UPS Complaints (How to Make One, Common Types of Complaints + Contact Information)

United Parcel Company (UPS) is a global shipping and logistics company that caters to the needs of both businesses and individuals, and like any business, ultimately has to deal with complaints.

Therefore, to understand how UPS’s complaint management system works to support the customer, kindly read on for more interesting facts!

How Does the UPS Complaint Management System Work In 2024?

Customers can access UPS customer support by calling, emailing, via the website, or social media accounts in 2024. Other than these means, customers can seek resolution through consumer protection agencies, arbitration, and even in law courts. Common complaints include poor customer service issues with delivery and billing. Reviews indicate dissatisfaction with how UPS handles complaints.

Keep reading if you would like to know how to make your complaint to UPS, what customers commonly complain about, how UPS handles it, and much more.

How Can I File a Complaint with UPS?

You can file a complaint with UPS by calling the customer service department toll-free, Monday – Friday, from 8:00 AM to midnight.

The best time to call, however, is 8:30 AM, as your wait time will be approximately 15 minutes.

The quickest way to get to live assistance is to cue the system by pressing 0 at every prompt.

Another tip for driving more attention to your complaint is using more than one channel to contact customer care. You could call and then email.

You may gain an even quicker response if you contact UPS customer support through social media accounts.

If your complaint is about a particular driver delivery incident, you should first complain to the local UPS manager.

What Are UPS’ Customer Support Contacts?

  • Call Customer Care: 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®).
  • For International Shipping: 1- 800- 782- 7892.
  • For the Hearing Impaired: 1- 800-833-0056.
  • Email Customer Services:
  • Tweet UPS.
  • Follow UPS on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to UPS on YouTube.
  • Mail to UPS, 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE, Atlanta, GA.

How Do I File an Online Claim Form at UPS?

The sender is the best person to file a claim for a missing or damaged delivery, but the recipient can do so too if they are paying for the shipment.

If your claim is for a missing package, find out its delivery status by tracking it. You will know if it has been delivered or delayed.

For packages indicated as delivered, check around your property, and ask your neighbors if they may have received it on your behalf.

UPS delivery drivers will sometimes place packages in out-of-the-way places to protect them from bad weather or theft.

If you can’t find your package, you can file a claim by logging into and registering your details.

Supply as much information as you can about your missing package, including any evidence you may have.

You are entitled to reclaim your refund if your package is delivered out of the agreed delivery window.

For damaged packages, include documentary evidence of the damage and hang onto the package until the claim is resolved.

How Do I Complain About a UPS Delivery Driver?

How Do I Complain About a UPS Delivery Driver?

You can report an errant UPS driver by calling your local UPS center’s customer support. Once on the line, specifically, ask to speak to the on-road supervisor.

You should have the truck’s plates, and if delivery was made to you, the package’s 1Z number that reveals which DIAD scanned it and identifies the driver.

If the UPS driver is reckless in his driving, you can call the police on him.

Alternatively, you can call 1-800 PICKUPS, and make a complaint about a driver. If the driver’s behavior doesn’t stop, call again and make a corporate complaint.

Where Else Can I Lodge My Complaint Against UPS?

Here are alternative remedies to resolving your disputes through UPS’ internal complaint resolution mechanisms:

1. Arbitration

UPS agreements contain a clause that compels arbitration as a form of escalating complaints from within its internal resolution processes.

The arbitration happens through the American Arbitration Association, and begins by informing UPS that you intend to go for arbitration.

The notice, plus the essentials or your claim against UPS, are filed with the arbiter association. UPS then responds, agreeing to the process, and then files its response.

Rules of engagement are laid down, and a hearing process somewhat similar to a trial begins, after which the judge makes a decision.

2. Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court offers a quicker way to getting legal justice for small damages that don’t warrant the cost and inconvenience of the conventional legal process.

To sue UPS in a Small Claims Court, follow this procedure:

  • Give UPS a fair opportunity to resolve your complaint. If it involves a damaged or missing package, file a claim using UPS due process.
  • Write UPS a demand letter indicating who you are, what your claim is, what you want, and consequences for not acceding to your demands.
  • Fill out court forms and file them with the court clerk. Different states have different rules, so find out the correct procedure before going on.
  • The court clerk will determine whether there is any substance in your claims. If they allow it, UPS will be notified and given a chance to respond in writing.
  • On the appointed day, you and UPS will get the chance to argue and defend your claims. The court will then make a decision.

3. Review Sites

The possibility of bad publicity from negative reviews is sometimes sufficient to make UPS respond to some of the complaints made on review sites.

Besides, some sites like Better Business Bureau also present customers complaints to UPS, and even follow up on the resolution.

What Are Common Complaints Made Against UPS?

Common complaints made against UPS are as follows:

  • Lost packages
  • Delayed delivery
  • Damaged packages
  • Issues with billing
  • Poor customer support

How Effective Is UPS Customer Support?

Customer Service Scoreboard ranks UPS 498 out of 997 businesses, based on an overall score of 31.50/200 from 1854 ratings.

UPS scored 1.7/10 for issue resolution, 2.6/10 for reachability, and 3.3/10 for friendliness.

Sitejabber awards UPS 1.35 stars based on 1132 reviews, and 1 star based on 300 reviews for its customer service.

Trustpilot gives UPS 1.2 stars based on 21,129 reviews. Consumer Affairs awards it 1.3 stars based on 200 ratings.

UPS only achieves 1 star from 111 reviews on Yelp, while gives it 1.16 stars from 1118 reviews.

Pissed Consumer awards 1.5 stars from 2240 reviews.

These reviews all show that customers are generally disappointed in the kind of customer support they receive from UPS.

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UPS customers have a variety of channels through which they can make their complaints, though the reviews indicate that success is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, the customer can also opt to dispute with UPS for arbitration or before a Small Claims Court.

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