Unknown PayPal Charge on Bank Statement (Why?, Can it be Fixed + Other FAQs)

In this age of electronics, it’s easy to be scammed, and a common way of being scammed is having your information stolen and items bought without your consent.

So, if you have recently noticed a charge on your PayPal account that you didn’t make, I’m sure you’re wondering where it came from, and if you can get that money back? I looked into Unauthorized PayPal charges, and this is what I discovered!

Why Is There an Unknown PayPal Charge on My Bank Statement in 2024?

An unknown or unauthorized charge on your PayPal statement means that you might have been scammed and someone has your payment information. You have 60 days to report any unauthorized charges, however, you should report them immediately. Additionally, if you report the charges within 60 days, you will not be responsible and will receive a full refund in 2024.

If you want to learn more about unauthorized charges, how to report them, and more, read on for more useful facts regarding this topic!

Why Did PayPal Charge Me for Something I Didn’t Buy?

Unfortunately, if there is a charge on your account for something you didn’t purchase, that is maybe an unauthorized charge.

Additionally, if there are suspicious charges on your account, your bank or credit card service may notify you of these charges and pause your accounts until they can verify that it’s you making the purchase(s).

Suspicious charges you might be notified of are things like:

  • Expensive purchases
    • $1,000-$3,000+
  • Purchases outside your usual spending range
  • Purchases for items you would not usually buy, or
  • Purchases made in a different state or country than you live in

Moreover, PayPal has “24/7 Monitoring,” so if PayPal notices charges like these on your account, the company may notify you and pause your account until the charges are verified.

However, usually, you have to report any unauthorized charges to PayPal.

Additionally, it is also worth checking your current subscriptions as these can sometimes be forgotten about. Then when checking your account months down the track, it can be easy to lose track of these. I know I sure have!

Will PayPal Refund me If I Get Scammed?

Will PayPal Refund me If I Get Scammed?

Thankfully, PayPal will refund any unauthorized, or scam, charges on your account. PayPal has a Purchase Protection Program in place for situations like these.

With PayPal Purchase Protection, you have “Account Protection,” among many other things.

Account Protection means if you notice an unauthorized charge on your PayPal account, you have 60 days from the transaction date to report the charge.

Furthermore, as long as you report the charge within 60 days, you’re not “liable” for the charge, and will receive a full refund.

How Do I Report an Unauthorized PayPal Transaction?

If you notice unauthorized charges or activity on your PayPal account, you can go to PayPal’s Security Center for directions and tips on what to do, or you can report them through PayPal.

To report unauthorized charges on PayPal:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
    1. You will have to login through PayPal.com, because the “Resolution Center” is only available online
  2. Second, go to the “Resolution Center”
  3. Next, you need to choose the charge that you want to report
  4. Click “Continue”
  5. After, click “I want to report unauthorized activity.”
  6. Last, follow the step to report the charge and finalize it

Furthermore, once you have reported the unauthorized charge, PayPal will investigate the charge and email you within 10 days.

Additionally, PayPal suggests that you “change your password and security questions to help protect you from further unauthorized activity.”

Moreover, if you suspect any fraudulent activity, identity theft, etc. you can also email spoof@paypal.com.

How Do I Cancel an Unauthorized PayPal Transaction?

Unfortunately, you can only cancel PayPal transactions if they are still pending and have not been accepted by the merchant or receiver.

However, if you get lucky and notice an unauthorized transaction early, and it’s still pending, you can cancel the transaction.

To cancel a PayPal transaction:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
    1. You can log in on the app or PayPal.com
  2. Next, go to the “Activity” page
  3. Following, find the payment you want to cancel
  4. Next, click “Cancel”
    1. If there is not a “Cancel” option, then the payment is no longer pending and cannot be canceled
  5. Last, click “Cancel Payment”

Unfortunately, you usually will not catch unauthorized charges while they are still pending.

However, that’s okay, because as stated before, you’re protected by PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program.

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Unknown charges on your statements are also known as unauthorized charges. Unfortunately, these charges mean you have been scammed, and someone has your payment information.

Fortunately, with PayPal, you’re protected through Purchase Protection. All you have to do is report the transaction within 60 days, and PayPal will look into it. Additionally, you will not be held responsible for the charge and you will receive a full refund.

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