Publix Bereavement Policy (All You Need To Know)

If you work at Publix and suffer the death of a family member or friend, you might be wondering what the Publix bereavement policy is and if it allows time off to deal with grief.

I’m going to tell you all you need to know about the Publix bereavement policy details, such as who qualifies for time off, so read on to learn all about it!

Publix Bereavement Policy

Publix’s bereavement policy is that full-time employees are guaranteed three paid days off to deal with the loss. If more time is needed, you can use sick days or vacation days so that you still get paid. Part-time employees don’t get bereavement leave, but managers will try to accommodate one day off.

If you’d like to know even more details about the Publix bereavement policy and answers to common questions, keep reading! 

Does Publix Pay For Bereavement Leave?

Yes, Publix does pay for bereavement; however, it’s limited to only those working full-time.

So, if you’re not working at Publix full-time, you’re not going to get paid for bereavement leave, even if you’re a sibling or parent of the deceased.

How Many Days Do You Get For Bereavement at Publix?

Publix offers three days of paid leave for full-time employees wishing to take bereavement to grieve the loss of a loved one.

However, if you’ve already requested time off for another reason or are not scheduled to work those three days, you won’t be paid for the days off.

That said, to be paid for the three days off for bereavement, you must have been scheduled to work. So, if you had one day already off, then you’ll be paid for two days.

Does Publix Provide Bereavement Leave To Employees For Any Family Member Or Friend?

Unfortunately, Publix only provides paid bereavement leave if the person was an immediate family member of an employee.

With that, immediate family includes spouses, siblings, children, parents, grandparents, and live-in relatives or significant others.

However, the manager has the discretion to provide time off for bereavement even if the person wasn’t an immediate family member, so it’s important to discuss this with your manager.

Does Publix Allow Bereavement Leave Longer Than Three Days?

In certain situations, you’ll be able to take off longer for grief. But, you’re unlikely to be paid for additional days unless you take vacation days or sick days to cover the time.

Furthermore, if you have vacation or sick days accrued, using them for bereavement is handy if you travel out of state and don’t want to lose out on wages.

Is There a Law That Requires Publix To Offer Bereavement Leave?

In the United States, there are no federal laws that require a company to offer bereavement leave, so it’s thought of more as a nice gesture toward employees.

Additionally, no company or manager has to grant time off for bereavement leave, but most will because it’s the right thing to do in a time of loss and grief.

Can Part-Time Publix Employees Take Bereavement Leave?

Can Part-Time Publix Employees Take Bereavement Leave?

Unfortunately, part-time employees are not eligible for the standard paid three days off for bereavement.

However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to take off for funerals or other events.

If you work part-time at Publix, you should talk to your manager immediately once you’ve learned of the death and when arrangements are made.

However, most managers or supervisors are willing to offer one or two days off for the part-time employee, but those days will be unpaid since that benefit is only for full-time employees.

Who Else Can Part-Time Publix Employees Talk To About Bereavement Leave?

Suppose the part-time employee isn’t getting anywhere with the manager.

In that case, Publix has a Retail Associate Relations Specialist who might assist in the situation if there’s a problem.

Further, the contact information for the Retail Associate Relations Specialist is found in the break room, and they’re a great resource to use if problems arise and an employee needs an advocate.

Does Publix Require Death Notices Or Death Certificates For Bereavement Leave?

Publix does not have a specific policy on what documents, if any, are needed to take bereavement leave.

Most companies go with the honesty policy, but it will vary depending on the store and manager, so it’s important to ask if any documentation will be required.

Additionally, the most common documents verifying death include death notices and announcements from the local newspaper, online obituary, or death certificate.

Further, the celebration of life announcement found at the funeral is also a good way to verify the death if needed.

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