What Is T-Mobile Magenta? (Cost, Prepaid or Plan + More)

T-Mobile offers a variety of plans to customers so that they can find exactly what they are looking for at a price they can afford, but did you know one of the T-Mobile plans is called Magenta?

Are you wondering, what is T-Mobile Magenta and what does it cost? If so, keep reading as I dive into the details about T-Mobile Magenta and what’s included in this popular plan!

What Is T-Mobile Magenta in 2024?

T-Mobile Magenta is one of the Unlimited plans offered by T-Mobile, and it’s one of the most popular wireless plans offered by the company in 2024. Furthermore, Magenta offers unlimited talk, text, and data. The plan costs just $70 per month for 1 line if you have AutoPay set up, and costs even less if you add more lines.

Do you want to know more about T-Mobile Magenta, including whether T-Mobile’s Magenta plan is worth it? Well, don’t stop reading now because I’ll tell you all that and more below!

How Much Does the T-Mobile Magenta Plan Cost?

The T-Mobile Magenta plan costs if you have one line and have AutoPay set up, which saves you $5 on your monthly bill.

Furthermore, if you have two lines then it’ll cost you $60, 3 lines are $40 per line, and you can get four lines for $35.

Overall, it’s a great deal the more lines you add to your account and use AutoPay!

What Does Magenta Plan Mean?

With the T-Mobile Magenta plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data, with WiFi Calling, 5G access, and several other benefits and perks, including:

  • A Basic subscription to Netflix, which is 1 screen in SD (need 2 or more lines to qualify for this offer)
  • Apple TV+ for one year for free
  • Paramount+ free for one year
  • T-Mobile Travel
  • 1 year free AAA membership
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 5 GB of data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited international texting from your home
  • Simple Global gives you 5 GB of high-speed data and texting in 11 countries and unlimited data at 256 Kbps in over 210 countries
  • Simple Global calling rates where you pay $.25 per minute in over 210 countries
  • 4 streaming connections for your entire flight a year
  • Scam Shield free version

However, even though you have unlimited data with Magenta, you only have 100 GB of premium data speed, where you’ll experience data prioritization during network congestion. 

Does T-Mobile Magenta Include Netflix?

T-Mobile Magenta does include Netflix at no extra cost to you, but you’re limited to just the Basic subscription, which is only 1 screen (it’s also in standard-definition, not high-definition).

Is T-Mobile Magenta Prepaid or Postpaid?

Is T-Mobile Magenta Prepaid or Postpaid?

T-Mobile’s Magenta plan is one of the postpaid Unlimited plans offered by T-Mobile, with the other Unlimited plans being Essentials and Magenta Max.

Does T-Mobile Magenta Include Hotspot?

T-Mobile Magenta does include a hotspot and you’ll have 5 GB of high-speed hotspot data with the Magenta plan, and then you’ll have unlimited 3G hotspot data speed afterward.

How Many Lines Can You Have On T-Mobile Magenta?

If you get the T-Mobile Magenta plan, you can have 20 mobile internet and 12 voice lines on one account, which is great if you have a big family or want to add multiple lines to save money.

What Is the Difference Between T-Mobile One and Magenta?

T-Mobile One was replaced by Magenta in 2019, and Magenta offers nearly identical benefits and features as the old T-Mobile One plan.

Is T-Mobile Magenta Worth It?

T-Mobile Magenta is worth it, which is why it’s the most popular T-Mobile Unlimited plan, and one thing that makes it worth it is that fees and taxes are already included in the price.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about extra charges or hidden fees, so for $70 for one line with AutoPay, it’ll be hard to find a better deal.

Additionally, if you have 2 or more lines, you’ll get the Basic subscription to Netflix for free, so it’s great if you like Netflix or plan on using it as your streaming service.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to unlimited talk, text, and data, and only during times of network congestion will you experience any data prioritization.

However, that only happens once you’ve gone over your high-speed limit, and it won’t happen all of the time, so it’s not throttling like other carriers.

Also, if you’re into traveling, then Magenta is perfect since you will have unlimited talk, text, and data if you’re going to Mexico or Canada or unlimited texting in more than 210 countries.

That being said, with Magenta you are limited to standard definition video streaming, so if you want to stream higher than 480p, this might not be the best plan for you.

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T-Mobile Magenta is the most popular T-Mobile Unlimited plan, and it offers unlimited talk, text, and data, and one line is only $70 per month if you have AutoPay set up.

Furthermore, with Magenta, you’ll have a lot of perks, including 1 free Basic Netflix subscription, 1 year of Paramount+, and 1 year free of AppleTV+, along with in-flight WiFi and more!

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