UPS Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

UPS is one of the most prominent shipping and receiving companies, but have you been wondering about some of the top UPS statistics and want to know some cool facts about UPS?

If so, continue reading, as I’ve been looking into the best UPS statistics and have found a lot of exciting trends and facts to share with you!

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UPS Statistics In 2024

UPS’s freight and supply chain revenue was over 15.2 billion from its 1,800 operating facilities as of 2024. Also, UPS has nearly 400,000 employees in the United States alone and about 500,000 worldwide. Initially, UPS was founded as a messenger business in 1907, and today UPS’ website sees over 30 million views daily.

Are you looking for the complete list of 23 interesting UPS statistics, or have other questions you want answered? Keep reading below to find out all of the cool trends and facts about UPS!

1. Revenue For Domestic Packages Was $53.5 Billion In 2020

In 2020, the revenue for domestic packages was $53.5 billion for UPS, which is a huge number considering the number of other delivery options available.

2. Revenue For Freight & Supply Chain Was $15.2 Billion In 2020

The freight and supply chain revenue in 2020 was $15.2 billion, which I found to be an interesting statistic!

3. International Package Delivery Revenue Was $15.9 Billion In 2020

UPS has a relatively big international market too, and in 2020, the revenue for international package delivery was $15.9 billion.

4. UPS Has Over 1,800 Operating Facilities

There are more than 1,800 operating facilities for UPS, but this number is likely to grow as the shipping and delivery industry continues to trend upward.

5. UPS Serves Over 220 Countries

UPS serves more than 220 countries, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Jamaica, Pakistan, France, Finland, Germany, and South Africa.

6. UPS Has Over 480,000 Employees Worldwide

Since UPS serves more than 220 countries, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are over 480,000 employees of UPS worldwide!

Additionally, this number will likely continue to rise as UPS expands into more territories and as people increase their online ordering.

7. Over 3000,000 UPS Employees Are In America

Out of the 480,000 employees worldwide at UPS, about 399,000 are located in the United States, showing how much business America has with UPS and its popularity.

8. UPS Was Founded In 1907

UPS was founded back in 1907 as a messenger service, which is interesting to think about!

9. UPS Receives 63 Million Tracking Requests Online Per Day

Through, there are more than 63 million tracking requests made per day, which is an incredible number.

Furthermore, it shows how many people utilize the online tracking system and rely on the tracking system to ensure package delivery.

10. UPS Website Gets 32 Million Page Views Per Day

The UPS website gets about 32 million page views per day on average, and it’s believed this statistic will increase over the next several years.

11. Worldport Facility Is Largest Package Handling Facility In The World

17. 25% Of Charity Donations Geared Towards Marginalized Groups, Youth, & Underserved Women17. 25% Of Charity Donations Geared Towards Marginalized Groups, Youth, & Underserved Women UPS

Worldport is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and it’s the largest package handling facility in the world, and that is one fact about UPS not many people know.

12. UPS Will Have Planted Over 50 Million Trees By 2030

UPS is committed to sustainability, and the company will have planted more than 50 million trees by 2030, which will help the environment and shows its commitment to global causes. 

13. The Board Of Directors Is 46% Women

One remarkable fact about UPS is that the Board of Directors consists of 46% women, which is part of the UPS commitment to diversity and equality.

14. 87 Million People Are Enrolled In UPS MyChoice

UPS MyChoice gives you updates on package delivery with live tracking maps, the ability to alter deliveries, and so much more.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that more than 87 million people have signed up for UPS MyChoice to have more control over the shipment and delivery of their packages.

15. UPS Is Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

Currently, UPS is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but has offices all over the country.

16. UPS Employees Will Have 30 Million Volunteer Hours By 2030

UPS is all about charity and giving back, which is why the company encourages employees to volunteer and make a difference.

Furthermore, UPS estimates that by 2030, employees will have completed more than 30 million volunteer hours!

17. 25% Of Charity Donations Geared Towards Marginalized Groups, Youth, & Underserved Women

Since UPS is very into charity and donating both time and money, one remarkable fact is that 25% of charity donations go towards underserved women, marginalized groups, and youth.

Additionally, UPS is known to give to charities that help the minority groups and continues to give to worthy causes it feels will make the biggest difference in people’s lives worldwide.

18. UPS Has 288 Jet Aircrafts

Did you know that UPS has 288 jet aircraft to transport packages throughout the world? Over the years, the number of jets has increased, and that’s a trend that will continue.

19. UPS Makes Over 1,200 Domestic Flights Per Day

Speaking more on the UPS air logistics, an interesting UPS statistic is that UPS makes more than 1,200 domestic flights each day!

Furthermore, UPS has increased its domestic flights over the years, which is a trend expected to continue well into the future.

20. UPS Has 5,200 Technology Employees

More than 5,200 technology employees work for UPS, which is an extraordinary fact about UPS and a number I think will continue to rise as we rely heavier on technology.

21. UPS Has More Than 785 International Flights Per Day

Not only does UPS have a lot of domestic flights per day, but the company also makes more than 785 international flights per day!

22. UPS Has Over 595 Total Aircrafts

One cool fact about UPS is that it now has 595 aircraft in total, which has been steadily increasing through the years, and it’s expected that number will continue to rise.

23. 307 Aircrafts Are Chartered Or Short-Term Leases

Out of the 595 aircraft that UPS uses, about 307 of those are either short-term leases or are chartered.

Also, this number has climbed a little bit in recent years and is expected to grow as the number of aircraft increases.

Is UPS The Largest Shipping Company?

UPS is the largest shipping company throughout the world in terms of revenue, and it is light years ahead of FedEx and DHL in this category.

For example, many Amazon deliveries are made using UPS, so UPS has an advantage with these partnerships, which is another reason it has beat the competition.

Who Are UPS’ Main Customers?

Amazon is the primary customer for UPS, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how popular Amazon is, which has increased even more in popularity since 2020.

Why Is UPS Successful?

There are many reasons why UPS is successful, with the most significant reason being it’s an all-in-one shipping company.

For example, UPS has residential service, commercial service, international service, ground, air, and domestic service.

Further, all of these different types of services offered are done through one pickup and delivery network, with the single network being what sets UPS apart from competitors.

Therefore, UPS has a better way of managing its assets and is more efficient when it comes to its network than the competition.

Will Amazon Buy UPS?

Amazon has no plans to buy UPS, although Amazon utilizes UPS to deliver products to consumers, and it has never made any attempts to purchase UPS.

Which Is Better, DHL Or UPS?

DHL is a little better if you compare DHL Express Worldwide to UPS Ground since DHL Express Worldwide is quicker in delivering items to customers.

Additionally, DHL eCommerce Parcel Priority is somewhat quicker than UPS Ground.

However, UPS is still one of the best shipping companies to use, and they are both similar enough in delivery times that it doesn’t matter too much which you go with.

To know more, you can also read our posts on what are UPS zones, how long does UPS Ground takes to deliver, and what is the UPS.


Several facts about UPS are interesting, including the company has more than 595 aircrafts, including 288 jets.

Furthermore, UPS makes over 1,200 domestic flights per day and 785 international flights per day, and revenue for domestic package delivery was over $53 billion in 2020!

Also, UPS MyChoice has over 87 million registered users, and the UPS website receives more than 32 million page views per day, with over 63 million tracking requests per day online.


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