15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Furniture

With Costco in the furniture game, consumers have more affordable options available along with a good selection to choose from.

However, if you’ve never purchased Costco furniture, you may be curious about the quality, among other factors. If so, keep reading to learn 15 facts about Costco furniture!

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Furniture In 2024

1. You Can Only Buy Costco Furniture Twice a Year In-Store

Costco only rolls out its furniture selection twice a year, in conjunction with the company’s major semi-annual furniture sales.

For example, in mid-July and mid-December you can find Costco furniture on the sales floor en masse for purchase.

However, with such a limited window to buy, it’s imperative you time your shopping right so that you can take advantage of the sales available. Therefore, it’s recommended that you check Costco regularly for furniture sale information.

2. For the Best Deals on Costco Furniture, Hit up the Semi-Annual Furniture Sale

During the Costco Semi-Annual Furniture sale is when the company hauls out that year’s selection of sectionals, dining sets, and more twice annually.

Again, this occurs in mid-July and mid-December, but the sales can run into the following months.

One way of staying in the know about these furniture events is to join a Costco Facebook group or follow a page such as Costco Buys.

3. There Is a Type of Costco Furniture for Every Need

For a discount bulk warehouse store that seemingly doesn’t specialize in any one thing, Costco really brings the options to its furniture department when such items are in stock.

Currently, Costco sells furniture for the following categories:

  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Office
  • Kitchen and dining room
  • Kids’ bedrooms/playrooms
  • Nursery

Within these categories, you can find sofas, sectionals, bedroom sets, chairs, desks, dining room tables and chairs, kitchen islands, bunk beds, cribs, and much more.

4. The Variety of Costco Furniture Updates Annually

If you’re worried about buying outdated-looking furniture, never fear, as Costco updates its selection regularly, adding new pieces of furniture each year to keep your options fresh.

It’s also important to note that if you see a piece you really like, it’s recommended to purchase it immediately, as it might not be in stock during the next furniture sale.

5. Costco Furniture Will Probably Save You a Pretty Penny

Along with a vast selection of furniture to choose from, Costco also applies its infamous 14 percent mark-up maximum to the furniture the company sells.

Clark.com points out that while furniture stores can mark-up their inventory by as much as 100 percent, Costco’s overall money-saving business model allows the company to keep prices low.

Therefore, if you find the exact same loveseat at Costco as in some big-name furniture store, both stores paid the same amount to acquire it.

For example, each company could have purchased the furniture for $500.

Costco would then sell the piece for $570 maximum, while a furniture retailer would likely hike the price up to $1,000 (or even higher depending on the piece in question).

Overall, Costco’s furniture is much cheaper in comparison to other stores, and a good place to shop for furniture for those who are on a budget.

6. You Can Purchase Costco Furniture Online 24/7

If it’s late January and you just missed the last semi-annual furniture sale, but you need a new bed frame, you’re in luck.

You can still purchase Costco furniture online at Costco.com, any time of the year and at any time of day.

The only kicker is that you likely aren’t going to get as good a deal online as you would in-store.

7. You’re Better Off Buying Costco Furniture in Person

As previously mentioned, shopping at Costco during its furniture sales is the best way to get the best prices, and there’s something to be said for actually seeing/touching a piece of furniture.

Uphomely recommends heading to stores on a weekday afternoon. A weekday mid-morning would serve as well, because while it might be a bit more crowded, the selection in the first couple of days would be better earlier in the day. 

8. Look for Costco Furniture Near the Center of the Store

8. Look for Costco Furniture Near the Center of the Store

Once you’re inside Costco, if furniture is the only thing you have come for, head toward the center of the store.

Costco sets up its furniture displays in the middle, and you can easily find it if you look for the sectionals in the array.

9. You Might Not Get the Same Expertise on Costco Furniture That You Would at a Furniture Store

While Costco sells furniture, it’s not a furniture store, so for this reason, it’s important that you don’t expect the salespeople to have all the technical answers to your questions about the furniture available.

10. Do Your Homework Before Buying Costco Furniture

It’s highly recommended to conduct research on the type of furniture you wish to purchase before heading to Costco to ensure that the items you purchase will fit into your space.

Therefore, measure the spaces that you’re hoping to fill and write it down, and bring a tape measure so you can do a quick dimension-check in-store.

As well, Google the items you want to purchase, in case you can find it anywhere else for a cheaper price.

11. Don’t Bet on Delivery for Your Costco Furniture

If you plan to purchase your Costco furniture in-store, you must also be prepared to haul it back home yourself.

While a table or dresser can probably fit in a decent-sized SUV, an entire sectional might prove a thornier problem.

Therefore, be prepared and borrow a truck or rent a U-Haul if you’re planning on purchasing big, heavy pieces.

12. Costco Furniture Purchased Online Will Be Delivered to You

However, one major benefit to purchasing Costco furniture online is that it will be delivered, and you can even choose different levels of delivery. F

or example, basic delivery involves the furniture being brought inside and set down.

White glove delivery, though, sees the furniture brought inside and placed in the room of choice, even up a flight of stairs.

The delivery-person will unpackage the piece, set it up and ensure that everything is working properly. They even dispose of the packaging for you, too.

13. Customers Are Generally Very Happy About Their Costco Furniture Purchases

Reviews for Costco furniture are not hard to find, and many customers have been quite happy with their purchases.

Some commenters on a Clark.com Facebook post said their couch, purchased 25 years ago was “great quality” and had lasted all this time.

Another exclaimed, “Costco is my go-to for furnishing,” and over on Reddit, the acclaim was much the same.

One thing you will notice, over and over again, is that when customers weren’t satisfied with the actual product, they had nothing but love for the easy return policy.

14. If You’re Not Happy, Costco Furniture Is Easy to Return

Costco is known for its generous return policy, even allowing a $2,000 sectional couch to be returned.

Therefore, if you’re unhappy with your desk, bedroom set or kitchen table for any reason, you can bring it back and get a refund.

15. Costco Furniture Also Comes With a Two-Year Warranty

On top of the generous return policy, Costco furniture also comes with a two-year warranty that covers any manufacturer’s defects.

For example, if your power recliner just randomly stops working within two years of purchase, you can have it repaired or replaced.

To know more about Costco, you can also read our posts on Costco furniture warranty, if Costco delivers furniture, and Costco return policy without receipt.


Furniture can be a daunting purchase, but Costco’s low mark-up on high-quality pieces that are durable and comfortable make the retailer a great place to shop.

Costco furniture comes out twice a year for the semi-annual sale, but you can always purchase furniture online at Costco.com, with the added bonus of delivery.

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