Tractor Supply Dress Code (Shorts, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes, Piercings + More)

With a focus on farm and pet supplies, Tractor Supply looks like a fun place to work. However, it’s also hard work, and employees must wear clothes in which they can work comfortably and safely.

So, if you’re thinking of applying for a job there, you may have wondered about the Tractor Supply dress code. We had the same question and did some research, so read on to see what we found!

What Is the Tractor Supply Dress Code In 2024?

The dress code at Tractor Supply is casual, and employees typically wear casual shirts or blouses with jeans or pants in 2024. Shoes must be closed-toe and work boots are required for employees who unload on freight days. Piercings are allowed, but tattoos must be covered. Employees wear a red Tractor Supply vest and managers wear a red polo shirt.

To learn more about the dress code at Tractor Supply, carry on reading. You’ll find all the information you need here!

What Is the Dress Code for Tractor Supply Employees?

Since Tractor Supply is oriented to rural life, work clothes tend to be casual.

Further, the work involves lifting heavy loads and operating machinery, and most of the time it’s non-stop.

Therefore, the dress code should ensure that employees are dressed in a way that they can safely and comfortably perform all the tasks they need to do during a day’s work.

Typically, store employees can wear a casual shirt with a collar and jeans. The shirt can be a polo shirt or casual blouse. Cut-off jeans and spaghetti strap tops are not allowed.

Employees have to wear the red Tractor Supply vest over everything. Management must wear red Tractor Supply polo shirts.

What Kind of Shoes Must Employees Wear at Tractor Supply?

When it comes to shoes too, comfort and safety are the major considerations. This is why Tractor Supply employees are not allowed to wear open-toe shoes.

Closed-toe shoes or boots must be worn for safety. For practical reasons, your shoes should be comfortable.

For freight days, employees who are unloading must wear work boots.

Crocs are a popular choice for workers who have to be on their feet for long hours. However, some Tractor Supply stores may not allow shoes such as Crocs.

Can Employees Wear Shorts at Tractor Supply?

Employees can wear shorts at Tractor Supply, so long as they are presentable. Very short shorts, cargo shorts, and baseball shorts are not allowed.

Shorts must usually be khaki in color, but black is also acceptable. Managers are not allowed to wear shorts.

Can Tractor Supply Employees Wear Hats?

Can Tractor Supply Employees Wear Hats?

Tractor Supply has a policy that employees are supposed to wear hats with the company’s logo. However, this policy is never enforced.

You are allowed to wear other hats like cowboy hats so long as they have the company logo.

Can I Have Colored Hair at Tractor Supply?

According to official policy, hair must be naturally colored. However, it may be possible for employees to negotiate this with a manager.

Can I Work at Tractor Supply With Tattoos and Piercings?

Piercings are allowed for employees at Tractor Supply stores, but tattoos must be covered up. Further, store managers have the authority to change the policy and disallow piercings.

How Should I Dress for an Interview at Tractor Supply?

Since the regular dress code at Tractor Supply is casual, you don’t need to dress very formally for the job interview either.

Casual work clothes like a collared shirt or blouse and jeans or pants will be fine. Shoes should be closed-toe, and work boots are also acceptable.

It’s best to avoid any clothes that display logos or slogans. Candidates for managerial positions may need to dress more formally, with a button-down shirt and jacket.

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The dress code at Tractor Supply is casual and is intended to keep employees safe and comfortable in the work environment.

Employees can dress in casual clothes such as a collared shirt and jeans or pants, with closed-toe shoes. Piercings are allowed, though tattoos should be covered.

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