T-Mobile Kids Phones & Plans (Do They Have Them + Other FAQs)

If you have a kid you may be thinking about getting them a cell phone, but want to know about the options available, such as if T-Mobile offers kids phones and plans?

Well, I have been researching T-Mobile kids phones and plans so read on to learn what I’ve discovered about this topic!

Does T-Mobile Have Phones & Plans for Kids in [currentyear]?

T-Mobile doesn’t have kids phones or plans, but T-Mobile does have dumb phones, which are basic smartphones that are perfect for kids in [currentyear]. However, T-Mobile does offer a tablet and smartwatch specifically for kids and offers Family Allowances if you have a Magenta Plan, which allows you to set limits and permissions for your child’s devices.

Do you want to know more about what T-Mobile offers for kids? If so, keep reading because I have even more information to share with you below!

Does T-Mobile Have a Kids Phone Plan?

T-Mobile doesn’t have a kids phone plan, but they have T-Mobile Family Allowances, which is included for free with any Magenta plan with 2 lines or more.

Furthermore, with T-Mobile Family Allowances, you can set time limits on your child’s phone, and also set restrictions on numbers that are always allowed or not allowed to contact your kids.

For example, you can choose up to 10 numbers that can always get through to your child, even when there is a time restriction on the device.

As well, you can block up to 10 numbers so that they can’t call or message your child, and set limits so your child can’t use their device during certain hours, such as school hours.

Does T-Mobile Have Kids Phones?

Does T-Mobile Have Kids Phones?

T-Mobile does not have kids phones, but the company has dumb phones, such as the S22 Flip and FLIP GO, which can be cheaper than traditional smartphones.

Also, dumb phones are perfect basic phones for kids without the bells and whistles of smartphones, and often don’t have data or the ability to download apps onto them.

However, you can purchase a kid’s phone from other sources, such as Amazon, and if it’s compatible with T-Mobile’s network, you can add the phone to your T-Mobile account.

However, you must ensure eligibility of the device before purchasing it because not all kids phones will be compatible with T-Mobile, and there will be a fee in some cases for activation.

Which Kids Devices Does T-Mobile Have?

T-Mobile might not have specific kids phones, but does offer tablets and smartwatches that are specifically designed for kids.

For example, T-Mobile offers a SyncUp Kids Watch and also has the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 tablet, which are both devices that are designed for kids of any age.

Also, you can get these devices for free through 24 monthly bill credits when you add a qualifying line to your account!

Does T-Mobile Have an App for Monitoring Kids Activities?

If you have a different plan besides Magenta, you can get the T-Mobile FamilyMode app, which is available for $10 per month for any plan.

Further, FamilyMode is an app that allows you to monitor the online activities of your entire family, including setting restrictions on when your child can use their devices and for how long.

In addition, FamilyMode works for smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, and you can see how your child spends their time online, such as in games or listening to music.

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T-Mobile doesn’t have any kids phones or plans, but does offer both FamilyMode and Family Allowances, which allow you to set screen time for your kids and monitor their activities.

That being said, there are dumb phones available at T-Mobile, such as the S22 Flip which are basic phones without the bells and whistles of smartphones, and they are great for kids. Also, T-Mobile offers kids tablets and smartwatches such as the SyncUp Kids Watch.

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