T-Mobile Protect (How It Works + Other Common FAQs)

T-Mobile offers a variety of services and products to customers beyond cell phone plans, including insurance such as T-Mobile Protect.

Do you want to know how T-Mobile Protect works, such as what is included in T-Mobile Protect? Keep reading as we tell you what we’ve discovered while researching this topic!

T-Mobile Protect In [currentyear]

T-Mobile Protect 360 is the premium T-Mobile insurance option for cell phones and comes with many benefits not found with the lower-tier insurance plans in [currentyear]. T-Mobile Protect 360 costs between $7 and $25 per month for each phone on your plan, but the exact price depends on the type of phone.

Are you looking for additional details about T-Mobile Protect, such as how many claims you can make in a year? If so, don’t stop reading because we have even more to share with you!

How Do I File A Claim With T-Mobile Protect?

T-Mobile Protect works by giving you premium insurance benefits, and filing a claim with T-Mobile Protect is simple by following these steps:

  • File a claim either through the Protection 360 app, by going to mytmoclaim.com, or by calling 1-866-866-6285 to begin the process
  • You’ll need to have the make, model, and IMEI of your device
  • Information about what occurred to your damaged phone
  • Contact information, including name and address
  • Payment method for paying for the deductible
  • Shipping information
  • Other information requested by Assurant to process the claim

Further, you’ll need to be the primary account holder to make a claim, and if the claim is for loss or theft, you may need to suspend your service first or have a police report.

In addition, disabling Find My Phone may be required if you’re sending a phone back as part of the claims process.

What Are The Protection 360 Tiers?

There are several Protection 360 tiers, which is how much you’ll pay for the T-Mobile Protection 360 each month, and it’s going to be based on the value of your phone.

For example, tier 1 is for a phone valued up to $150, and it’s going to cost $7 per month for each phone, while tier 2 is for a phone worth $150 to $350, and it’ll cost $9 per month.

Also, phones with a higher value will be on the more expensive tiers, such as paying $15 per month for phones worth between $800 and $1,200.

What Benefits Come With T-Mobile Protect?

What Benefits Come With T-Mobile Protect?

When you choose T-Mobile Protection 360, you’ll have several premium benefits that aren’t offered with the other lower-cost insurance plans and include the following benefits:

  • McAfee Security for T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection
  • Unlimited screen protector replacement
  • $29 cracked screen repair
  • Up to five claims per rolling 12-month period
  • Walk-in repair services on eligible devices
  • Next-business-day replacement for theft, accidental damage, and loss
  • JUMP! Upgrades
  • Protection 360 app from Assurant
  • Unlimited claims for hardware and mechanical breakdowns
  • True Key Premium password management

Additionally, with this premium insurance, you’ll have multiple options to get your device fixed or replaced, including JUMP!, through the mail, in-store repair, and even AppleCare for iPhones.

How Much Is The Deductible WIth T-Mobile Protect?

If you have T-Mobile Protect, you’ll have a deductible that varies by the make and model of your phone, and you can look up the deductible easily with the My Deductible tool.

However, you can expect to pay $20 to $275, but it can range significantly not only by the phone you have but by the type of claim you’re filing.

Is T-Mobile Protection 360 Worth It?

T-Mobile Protection 360 can be worth it depending on your phone’s cost and whether you’re more accident-prone, such as frequently dropping your phone or having an active lifestyle.

For example, if you have a phone worth $600, it’s worth the money to invest in premium T-Mobile insurance coverage, especially with the added benefits of T-Mobile Protect.

That said, if you have a phone worth only $120, paying $7 per month for insurance wouldn’t be worth it because you’re paying almost $100 annually.

Therefore, you’ll have to weigh the costs and benefits of your situation to determine whether the insurance is worth it and whether you’re likely to use the features and benefits.

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T-Mobile Protection 360 is the premium insurance plan offered by T-Mobile that’ll cost between $7 and $25 per month for each phone and comes with more features and benefits.

For example, you get five claims per year, unlimited screen protector replacement, JUMP! upgrades for EIP devices, and McAfee Security for T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection.

However, T-Mobile Protect 360 can be expensive and not worth your time if you have a phone that is valued at less than $200 due to the monthly cost of the insurance.

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