USPS 2 Day Shipping (How Fast Is It Really, Price + More)

Whether you’re shipping something perishable, are mailing your tax documents late, or have an urgent business delivery, USPS 2-day shipping (also known as Priority Mail Express) can be a lifesaver.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this service and answer any questions you may have about the delivery time, cost, and shipping guarantees. So if you’re ready to learn more about 2-day shipping, then keep reading.

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USPS offers 2-day guaranteed delivery through its Priority Mail Express service. Starting at $26.95, this service promises next-day to 2-day delivery by 6:00 PM and comes with a money-back guarantee. As a result of this guarantee, Priority Mail Express is one of USPS’ most reliable shipping options, with on-time delivery over 96%.

We’ve got a lot more information to share with you about USPS 2-day shipping service, so make sure you keep reading!

Does USPS Offer 2nd Day Delivery?

USPS offers second-day delivery, however if you go to the Post Office looking for a service under this name, you won’t find one.

Rather, USPS brands this service under the name Priority Mail Express.

Priority Mail Express provides next-day to 2-day guaranteed delivery by 6:00 PM and comes with a money-back guarantee if a package arrives late.

Whether a package gets delivered next-day or 2-day depends on how far it needs to travel and where it’s being delivered.

Most urban and suburban deliveries will happen the next day, while far-off and/or rural destinations will usually take 2 days.

Is Priority Mail 2-Day The Same As Priority Mail Express?

Priority Mail 2-day and Priority Mail Express are not the same thing.

Priority Mail is USPS’ standard air service. Packages sent through this service usually arrive within 1 to 3 business days depending on how far the package needs to travel.

While this timeline may sound similar to the one laid out for Priority Mail Express, it’s important to keep in mind that Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service.

That means even though your package will probably arrive around the same time regardless of the service you use, it’s not certain.

Priority Mail Express packages will always be prioritized over those sent through regular Priority Mail and will almost always be delivered within the expected delivery window.

On the other hand, Priority Mail packages may arrive within the delivery window, but if there are any hiccups, staffing shortages, or storms, there’s a good chance they’ll get delayed.

Despite all of the differences, these two services also have some similarities. For example, both offer features like tracking numbers and a standard level of insurance.

How Much Does USPS 2-Day Cost?

Prices for Priority Mail Express service start at $26.95 for a Flat Rate envelope.

While this service is by far USPS’ costliest, it’s much cheaper than similar services offered by competitors like UPS and DHL.

Does USPS Deliver Priority Mail 2-Day On Sunday?

Aside from Amazon packages, Priority Mail Express packages are the only mail pieces USPS delivers on Sundays.

USPS will deliver these packages on Sundays for an additional fee of $12.50.

As with business-day deliveries (Monday through Saturday), Priority Mail Express packages delivered on Sunday will arrive by 6:00 PM or be eligible for a refund.

Is USPS Priority Mail 2-Day Guaranteed?

Is USPS Priority Mail 2-Day Guaranteed? USPS

USPS guarantees its Priority Mail Express service. This means that if a package is not delivered on time, customers can apply for a refund.

One-day delivery guarantees delivery by 12:00 PM or 3:00 PM (in the destination time zone) the next day.

Two-day delivery guarantees delivery at the same time two days later.

You’ll know whether your package will arrive the next day or in two days when paying for Priority Mail postage (the delivery time will be printed on your receipt).

Can I Get A Refund For Priority Mail 2 Day?

Priority Mail Express items may be eligible for a refund if USPS fails to deliver the package within the specified time frame.

Before filing for a refund request, It’s important to understand how USPS defines an on-time delivery.

According to USPS policy, the delivery guarantee is satisfied if…

  • A delivery is attempted at the destination but not received
  • A delivery arrives at the pickup point
  • A delivery is forwarded to a destination not included on the label

If none of these apply to your situation, and your package arrived late, then the sender should file a refund request.

This request can be filed online or at the Post Office.

If filing a request at the Post Office, take the Priority Mail Express label with you and complete PS Form 3533 (Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees).

Once your request is verified, your refund will be paid in cash or through a no-fee money order.

Be aware that a refund request must be submitted 2 to 30 days after the mailing date for Priority Mail Express without extra services.

If extra services were selected at the time of purchase, then a refund request must be submitted 30 to 60 days after the mailing date.

One final thing to note about refunds is that a request may be denied if the delay was caused by reasons beyond the control of USPS (e.g. weather, natural disasters).

How Reliable Is USPS 2-Day Shipping?

Priority Mail Express is the fastest and most trusted USPS shipping service. With this service, you can expect day-definite delivery or your money back.

Indeed, USPS has an on-time delivery rate of over 96% for all of their shipping services. This percentage is likely even higher for Priority Mail Express pieces.

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USPS’ 2-Day Shipping service, Priority Mail Express, is one of the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable of its kind. With this service, you can trust that your package will be where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

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