Tim Hortons Camp Day (What Is It, Date + Other Common FAQs)

If you’re looking to get a meal at Tim Hortons, but are also one to help those in need, you might want to know: what is Tim Horton’s camp day?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and how its camp day fundraiser helps children! 

What Is Tim Hortons Camp Day In 2024?

Tim Horton’s camp day is a bit of a misnomer, as you probably thought it was a day involving children’s activities. However, it is actually a day on which Tim Hortons raises money to support its various summer camps for needy children in 2024. On this day, proceeds from select menu items go to charity.

Do you want to know more about Tim Horton’s camp day and how it helps kids as well as how you can help too? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

What Is Tim Hortons Camp Day?

Tim Horton’s camp day is a fundraiser that serves to raise money for Tim Horton’s summer camps.

When Is Tim Hortons Camp Day?

Tim Horton’s camp day will be held on July 13 at participating locations in 2024. This is the only day that the event will be held this year as it usually occurs every year in July.

Who Can Participate in Tim Hortons Camp Day?

Because Tim Horton’s camp day is just a fundraiser and does not include any activities, anyone can participate in it.

You can do so by simply making an eligible purchase at a participating Tim Hortons on camp day.

What Does Tim Hortons Camp Day Support?

Tim Horton’s camp day supports summer camps for needy children.

There are six camps in Canada and one in the United States, all of which are designed to help specific groups of children in need.

Do All Tim Hortons Participate in Camp Day?

Only Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada officially participate in the camp day. Moreso, not all Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada necessarily participate, either.

Check with your local Tim Hortons to ensure that it’s actively participating in that year’s camp day.

How Can You Support Tim Horton’s Camp Day?

How Can You Support Tim Horton’s Camp Day?

Supporting Tim Horton’s camp day is easy, and you can do so by simply making a purchase of a cup of coffee or a camp day bracelet.

How Can You Support Tim Hortons Camp Outside of Camp Day?

You can support Tim Horton’s camps any day throughout the year by simply making a donation.

Donations can be made at Tim Hortons restaurants by simply telling the cashier you would like to donate.

You can even make a donation through the app when mobile ordering by selecting the donation button at the bottom of every menu page.

Tim Hortons also has an option on its Tims Camps website where you set up a recurring monthly donation.

How Much Money Does Tim Horton’s Camp Day Raise?

In 2021, Tim Hortons raised $12.4 million for its summer camps. Over the years, Tim Hortons has raised more than $225 million for the various camps.

When Did Camp Day Start?

Camp day began, unofficially, in May of 1987 when 58 Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada donated their profits from one day to support the Tim Horton children’s camps.

The first day was such a success, raising over $131,000, that they have continued the tradition ever since. Today, Tim Horton’s camp day is the largest single-day fundraiser in all of Canada.

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Tim Horton’s camp day probably elicits images of kids playing at summer camp, and that is kind of the idea. However, a camp day at Tim Hortons is about raising money for the camps for children.

Purchases of select items at Tim Hortons on July 13 will go to support the 7 camps throughout Canada and the United States that Tim Hortons puts on.

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