File a police report
  • Call your credit card company to report the theft
  • Put up surveillance cameras if you haven’t already to prevent or deter future thefts

However, even when you do everything you can after being a victim, you may not receive your money back on your item, and the person may not be caught.


There are quite a few porch pirate statistics you should know, such as over 210 million packages were stolen between 2020-2021, and 64% of Americans were victims during this time.

Additionally, porch pirates are most likely to strike on Monday, but the average value of the theft is $160, so it’s often a crime that goes unpunished due to the low value of the theft.

Also, men are more likely to be victims of porch pirates with a higher value of stolen goods, but men statistically tend to also be porch pirates themselves compared to women.

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