USPS Origin Facilities

USPS delivers mail quickly and accurately thanks to its sophisticated delivery network. This network comprises origin facilities, regional facilities, and processing centers. In this article, we’ll share everything to know about origin facilities.

What Is A USPS Origin Facility

A USPS origin facility is the post office that initially collects your letter or package. If you purchase postage directly from the USPS, that post office is the origin facility. If you place your item in a mailbox, the largest or main post office in your ZIP code will likely be the origin facility.

USPS Origin Facilities

A USPS origin facility is the post office that collects a letter or a package from the sender. Thought another way, an origin facility is where a mailpiece is introduced into the USPS mail system.

If you mail a letter or package by handing it to a mail clerk, then that post office is the origin facility for your item.

If, on the other hand, your mail is pre-stamped and is picked up in a collection box or individual mailbox, then the origin facility is typically the largest or main post office serving your ZIP code. 

An origin facility is like a processing plant. All the mail from a given location is sorted and redistributed depending on the destination.

It’s also here that an item’s initial shipping route is determined.

What Does “Accepted At USPS Origin Facility Mean?”

If you’re keeping an eye on your tracking information, then you may notice the terms “Accepted at USPS Origin Facility” or “Origin Acceptance.”

Seeing this message means that USPS has accepted your package at the sorting facility assigned to the ZIP code you’re shipping from.

Having an item accepted at a USPS origin facility is the first step in the mailing process. Once accepted, your item will be sorted and sent to another sorting facility as it makes its way to the final destination.

How Long Does Mail Stay At A USPS Origin Facility?

How Long Does Mail Stay At A USPS Origin Facility?

Mail usually spends 24 hours or less at a USPS origin facility. USPS employees work around the clock to ensure mail is accepted, processed, and out for delivery on time. 

What Does Departed USPS Origin Facility Mean?

Another term on your tracking information is “Departed USPS Origin Facility.”

This means your item has been processed, sorted and has left the origin facility en route to its next destination.

Where Does A Package Go After The Origin Facility?

After the origin facility processes a package, it will be redistributed and sent to a regional sorting facility.

Which regional facility the package is sent to depends on the package’s final destination.

Why Is My Package Stuck At A USPS Origin Facility?

Not seeing tracking updates is frustrating at any time during the shipping process. However it’s even worse when your package seems stuck right after mailing it.

While your item may get held up at your local post office for a couple of days, it’s unlikely. Most packages leave their origin facilities in 24 hours or less.

More likely, your package has left the origin facility without the tracking information updating. As efficient as the USPS system is, sometimes there are glitches.

You can either contact your local post office to confirm that your package is no longer there or wait a few more days to see if the tracking information updates.

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