Tim Horton’s French Vanilla (Cost, Sizes + Other Common FAQs)

If you’re looking to get a unique, hot beverage at your local Tim Hortons, you might want to know: what is Tim Horton’s French vanilla?

If so, keep reading to learn all you need to know about Tim Hortons and its one-of-a-kind French vanilla coffee drink! 

What Is Tim Horton’s French Vanilla In 2024

Tim Horton’s French vanilla is a cappuccino-based drink that is served hot. However, you may be surprised to find out that Tim Horton’s French vanilla is just a powdered mix and is not made fresh from coffee grinds in 2024. You can even purchase the drink mix at grocery stores to make it yourself at home.

Do you want to know more about Tim Horton’s French Vanilla, including what’s in it and where you can get one? If so, read on to learn what we’ve found out! 

What Is Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

Tim Horton’s French vanilla is a coffee drink that is made by mixing hot water and powder in a cup.

This is different from other coffee drinks in that they do not go through the steeping process and instead use an instant mix.

Is Tim Hortons French Vanilla Just Coffee?

Tim Horton’s French vanilla is just instant cappuccino with an added French vanilla component for flavoring.

Do All Tim Hortons Have French Vanilla?

All Tim Hortons locations should have French vanilla available.

There is, of course, a chance that a given location is out of the necessary supplies to make the drink, but it is sold at all Tim Hortons in Canada.

Is French Vanilla Available All Day at Tim Hortons?

French vanilla is available all day at Tim Hortons as part of the all-day breakfast menu that also includes other breakfast and coffee items.

Does a Tim Hortons French Vanilla Cost Extra?

French Vanilla at Tim Hortons is not an add-on to other beverages, so there are no additional costs. It does, however, have a higher price than regular coffee.

What Size Does a Tim Hortons French Vanilla Come in?

Tim Horton’s French vanilla comes in four different sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large, to quench your thirst.

How Much Is a Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

How Much Is a Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

A small French Vanilla at Tim Hortons costs $1.99, a medium costs $2.29, a large costs $2.69, and an extra-large costs $2.89.

Prices may vary, and French vanilla at some Tim Hortons locations may be at different prices.

How Much Caffeine Is in a Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

A small French Vanilla at Tim Hortons has 250 grams of caffeine, a medium has 310 grams of caffeine, a large has 430 grams of caffeine, and an extra-large has 550 grams of caffeine.

How Many Calories Are in a Tim Hortons French Vanilla?

A small French Vanilla at Tim Hortons has 252 calories, a medium has 321 calories, a large has 427 calories, and an extra-large has 565 calories.

Adding other accompaniments such as flavor shots and toppings will also add calories.

Is Tim Hortons French Vanilla Vegan?

Traditional Tim Hortons French vanilla is not vegan because it uses milk, although it is vegetarian.

However, Tim Hortons has added dairy-free options to its menu, including almond and oat milk. Using one of the alternatives will leave you with vegan French vanilla.

Can You Make a Tim Hortons French Vanilla at Home?

Because Tim Hortons uses a simple powder mix for the French vanilla drink, it’s been made available for use at home.

You can purchase Tim Horton’s French vanilla mix at grocery stores throughout Canada.

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Tim Horton’s French vanilla is a unique beverage that sets itself apart from a regular cappuccino. Because of this uniqueness, it has become a guest favorite.

However, its criticism is well-founded because it is not really made fresh. Although the bright side of this is that you can purchase the drink mix to make your own French vanilla at home.

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